Dark Globe

Album: The Madcap Laughs (1970)


  • This song shows Syd's awareness of his psychological state. Barrett was a founding member of Pink Floyd, but mental illness led to a reclusive lifestyle away from music. >>
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  • The take of this song on this album was played out of time by Barrett, who skipped and added beats at will, much to the frustration of the studio personnel. There is another version of the song on Opel, a compilation of Barrett out-takes, which is known as "Wouldn't You Miss Me?"
  • This was produced by Barrett's former band-mates Roger Waters and David Gilmour, who took a break from working on Pink Floyd's third album Ummagumma to help Barrett finish his record. >>
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  • Philip from Th@Tristan If you look at the interviews with "the soft machine" who backed syd after floyd, they say his time structures were very hard to learn. Unless you are talking about the part where he turns the page during one song, those missed bard were on purpose. I always had a problem replaying the eleven by the grateful dead in my memory. Until a jazz friend told me that it is in eleven tempo, also explaining the origin of its name. Not relating the dead to syd but that's a perfect example of an exotic tempo.
  • Ben from Fort Worth, TxSo Roger Waters stands accused of imitating Syd on The Wall then?

    Well, it's not like two guys who grew up in the same town, went to the same schools, and spent their shared youth discovering their musical abilities together would sound alike, or anything crazy like that . . . .
  • Ben from Fort Worth, TxTo be quite honest, I felt the version on Opel - which I bought on LP the very day it was released, more than 20 years ago - was basically garbage, an outtake best left where it was in the vault.
  • Tristan from Philadelphia, PaHaha, I've listened to the wall stoned and not and I just don't really like it. It reminds me of middle school. But I would definitely agree that Waters does a Syd impression on the wall. Dark Globe and the song long gone by Syd, I believe, were inspiration for the wall (to an extant it clearly goes way beyond just that) This song was recorded in the "two day sprint" along with "she took a long cold look" "Feel" and "if its in you" I think this song was Syd trying to talk to Roger and show his emotions without actually going up to Roger and saying; "Look I know things got f--ked up between us and I'm in a very bad state, lets be friends." or something like that and I think if he said that the past with Syd and Roger would have been so totally different, its too bad they had to go through life "wondering which of the buggers to blame." I feel bad for both of them.
  • Hope from Watertown, NyRoger Waters does a good vocal impression of Syd on the Wall.
  • Peter from Athens, GreeceSyd Barret R.I.P ... you re the best.
  • Chloe from St. Louis, Mowow.....id never heard that song before until now, and just...wow....it makes me really depressed, hearing one of the last acheivements of such a brilliant mind. it strikes me as sort of a pleading call to his old bandmates. "wouldnt you miss me? im only person!" its probably not what he meant, but thats how it sounds to me. shine on, syd!!!! and tristan, ARE YOU HIGH?! THE WALL, ANNOYING?! tristan, what are you on?!
  • Oldpink from New Castle, InThis was incredibly jarring.
    The line "Please lift a hand/I've tatooed my brain all the way" is definitely one of the most haunting in music history.
    Whereas nearly all others in rock, including the likes of Jim Morrison, were describing madness as outsiders, Syd was dwelling in that dark domain.
    Dave Gilmour (his replacement in Pink Floyd) does a nice cover of this on his "On an Island" tour DVD.
  • Tristan from Philadelphia, PaI guess annoying was harsh, unfortunately I can not listen to most of this album without picturing Jack Black from 'School of Rock' which I really hate. However, The Thin Ice and In The Flesh are really some very good songs, but I don't like the rest of 'The Wall.'
  • Ani from Yerevan, ArmeniaTristan:


    I hardly believe my eyes!!! 8-0
  • Tristan from Philadelphia, PaSyd's departure is often reflected as very tragic. While it was; he lost his mind to a certain degree and quit the band, it put him in a place that nobody else has been. Unlike artists such as Hendrix and Morrison who went too far and basically killed themselves, Syd watched his own mental departure and decided on 'no more drugs' and quietly left the scene. He never left us with annoying reunion gigs, he made his mark and left us with some very nice music, none of which becomes eccentric and annoying (such as "The Wall".) Which is, one of the most annoying albums of all time excluding a few good songs. Thanks Waters, you should have left after Animals man. Syd did it better than you, and he made it in style.
  • Tristan from Philadelphia, PaI have just recently discovered Syd Barrett, and The Madcap Laughs in particular. I like his vocals better on this album than on Opel, besides that I'm not a huge fan of compilation albums, it is not how the artist had intended the songs to be heard. With that, although the beats and bars missed here and there in the song add to the feeling behind the song. It really shows how much he lost it when while recording an album he just spaced. Syd was only one in millions of people trying psychedelics and one of the many casualties. It is very sad.
  • Wayne from Leesburg, VaI'm so glad I discovered Syd. It was actually around the time I lost my own mind. I enjoy playing and singing his music. In fact, Dark Globe is usually the first song I play when I pick up my guitar. This is a sad song but Jugband Blues best describes Syd's situation after he snapped.
  • Liquid Len from Ottawa, CanadaSorry, Justin, I wasn't really thinking of it in terms of 'flaming an artist for drug use'. Many of my favorite music artists were prodigious users. No kidding. Syd went over the line into actually damaging his brain with copious drug use, if half of the (well documented) stories about him are true. To me, this song and the rest of his post-floyd stuff reflects a brain unable to focus (work properly).
  • Justin from Georgetown, Inthrought history most of the artists have been on drugs its a known fact. watch anything about drugs and it will tell you musicans are on drugs. they just bounce to new drugs when they come along. whats the point of flaming whether an artist is or isn't on drugs. if its good its good if its not its not.
  • Ozzy from Fresno, CaI REALLY REALLY MISS SYD I DONT CARE WAT I SAID THERE ITS NOT TRUE!!!! It stinks that Syddy had to go, though this song and all his others were also great. i only wish hed lived without goin insane. this song would hav never existed though
  • Ozzy from Fresno, Camy sister is crazy about syd but hates everything else pink floyd does. she still doesn't believe me when i tell her that he was insane-- even though he himself realizes it in this song. shine on you crazy diamond!!
    Heh. The "Eskimo chain" lyric might've had to do with his Eskimo girlfriend at the time. Methinks her name were Iggy.
  • Liquid Len from Ottawa, CanadaPoor Syd. This isn't genius, it's what will happen to you if you do too much drugs. Period.
  • Joel from London, EnglandWe will never forget you Syd
  • Paul from Cincinnati, OhBarrett's "The Madcap Laughs" is equal to the artistic achievements of all the other top artists of his era. In fact, it's quite accessible despite its title and its reputation as the forum for a raving madman. In fact, Syd Barrett had a command of language on par with Bob Dylan's, even if it's so bizarre as to often have an indiscernable meaning. The mix of angst and childlike use of wordplay and delivery is just pure genius and would be utterly impossible to reproduce.
  • Leia from Buffalo, Nywe miss you alot.
  • Nate from Pittsburgh, PaPlease, Please lift a hand, I'm only a person" rest in peace to one of the best influences in music.
  • Steven from West Carrollton, OhRest in peace, Syd. Pink Floyd wouldn't have been itself had you not shown them the way...
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