King City

Album: Where The Heaven Are We (2012)
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  • This is the debut single released by the Birmingham, England Indie-Rock band Swim Deep. "I wanna be everything that I'm not," declares frontman Austin Williams. "I wanna be rich. I want to show off."
  • This Indie-Rockstar fantasy is a paean to Jenny Lee Lindberg, who is the bassist of Los Angeles-based female quartet Warpaint. Williams told Brum Notes Magazine: "The whole Jenny Lee Lindberg reference isn't personal, it's just a nod to that kind of teenage fantasy. I'm not at all anti-romance – I love romance and anything to do with happiness."

    Warpaint's PR responded: "She feels very happy that they want her so much to be their girlfriend. Good luck chaps, swim onwards and upwards!"
  • The song title refers to a city in Monterey County, California. Williams explained to Brum Notes Magazine: "When we started out, we used to look on Wikipedia for places in California and name our songs after them – Orange County, Santa Maria, Isla Vista. When I wrote it, I just wanted to get out, to live a bit more and experience happier things."
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