Vicinity Of Obscenity

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  • This song is talking about how small the "Vicinity of Obscenity" is. Men are programmed to have certain views on women. Whether it's finding a dirty magazine on the playground as a kid, or Paris Hilton trying to sell you a sex-burger during a Teletubbies commercial. No matter where you look, obscenity is "In Your Eye." It's unavoidable and in your face, just like the guitar and vocal styles when they scream, "Banana banana terra cotta..." The food references are symbolizing genitals (Banana = penis, pie = vagina). >>
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    Trevor - Lakebay, WA
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  • Smiley from Bum Fuck EgyptSo just looked this up, it's about Anal Sex. The term Banana refers to the male penis and the term Terracotta Pie refers to Anal Sex.
  • Dyer from Lisboa, PortugalSoooo I saw this thing about Terracotta Army maybe that's the source? Banana Terracotta Pie?! Weird man weird... Their lyrics are so random and then suddenly land on a familiar something. But I do love the ramblin' from them Armenian folk hehe.
  • Acemaster from Hell, BcHeh . The same thing i was thinking about, and the part Vicinity of obscenity in your EYES ! :ر French . . . British . . . nah you guys get it
    Do we all learn defeat from the whores with bad feet?? Do we? NO! (that doesn't even make sense) and leads to only one meaning of the s--t that governments report to us from the inside.
  • Daniel from Amol, IranHas anybody thought about the governments ??? I don't want to say anything specific . . . but : Liar !
  • Joe from Detroit, MiOnly one person mentioned the real meaning of this song... "Beat the meat
    Treat the feet
    To the sweet
    Milky seat"
    This song is about a foot fetish. He's talking about cumming on a whore's foot...
  • Jess from Eau Claire, WiWhen I heard this song, I didn't think sex at all! I think it's about parenthood. Banana because babies have to eat mushy foods. Terricotta pie, because tericotta is a brown color, like dirty diapers. and if you listen the lyrics say "Is there a perfect way of holding your baby?" and the "milk seat" is like breast feeding. Whores with bad feet, your feet get huge and swollen when you're pregnant. Whores referring to women who have sex. Beat the meat, when a baby starts to eat meat, you have to cut it up really small. I think it shows the man's anger that women don't think they're capable of taking care of a baby.
  • Omarsoadfan from Hidalgo, Mexicothe interpretation of this song in this page are wrong.

    the people behind the comments don't even know what they say, they invent anything more, distort, interpreted wrong, believing that system of a down is about politics, drugs, sex and nothing more.

    system of a down is the life band, all songs are about different things, usually multifunctional existence (songs for life) and there are no rules or limits.

    the lyrics are like life art reflected as text, to understand them is like we were exploring, seeing something. songs not necessarily talk about them, although there are some that are on their experiensias as "kill rock 'n roll".
    they are performers and they interpret things from an outside perspective as they see them.
    the songs ask if required messages, voices, instruments are, or which are instrumental, depending on what this inspired. System Of A Down are true reflectors, artists and representatives of the universe by what they do, it is music for life (all things). many people don't understand well that and get carried away by what says the people of bad taste and becomes a social epidemic and because System Of A Down is the most badly misunderstood and poorly understood in the world.

    the songs are open to interpretation by that pass to the global and personal. people can draw their own conclusions, views on the songs but when interpreted in the best possible way and not invent, twisting or wronginterpret.

