Oh! Gravity.

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  • Press materials for the album call this a politically motivated track and a "generational appeal for love, peace and understanding."
  • This is the theme song to the MTV show Life Of Ryan, which is a reality show about the pro skateboarder Ryan Sheckler. >>
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    Emma - Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  • Frontman Jon Foreman revealed to CCM Magazine that this song "is a conversation with a well-known law of physics." He added: "The question is this: If in the physical world things naturally move closer together, why are we falling apart? War and rumors of war, divorce, hatred, violence, and everything else on the evening news seems to contradict gravity. This song is a fun happy-clappy tune about a grave matter: "Sons of my enemies, why can't we seem to keep it together?"
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  • Kellie from Detroit, Mi"Gravity is the physical attraction between two bodies and it's basiclly asking the laws of physics why we on a social and political plain can't really keep it together. You look at the headlines every day and see things falling apart basiclly disobeying the laws of physics."
    -Jon Foreman
  • Nick from Hamilton, New ZealandThe chorus leads me to think that "gravity" is like the pull on our lives to go the way of the world, and we sometimes struggle to "keep it together" as in staying on the right path. Good song, catchy and powerful message
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