Album: Steal This Album! (2002)


  • This was originally titled "KITT," since the main riff sounds similar to the theme from the TV show Knight Rider. It showed up that way over the Internet when the songs from Steal This Album were leaked over the web until the band re-recorded it with a different title. >>
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    Jim - Oxnard, CA
  • This is the only song on the album that all band members are given credit for writing. >>
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    Petrified Monkey - naked land, MI

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  • John from PhillyYou are really out here saying SOAD never did drugs when they have a song titled “this cocaine makes me feel like I’m on this song”
  • Branden from Orange Park, FlMine delusions acquainted: MDA= Media
    Bubbles erotica: BE = back-end
    Plutonium wedding rings: PWR= Power
    Icicles stretching: IS= is
    Bycicles, shoestrings: BS= Bulls--t
    One flag, flaggy but one: OF FBO= Opposing force, For benefit of
    Painting the Paintings of the Alive: PPA = Propaganda
    So you can say, Serj is telling us that "Media back-end power is a bulls--t opposing force for the power of propaganda"
    I really didn't know this until I saw someone say it , but yes it makes a lot of since.
  • Rin from AustraliaI personally think the song is about how the media and other power forms configure and sugar coat tragedy or generally bad things happening to celebrate the enemy as it's the more popular side. more particularly in racial situations.
    As sascha said, there's most likely definitely some subliminal messages in all the abbreviations and random words used.
    IEAIAIO becomes IDEALIZATION when consonants are added back in- with no rearrangements on the vowels needed. it's also quite close to LIBERATION, but not exactly right.
    In rare recordings of the song, Serj and Daron would//do sometimes yell 'on the fourth of July' instead of 'and we light up the sky'.
    The fourth of July is LIBERATION, painted only by IDEALIZATION. The original villain ((personified as//by america)) in the situation was treated a king in order to keep good word- north america is one of the most popular//known off areas in the entire world, so of course they should be the ones being LIBERATED. Unfortunately, power stances will do anything to keep their good word, even if it means IDEALIZING the situation to fit needs.
    As much as I'd like to disagree it has any connection to the KKK burning chant, it's quite possible. That being said, I'd like to think it has no further meaning than to be a smart double meaning to the already incredibly subliminal and smart name.
  • Caleb from Lenoir, NcI-E-A-I-A-I-O is also Idealization without the consonants.
  • Sascha from Stuttgart, GermanyAn interesting interpretation of the "bubbles erotica" part I just read on YouTube:
    It's a subliminal message, if you take the first letters of some words it makes sense.
    Mine delusions acquainted: MDA= Media
    Bubbles erotica: BE = back-end
    Plutonium wedding rings: PWR= Power
    Icicles stretching: IS= is
    Bycicles, shoestrings: BS= Bulls--t
    One flag, flaggy but one: OF FBO= Opposing force, For benefit of
    Painting the Paintings of the Alive: PPA = Propaganda
    So you can say, Serj is telling us that "Media back-end power is a bulls--t opposing force for the power of propaganda"
  • Daniel from Crewe, United KingdomIEAIAIO is a kkk chant used for when they burned people to death the part and we light up the sky
    refers to it
  • Bud from Bellflower, CaWhen I heard it I thought it was a stab at bands who have no meaning in their lyrics. Serj is singing all this nonsense and asking "why" like why are you singing all that nonsense when there is so much in the world that needs to be changed. Then he says "And we light up the sky" like even though they are spreading nonsense millions of people are at their concerts which light up the sky. IDK just my oppinion.
  • Ian from Chilli, OhThe riff that plays at the very end of the song is the opening riff to Thoughtless by Korn
  • Kobe from New York, ArubaIts 'One Flag, Flag Everyone'
  • Sam from Penang, Malaysiashould be the racism theme. also, the line 'one flag, flaggy but one' is quite obvious about the separation of people in one nation (sharing one same flag but not being one).
  • Hannah from Statesville, NcMezmerize and Hypnotize were recorded at the same time i dont believe toxicity and steal this album were ( doesnt sound as close as hypnotize and mezmerize do in the sound who knows im probably wron ) SOAD doesnt do drugs ? ha i dont really beieve that where did you hear it ? Daron loves pot
    some song titles and lyrics to keep in mind : this cocain makes me feel like im on this song(cocain of course ) , Shes like heroin (heroin ),Psycho ( psycho , groupie cocain crazy , gets you high , gets you high , do you relly want to think and stop ) , ect not saying all the members are for it or against it ( heck some might have stoppped it ), just saying , and also some pics floating around of some SOAD members doing drugs ...
    I believe it has meaning likei believe all of SOADs songs have a meaning , yes its about how hatred and rascism are a terrible attribute to our culture and how SOAD does not like seeing the world like this
    check out some of SOADs historty its amazing
  • Ian from Chilli, Ohanybody notice that the title I-E-A-I-A-I-O consists of all the vowels, in order, from the word "Idealization"? IdEAlIzAtIOn. It means to idealize something, or to have a mindset in which something is ideal or justified. the Ku Kluz Klan claims that what they are doing is justified under God. they have idealized their racist behavior. to contribute to the racism theme of the song, there is my little contribution. System is too clever for that to have been an accident. anybody who thinks that system of a down is a band who just babbles needs to open there ears. system is very intelligent, and even the dumbest sounding of there songs has a deeper meaning, if u choose to dig a bit to find it. or dont, as long as u remain entertained, system has done their job.
  • Alex from Jeffersonville, InWith all due respect, Christian, you do realize that Toxicity and Steal This Album were recorded at the same time right?

