The Search Is Over

Album: Vital Signs (1984)
Charted: 4
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  • This was written by Jim Peterik and Frankie Sullivan, who were Survivor's primary songwriters. Peterik told us: "'The Search Is Over' started as a title in my notebook. A lot of times, I'll write down a phrase that just sounds like something. I may have gotten it from the news - the search is over for the missing whatever. A lot of times, you don't know what the title means until you live it or someone you know lives it. It wasn't about my life as much as a friend of mine who had a girlfriend - really a play pal throughout their growing up years - and never thought it could be anything more than that. It was looking him straight in the face that this was the girl of his destiny, and he looked everywhere to find that dream girl only to come back to the sandbox. This couple is still married and going strong. It became kind of an allegory to looking for what is obvious; having it in your hand and you being too close to even realize it."
  • Peterik added in our interview: "Mechanically, the whole thing kind of started in my head driving down the street. I turned on my tape recorder and I sang the whole melody top to bottom into my tape recorder. The way it modulated into the chorus was very unique. When I got to the piano a few hours later, I had to find out where it was going and what it was. I brought it to rehearsal, showed it to the guys and worked with Frank one on one on the song - he loved it. It was called The Search Is Over, but I still didn't know exactly what the hook of the song was going to be. I thought of this couple, and when we came up with the line, 'Then I touched your hand, I could hear you whisper, the search is over, love was right before my eyes,' we looked at each other's arms and we both had goose bumps. It was the magical turn of that phrase and realizing what this song was about. I think we discovered the song as we were writing it."
  • As a teenager, Peterik formed The Ides Of March and wrote their hit "Vehicle." While he was with Survivor, he also wrote several hit songs for .38 Special, including "Hold On Loosely" and "Caught Up In You." He left Survivor in 1996 and continues to record with The Ides Of March.
  • Jim Peterik told us: "I'm a sucker for a good title. To me, a good title is intriguing. It tells the story sometimes in and of itself, or at least it draws the person in enough to wonder, 'What search is it? What is he looking for?' Vehicle - boom, just a great word. I had that written in the margins of my high school notebook. I didn't know exactly what it was about, I just knew it had power to it. Other times, I'll start with a melody, then I'll search through a notebook to look for the mood of that melody: Is it dark? Is it happy? Sad? Bittersweet? I like to match up the mood of the lyric to what I'm noodling on."

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  • Ma from BrooklynThe voice, lyrics, melody and musical accompaniment are an absolutely perfect match. I just love this brilliantly written and recorded song. Many thanks.
  • Patrick Longworth from Okanagan Falls, British Columbia, Canada"The Search is Over" is a great song and I love Jimi's singing. The video is so-so but nobody and nothing is ever perfect or rarely so.
  • Rae from NjI love this song! So pretty! And yes, Jimi Jamison had an amazing voice! What range!
  • Markantney from Biloxi, MsStart to finish, it's the "quin·tes·sen·tialˌkwintəˈsenCHəl" Power Ballad.

    And as great as they are, easily beats out the Heavy Hitters in: Journey, Styxx, Foreigner, Aerosmyth, Bon Jovi,...
  • Mary from Chandler, AzNo one ever seems to mention the lead singer, Jimi Jamison. His voice really makes the songs. Of course, the writing helps, but he puts feeling into them! Love you, Jimi!
  • Andy from Republic, Pa, PaThis song rang so true that my wife and i used it for our wedding theme.
  • Robert from Ocala, FlI was stationed in Iraq when i went online in a military chatroom, not looking at profiles, when I met a young lady online, she sent to me my first carepackage. I didnt even know who this person was. I did get the chance to give her a call to say thanks when I got to Afganistan, and how it meant to me to recieve the package. Throughout my tour in Iraq, we would email/write to each other. Never knew what this woman looked like. After a long tour in Iraq, I told her I would like to personally say thanks. She lived in New Jersey. Almost the last one out of the airport (abe) the young lady was right before my very eyes. She was beautiful, she took me to a diner and we talked and talked. Were both survivors she has one long I had survived the combat missions with the military. Long story short I got engaged in front of the group (Survivor) at downtown Church Street, Orlando Florida. And I am considered to be blessed to be married to this beautiful angel. And I say to all, "The search is over." Robert USNR (Altamonte Springs, FL)
  • Jd from East Bay, RiThis song could have been written for my girlfriend & I! It came out when we were 12, hanging out together with secret crushes on each other. After 15 years of not seeing each other or speaking,she has come back into my life & I feel truly blessed! We text messaged lines from this song backand forth moments before she stepped on a plane last spring. It wasn't until that moment when I really listened to what the song was was about US!!! :) :) A miracle of fate, for sure....
  • Riley from Fargo, Ndi love this song so much! it alwasy puts me in a good mood..and Dee i agree the band never got the respect they deserve they are so great and have some of my favorite songs and i also agree "Man Against the World" is my favorite song by them also!
  • Mike from Hueytown , AlThis song reminds me of my early years in college
  • Joycemorrison from Phi feel in love with this _so much_ even when i was still, like, in the fourth grade, i think. great lyrics! the build-up of the climactic melody... =) reminds of this one thing which i came across long ago and has stuck in my mind eversince: "Heaven is being married to your bestfriend".

    also, i think Survivor IS remembered and respected in one way or another. personally, the first song that automatically comes to mind is "Eversince The World Began".
  • Evie from Kulpmont, United StatesThis is one of my favorite songs of all time,,love the words and how true that life can be like this
  • Dee from Indianapolis, InThis band never got the respect it deserved if you ask me. It had all sorts of hits, but everyone seems to only remember "Eye of the Tiger". One of their best songs is "Man Against the World". That is my personal theme song and really hits home in many ways.
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