Caught By The Fuzz

Album: I Should Coco (1995)
Charted: 43
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  • Caught by the fuzz
    Well I was still on a buzz
    In the back of the van
    With my head in my hands
    Just like a bad dream
    I was only fifteen
    If only my brother could be here now
    He'd get me out and sort me out alright
    I knew I should have stayed at home tonight

    Locked in a cell
    Feeling unwell
    I talked to a man
    He said, It's better to tell
    Who sold you the blow?
    Well it was no-one I know
    If only you'd tell us, we'd let you go
    We'll make it hard for you my son, so tell us what you know
    We'll make you wish you'd stayed at home tonight

    Here comes my mum
    Well she, she knows what I've done
    Just tell them the truth
    You know where it's from
    You've blackened our name
    Well you, you should be ashamed
    If only your father could see you now
    He'd break down and he'd throw you out for sure
    I never should have let you out tonight

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Comments: 3

  • Supermanfriday from Wigan, United KingdomIt was weed....and this is the 2nd to greatest song ever behind,Another girl,another planet by the Only Ones
  • Nils from Oslo, NorwayBlow is slang for cocaine (as it is often snorted), but Gaz was caught with a prescription drug, not cannabis. According to wikipedia at least.
    Great song!
  • Ralph from Newton, MaIsn't there a line:
    "Who sold you the blow?
    Well it was, no one I know"
    Is it marijuana or cocaine? Or did I misunderstand the lyric?
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