Album: Chuck (2004)
Charted: 107


  • This is about a kid who tries to fit in or be "Cool" like everyone else, and even though he might get acceptance he doesn't feel like the real him. Then he realizes that he doesn't need those people because if he can't be himself around them, he's better off on his own. >>
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    Zach - Tampa, FL

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  • Bharath from Bangalore To me , this is about a kid who's different from people around and really tries to blend in and he succeeds.
    But no matter what he does , his mind doesn't let him be happy. And so he decides to break all these ties until he finds someone who can relate to him.
  • Mike from Denver, Coy cant u just byourself instead of doin weed or sumthing to fit in? i learned that the hard way :(
    just b yourself and dont give a f--k to wat other ppl say about it. and dont worry about screwing up ur life, bc thts gonna make it worse. live life like the blessing it truly is.
  • Daniel from Lake Mills, Iai think its about a person that will never have the perfect life and he tries to hard and messes everything up..... :( kinda sad to tell you the truth how people have to act to get friends why cant we just be our selfs
  • Jamie from Carlisle, --I always thought this song was about splitting up with someone, and trying all they could to be with them and make the relationship work... but ultimately he realised it will never work so he just resigns to living his life out alone.
  • Nate from Syrause, Nyy does evryone think that this song is so preppy? its one of the first songs i learned to play on the guitar, and i think its a pretty good song
  • Tim from Brisbane, Australiaafter the release of "dear father" one could think this song is also about derryks father...... giving up moving on and thinking that hes better off on his own
  • Dominique from --, Nyi love this song. it makes me want to say, "f**k everyone out there that thinks that you have to fit in with a certain group of people." just be yourself and do what you love.
  • Bob from Hippy, Coi love this song and band.... but i agree 100% with rob from highland. when someone just tries to be different, you just enter a different group or click. i mean think about it, no matter how different you think you are, you are just different inside of what is socially acceptable. there are really few people who are 100% themselves. everyone else just does what everyone else does.
  • Bob from Hippy, Cothis song is amazing. I can relate to this song cuz i know so many people who used to be my friends, and they tried to be cool and they changed for the worse.
  • Rob from Highland, Intoo bad when most of you "be yourself" you really just turn into another prototypical non-conformist who is just like everybody else who wants to be "different". You switch from one predetermined set of standards to another.
  • Sarah from St. Charles, Ildude this song is the ultimate. its powerful. this song to me is a guy who was in a relationship and realized that he worked hard enough to be perfect for her, but realized he wasn't being his true self.
  • Angela from Sacramento, CaI don't think it was necessarily about someone trying to be cool. I think it was more about someone trying to fit in and make it in the world.... to apease him/herself or someone else. And people think they're putting on an act when they're really being sincere. The speaker feels the cruelities of the world and decides it's not worth it. There are some good people the speaker's met so he explains to them with all their words, that they're better off on their own.
  • Dave from Montreal, CanadaThank you Dave from Philly for at least one intelligent and potentially productive comment. And Sum 41 kinda sucks, I used to be into pop punk before i realized how musically predictable and manufactured it is, and how all those "cool" bands are just boy bands disguised with guitars who happen to work with very good producers who know tricks to make them sound good. Why do you think it doesn't sound half as good live? Anyways, realize it's loser's music, look at the lyrics. Listen to metal.
  • Rufina from Waterloo, CanadaPieces ruins the best album of Sum, Chuck, with amazing songs like the bitter end, no reason, we're all to blame, and open your eyes...
  • Rufina from Waterloo, CanadaThis is by far the worst song Sum 41 created, i mean stick to hardcore, we love u for that, but dont stray into the gayness of preps
  • Jeevan from Brampton, CanadaSun 41 rocks! Thi is such a good song. I like their CDs, Chuck and Does This Look Infected?
  • Erik from Willow Hill, Pasure was a diffrent side of sum 41. great job!
  • Faith from PerthI love Sum 41. I reckon this is one of their better songs.
  • Rachel from Hull, Englandthis song is ace, it made me realise i shouldn't give a damn about what other people say or think, i should just be myself and if they don't like it then fine!! love his voice too.
  • Kieran from Essex, Englandgreat song, makes you want to be yourself
  • Dave from Philadelphia, PaI'm sick of these songs and movies...they all have the same idea-don't change yourself for other people, just be yourself.
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