    All the songs from both those albums were recorded in one studio session.
    And they did do drugs on recording of those songs but I'm pretty sure after that they didn't do it any more.
  • Christian from Red Lion, Pai dont think that they do drugs but on stel this album they have a song called Mr. Jack witch is about a drug dealer and on the thank you side of Toxicity he thanks mr. jack for the Relaxations
  • Kyrylo from Rivne, OnLoL this shows how negative people can be when they hear open-minded songs with lots and lots of meanings. I think this is a holiday song something with fireworks.
  • Aki from Sunrise, FlActually, both of you are wrong. SoaD do take some drugs (mainly marijuana. Daron has even said that if he was president, he'd legalize pot.), but I don't think they take coke.

    Also, I remembered hearing that Aleister Crowley would make his followers chant something similar to this, and then make them recite "Old McDonald" If they laughed, then they had to start over.
  • Chip from Clarksburg, WvI used to think the song was about Nuclear weapons. Especially when the say," as we light up the sky." But the racism idea also makes sense.
  • Jacob from Somewhere, United StatesBrittany is right Lars. S.O.A.D. never do drugs, they are against drugs. All the band members are skilled in whatever instrument they play. They've been playing their instruments since childhood.
  • Brittany from Rainy River, CanadaLars - System's bassist's name is Shavo Odadjian, not Shaijo...and you clearly dont listen to system of a down enough if you think all they do is snort coke and then "desperately" try to spew out sh*t to make it a song...shame on you, fool.
  • Kristin Hansen from Bryan, OhThis is one of the coolest songs of all time! this song is about violence, war, industry, famous people, and everything wrong with scociety. whoever doesnt like System can go to hell!!! They are the greatest band and sing about the best things. I am the biggest System fan ever. and this song kicks ass. every song they make has a meaning.
  • Icust from O.c., NcMine desilusions acquainted,
    Bubbles erotica,
    Plutonium wedding rings,
    Icicles stretching,
    Bicycles, shoestrings,
    One flag, flaggy but one,
    Painting the paintings of the alive.
    -Refering to how you can be controlled to persive what you are controlled to and fall in to the conformed and regulated trends
  • Nick from Shoreham, United StatesI E A I A I O. All the vowels in "idealisation"
  • Logan from Ottawa, KsAs with many System of a Down songs, there are supposed double meanings. For this song, some of the possible meanings are a journalist digging up dirt on a politician (Meeting John at Dale's Jr.), and the western world's obsession with gadgets and trinkets (plutonium wedding rings, bicicle shoestrings).

    Also, I-E-A-I-A-I-O is possibly a KKK Chant. In the chorus, the phrase is followed by the word "Why". This could mean "Why does racism still exist?". THIS DOES NOT MEAN SYSTEM OF A DOWN IS RACIST IN ANY WAY.

  • Sam from Liverpool, EnglandNick is right IEAIAIO is a ku klux klan chant and they sung it as they burned people (not very nice i know) and that's wot "light up the sky" refers to. Verses dont make sense theough or the bicycles, shoestrings bit either. Perhaps soem guy meets someone at John Dales Jnr and informs the recently recovered cop to go n stop these racist thugs. Maybe? SOAD rock as does Hypnotize!
  • Seth from La, CaFirst of all, any of you who think soad suck should be thrown out a window of a 50 floor building. second of all, this song does rock, and I'm glad you guys explained the KKK thing, cuz i find it interesting to try to find the meaning of systems music, and this song hasn really made sense to me. thanks for the help.
  • Spaceboy from Houston, TxPat disgraces me with his horrible spelling and grammar. Also, this song rocks.
  • Pat Long from E Nopo, Nyyeah man this song is so radical with its horrible melody and miserable musical arrangement! this band is a such a disgrace to music it sounds like neolithic cavemen beating the piss out of their instruments and screaming as loud as they can!
  • Lars from South Of Heaven, NmDude, imagine daron, serj, john and whatever the basses name is sitting in their holywood mansions doing line after line after line of cocain. Serj tells john to bust out a beat and ilike all kikc ass drummers John nods and gets up on his big o kick ass drum set. Shaijo (the bass plkayer) picks up his bass and starts playing. Then Daron that little bitch picks up el guitaro and tried despritley to make his atempt at playing guitar. Then Serj came in with lyrics that all seem to be perfectly mixed. I sometimes wander how they perform in concert.This song is about nothing more then mainstream-targeted-vocalised-synthised-brainwashing music. That is damn good.
  • Nick from Devon, EnglandIEAIAIO is actually about racism because the words IEAIAIO was a chant of the KKK and its a song on how sick racism is because if you listen to the lyrics they scream ieaiaio and then scream "why" its saying why do we do things like racism, it also says as we light up the sky meaning its sick how we do this racism and yet light up the sky with pride, IEAIAIO is a song which is saying why do we do this using the words IEAIAIO as its main point since it was a racist chant. System of a down are so smart by the way. Every song has a meaning.
  • Takashi from Tokyo, JapanIt's about child molestation
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