Caught By The Fuzz

Album: I Should Coco (1995)
Charted: 43
  • "Fuzz" is slang for "Police," and this song is about an incident when lead singer Gaz Coombes was caught in possession of cannabis - he was 15 at the time. Coombes recalled to The Observer May 6, 2012 that he was in an old Ford Fiesta with a headlight out when he got pulled over. "I stuck the hash down my pants," he said, "but I had it in a little metal tin. I was standing on the pavement, and the tin just went all the way down my trousers and landed on the pavement with a ting. The copper went, 'What's that, son?'"
  • One member of the band Presidents Of The United States Of America said, "This song is exactly what being a teenager sounds like." >>
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    jacob - waterford, CT
  • I Should Coco was the biggest-selling debut album on the Parlophone label since the Beatles.

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  • Supermanfriday from Wigan, United KingdomIt was weed....and this is the 2nd to greatest song ever behind,Another girl,another planet by the Only Ones
  • Nils from Oslo, NorwayBlow is slang for cocaine (as it is often snorted), but Gaz was caught with a prescription drug, not cannabis. According to wikipedia at least.
    Great song!
  • Ralph from Newton, MaIsn't there a line:
    "Who sold you the blow?
    Well it was, no one I know"
    Is it marijuana or cocaine? Or did I misunderstand the lyric?
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