    Sorry for my bad spelling in English

    people who ignore this comment would be hypocrisy on their part
  • Omarsoadfan from Hidalgo, MexicoThe song "vicinity of obscenity" of System Of A Down, is for those who have sex for pure pleasure, without protection either with prostitutes, with different people, or boyfriends in general, get carried away by pleasure and don't think about their actions that this can generate (this union is called "vicinity of obscenity"), and then walk leaving babies to the stupid and meaningless, and don't want to be responsible for the consequences of their acts of cowardice and hypocrisy
  • Joemom from Los Angeles, CaThis song is obviously talking about anal. Banana symbolizes a phallus. Terracotta is a type of mud. Pie normally refers to vagina, but a "terracotta" pie (like saying mud pie) would definitely refer to an ass. The "milky seat" part of the chorus verifies that , because it is referring to their "milky" (cum-filled) ass. Therefore, it is quite obviously referring to anal sex. As for the chorus, it is talking about prostitutes. "Beat the meat, treat the feet to the milky seat" is referring to f--king them, then kicking their "milky" ass out.
  • Tor from Vancouver, BcI always thought the song was critisizing men for allowing themselves to use prostitutes instead of just 'beating the meat'. 'treat the feet' meaning the whores feet 'to the sweet milky seat' meaning just some blissful relaxation. either way, love the song and the band!
  • Caleb from Salt Lake, UtThis song is about sexual fetishes... I.E Feet fetishes, Scat(feces) fetish etc etc. btw S.O.A.D sucked dick in their later stages their first album kicked ass though
  • Sammi from Havre De Grace, MdI can understand the comment about the anal think about it. Milky seat? Seat, sitting. You don't sit on your vagina, you sit on your ass.
  • Will from Htown, NjLook, I had to post a comment after reading all of yours. this song is definitely about dirty sex...terricotta is a type of mud the is used in making ceramics and huts in certain parts of the therefore I think the terricotta pie and bannana refers to anal sex with a whore with bad feet...SOAD has firmly stated that their songs are open to interpretation for the fans, but i think its obvious that the terricotta or "mud pie" refers to the ass not the vagina...hence, "vicinity of obscentiy" the song is just so obscene and silly it conjurs up dirty thoughts...
  • Potato from Somewhere, Portugalto me, this music is about sexually-transmited diseases, such as AIDS. thats why they say "liar" and "is there any safe way of holding u baby?"
  • Joe from El Paso, TxBANANA BANANA BANANA BANANA TERRAKOTTA BANANA TERRAKOTA TERAKOTTA PIE!!!!!!! BANANA BANANA BANANA BANANA TERRAKOTA BANANA TERRAKOTA TERRAKOTTA PIE!!!!!!! I just love screaming that out randomly in publik lol. anyways, i could understand that banana isnt THAT perverted enough to give away the song's meaning, but when in the chourous when it says "beat the meat", well, thats probably the biggest give away ever, well, besides "MY C*** IS SO MUCH BIGGER THAN YOURS!!!" lol 69 =)
  • Kenarokansas from Portville, Nyok i think this song is very very meaningless... thank you for your time.
  • Zach from Paris, Ilthis song's halarious
  • Mitch from Ottawa, OnThis song is definitly about sex. "is there a prefect way to hold you baby" is talking about what goes on durring sex, "beat the meat" talks about whacking off, haha, "Milky seat" implies sperm. Banana, simply means penis, and terracotta pie, a sweet vagina, lol. what a great song.
  • Dylon from Pittsburgh, PaHere's the problem. When someone doesn't understand what a song's about and just doesn't like it, they assume it's about drugs, sex or violence or whatever and twists it in such a way to make it so. I'm pretty sure that the song was just written out of fun, and let's face it. Randomness is always fun and funny. So just because certain words can relate to sex, it doesn't mean the song is about sex and etc.
  • Justin from Bethlehem, PaThis song has a meaning!?
  • Andrew from Asheville, NcThis song is NOT about sexual "obscenity". Serj wrote this song for fun to question his fans to find many different meanings for the song, to make you think about what this song could be about. Or at least thats what I think.
  • Andrew from Gotham City, Nyhaha Maybe how it's Banana: Penis, Terracotta pie: Vagina, that could just be a metaphor of how the media uses it. These could not be exact words...but it's a good idea. Like how amazing it is how the media and today's propaganda can turn a harmless "banana Terracotta pie" commercial into a subliminal ad to get ppl to get lust for sex.
  • Brad from Knoxville, TnThe song is really a test.It makes people think in their own individual point of view.Some people think its about porn and sex,others think it has something to do with a bomb,others think its an acid trip,and some just like the beat of the song.What the song is really meant to do is exactly what your reading right now,everyones individual look on it.This is why i like s.o.a.d all of their songs have multiple meanings to reach different people with different outlooks and problems.
  • Danielle from Palm Coast, Fli love this song every one at school thinks im crazy
    because i sing this song in the courtyard yelling banana banana ect... and go crazy punching the air. what you see evil bananas? I get that allot. i mush alone great song even tho the lyrics are confusing it is the funnest song to sing all most like a tongue twister. i kind of knew the lryics where dirty when i herd milky seat i always thought it was making fun of those easy girls. but i guess it is more about lust in everyones eyes and lier is saying u want some one else's t
    here a perfect way of holding you baby? (Liar)
    betrayal it sounds to me and not be leaving in
    love. their no such thing as love because everyones going to be looking at a better package. is what it is saying
  • Botr from Wellington, New ZealandA terracotta pie is not a vagina it is a bomb

