Bob Dylan Blues

Album: Wouldn't You Miss Me: The Best of Syd Barrett (1968)


  • This song has never been officially released on any album, but is available on lots of bootlegs and complication CDs. It could it be a take on fame, on popular music or actually about Bob Dylan. >>
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  • Kimberly from Landing, NjI love and hate the fact of Syd Barrett lost himself, such a talented man lost in time.
  • Tristan from Philadelphia, PaHe's just giving Dylan s--t. He loved Bob Dylan. Went to a concert of his with his girlfriend Lynsey Korner who said, "It was a venue full of Syd's!"
  • Peter from Oxford, United Kingdomi do remember reading the crazy diamond book on syd barrett or there again it might have been the nicholas schaffner book i do not quite remember it could have been both of them that he (syd Barrett) spent many hours looking for the music of a singer called Bob Dielon(or similar spelling) stubbornly not accepting the true spelling and pronunciation and so it seems without sounding obvious this be his tribute to dylan
  • Aylin from MontrealOr he could be commenting on artists who think they're (as good as) dylan, I guess.
  • Henry from Kingston, NyBob Dylan was never fat, and at least he never lost his mind like Barrett.
  • Anna from Karachi, PakistanMeaner,this is why i feel like the song is a mockery rather than flattery:

    But I dont care too much about that
    Cause my gut and my wallet are fat

    however whatever iv heard of Syd Barrett is rather sardonic so maybe this IS some sort of a tribute?
  • Meaner from Karachi, PakistanOn the contrary, Anna... they say that imitation is the best form of flattery... & i think this is typical of how Syd Barret would write a tribute to someone like "Mr. Dylan".
  • Anna from Karachi, Pakistanmaybe syd just thought dylan is one of those pseudo intellectual schmucks with no musical talent?so he tongue in cheek spoofed dylans lyrics and vocals...although in my personal opinion dylan is one of the greatest songwriters ever.the music just grows on u.
  • Leia from Buffalo, Nythis song and "Effervescing Elephant" were the two first songs of Barrett's solo work that I heard.
  • Kevin from Quebec, Canadabut stefanie he influenced the pink floyd members with songs like wish you were here, shine on you crazy diamond etc.
  • Stefanie from Rock Hill, ScSyd Barrett was one of the original members and founders of Pink Floyd.
  • Nathaniel from Pittsburgh, PaSyd Barrett was a great Influence to pink floyd
  • Jordan from Wvi remember finding this song on before 2001 (probably around '99 or '00) back when i was in a syd barrett phase. i now have it burnt on cd's actually kind of catchy, at least for syd.
  • Chris from Long Island, NyLegend has it this song was written by Syd after attending a Bob Dylan concert in 1963 with David Gilmour. This song first surfaced in 2001 in the CD Wouldn't You Miss Me. It was "hidden" in Gilmours private collection.
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