Holy Mountains

Album: Hypnotize (2005)
  • This song is about the Aras Mountains that were taken away from Armenia in the genocide. The mountains are said to be were Noah's Ark set sail. >>
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    andres - folsom, CA
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  • Oscar M. from O.c. CaliHey Yavuz from Turkey, I like this song too very much! But I speculate that System wasnt calling you and in general the Turkish people liars, killers, demons, murderers, sodomizers, but the Turkish government and the Turkish people who actually committed the genocide. You didnt commit genocide, our ancestors did. (I am 6% Turkish and Armenian)
  • Yavuz from Ankara, Turkey"Someone's blank stand deemed it warfare" refers to the Turkish claim that the persecution Armenians have faced in Eastern Anatolia in 1915 was only a result of the turmoil within the Ottoman Empire during WWI, therefore it cannot be termed as a genocide. (Ottoman Empire has collapsed after WWI.)

    "Someone's mouth said paint them all red" refers to Talat Pasha, a nationalist Ottoman general who is claimed to be the mastermind behind the genocide. Later on in 1921, he was assasinated by an Armenian named Soghomon Tehlirian.
  • Yavuz from Ankara, TurkeyI like this song a lot even though it calls me a "liar, killer, demon, murderer, sodomizer". (I am Turkish)
  • Hans from Manchester, United KingdomThis Song is about the Armenian Genocide. The Holy mountains refers to Mount Ararat , which is revered by Armenians. It is it national Symbol , and before their conversion to Christianity, it was home to their Gods. As Christians, it is still revered as the place where Noah's Ark came to rest. The 'Liar,Killer, Demons etc..' is directed at the Ottoman Turks. Back to the river aras refers to the river which seperated turkish Armenia from Russian armenia. Armenians escaping the genocide would cross the river to Russian Armenia into freedom.Resting on the mountain side i beleive is just the soul or graves of the murdered armenians thats still on the Mountain. anyway, thats my two cents.
  • Liliyjesushaha from Sanjose, Cahaha Blake from Hamilton, OH is right. Its great that this song is longer, compared to how most of their songs are between 2 and 3 minutes. I like it because it sounds kind of spiritual in a way. And SOAD isn't satanic at all...idiots...
  • Carrie from Shavo\'s House :d, Armeniaok Daron isnt an athiest, and Shavo isnt a Buddhist.
  • Ian from Chilli, Ohto hannah: its hard to make assumptions about the religions of any rock band, especially SOAD, who refuse to issue official statements on the subject. however, daron often claims to be christian or have christian values, many of their songs contain positive references to christianity, god, etc., and the main religion of armenia (where the band members descended from) is christianity. i is safe to assume that if the band members are religious, they would most likely be christian. not saying u are wrong, but christianity is more likely
  • Hannah from Statesville, NcSerj is an amazing singer with amazing talent and does sometimes refer to bible verses or God and even Jesus
    they are not satanist
    according to reports media ect Daron is atheist
    shavo is buddist
    and serj is like the hawaiians / older native americans and i have heard nothing about john
    im not saying this is true but its just what i have heard
  • Ivan from Fayetteville, UkraineHey Rick do you beleive everything the media tells you? do you enjoy and nice healthy lie everyday? The media is almost never able to back itself up besides lies and more lies you to think and try to find the facts on more than a couple of sources
  • Destinee from Whittier, CaIt is true. Noah's ark did land on Mt Ararat on the 17th day of the 7th month. It's in Genesis 8:4
  • Greg from Philadelphia, PaSOAD is an Armenian band a small country in the middle east. I am to. This song is about the Armenian genocide that the Turks commited against the Armenians. As far as Holy Mountains it refers to Mt. Ararat that was taken away from the Armenians in addition to western Armenia. LIAR KILLER DEMON is refering to the Turkish goverment. and back to the rive Aras, is the river that borders Armenia and Turkey. remember it is not repeat not Aras mountains because only one mountain is in Armenia is mt Araragas
  • Chris from Burbank, IlGreat Explaination JC! As for the LIAR KILLER DEMON back to the river aras part the Aras River is a river that passes through Turkey, Armenia, Iran thus passing by Mt Arat representing the Styx. In Greek mythology, Styx (Óôõî) is a river which formed the boundary between Earth and the Underworld, Hades. Styx where the wrathful and sullen are punished by being drowned in the muddy waters for eternity thats why liars killers and demon would go there.
  • John from Riverside, CaThe song is directed at Judas who betrayed Jesus, and now he is going to hell on earth. "Resting on the Mountainside" refers to the Mountain that Jesus and his favorite disciples went to when Jesus wanted to pray for his life. "Someone's mouth said paint them all red" shows how Judas' kiss led to the bloodshed that the disciples endured. So basically, there is no way that they are sadistic.
  • Rick from Columbus, GaKyle, Satanists often talk and sing -- if they are singers -- about God and Jesus and Buddah just so they can refute it. And what about the Aras mountains being the earthly home of Satan? You can't get around that!

    I'm not saying these guys are Satanists, I've just read it on the internet. Maybe this is really a Christian band.
  • Kyle from Little Rock, Arno rick they arent devil worshipers why would they be singing about God and religion if they were devil worshipers dumbass
  • Rick from Columbus, GaThis is a great song, but in Anton Levay's Satan's Bible he talks about the Aras mountains being the home of Satan on Earth.

    I've read that these guys worship the devil, and if that's true, then it'd make sense that they have been to the Aras Mountains to worship Satan more closely.
  • Jake from Naperville, IlIt's a little creepy but a very good song, it shows system's ability to experiment
  • Alex from Slurms, CaI'm sorry Blake, but this book isn't about the book of the Bible, although it does contain an allusion of the book of Genesis from the Bible.
  • Corbin from Deathbridge, CanadaI think it has much to do with broken amends towards the presence of spirits that reside.
  • Blake from Hamilton, OhI like this song because it's one of the only SOAD songs over 5 minutes. It's about the book of the bible about the Armenian. It's a good song, but could have been better.
  • Jc from Millbrook, Alholy mountains is about Mt Ararat the members are Armenian and the symbol of armenia is Mt Ararat In Genisis ,the first book of the Bible, it says it is the resting place of Noahs Ark and again part of the song deals with war (somones blank star deemed it warfare)but the somones mouth said paint them all red means that in the bible if somone wanted to be saved from the passsover they had to paint their door frame with blood from a lamb but the rest like LIAR KILLER DEMONback to the river aras can mean anything just pick one
  • Pet Peeves from Blibbity Blah, KyThis song is one of the best on the album.
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