    this is the kind of song that makes system of a down so unique
  • Chris from Bradenton, FlDaron said in an interview that Serj wrote this song and that none of them had any idea whatsoever what it meant, they were just having fun. When I find that issue ill post the direct quote.
  • Jake from Naperville, Ilthis song totally confuses me. but it's good
  • Joshua from London, EnglandWho cares what this song means? I dont! It's awsome anyway
  • Blake from Hamilton, OhThis is a lovely song. It's saying how the media dogs men for looking at pornography, but it's only natural instinct to get lustful. "Banana, banana, banana, banana, banana, terracota pie." Hence Banana=Penis and Terracota Pie= Vagina. Yes now you see.
  • Mitch from Mur-bah, AustraliaThis song could be a rip on the media.
    "Is there a perfect way to holding you baby?" could be a parallel to the way the media publicised the way Michael Jackson held his child over a ledge and "Do we all learn defeat from the whores with bad feet" is related to the "add sex and stir" philosophy of modern advertising and the repeat of the word "liar" may refer to the way the media exploits people and twists stories to their advantage.
  • Mitch from Mur-bah, AustraliaI think that this song is random, using random lyrics that sound good, this conveys the meaning that todays commercial world is shallow and songs are only imortant if they sound good regardless of lyrics or deep meaning. This song is catchy and enjoyable it also exposes modern pop culture for what it really is.
  • Mike Delour from Burlington, Kythis song is super awesome and super weird
  • Samantha from A Place, MtThis is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out there,but I think banana banana banana terracotta banana terracotta terracotta pie symbolizes how today the world revolves around drugs.Terracotta=pot,
    bananas and pie are sweet.Saying something is sweet is another way to say it is good or awesome.
  • Meatfloaf from Here, Idthis song is freakin aswome
  • Dan from Near Rockford, IlTerra Cotta is a type of ceramic, and the only results I get when I search for either "terracotta pie" or "terra cotta pie" seem to all be lyrics. Unfortunatly this doesn't clear up anything for me...
  • Chaz from Richmond, Vaim pretty sure you dont need to look quite that deep into its meaning, because if you do, youll forget the fact that all theyre saying is "bannana terracota pie" interchanged with disco beat break downs. sorry but you may be thinking too hard.
  • Tony from Boston, MaI don't think you have to be on acid to appreciate the song. Its quite understandable when he talks about beating the meat and whores with bad feet
  • Yuya from Kyoto, Japan "Whether it's finding a dirty magazine on the playground as a kid, or Paris Hilton trying to sell you a sex-burger during a Teletubbies commercial. No matter where you look, obscenity is "In Your Eye." Then it's talking about how BIG the Vicinity Of Obscenity is, not SMALL.
  • Edwin from El Paso, TxThis song is very cool! when i first heard it iwas like " what the hell is that!" but when i heard it the second time i loved it! it is a cool song but just with a weird meaning!
  • Chaitanya from Hyderabad, Indiawhy the symbolic nonsense, i fail to understand.the meanin could have been conveyed in a sensible way !
  • H from R, NcThis song makes my laugh its so incredible. I love the symbolic nonsense... mabey when he says liar hes refering to how men seduce the woemen.
  • Yuya from Kyoto, JapanThis song is one of my favorites
  • Christina from R., Vai think you have to be on acid to truly appreciate this song, but i still love it
  • Lanie from North Carolina, NcThis song makes me happy for some reasom. It's just a great song all over. It makes so much sense.
  • Skyler from Santa Rosa, CaThis somg is awsome
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