Buick MacKane

Album: The Slider (1972)


  • Lead singer Marc Bolan described this as his "Zep Rex" experiment, meaning it was inspired by Led Zeppelin. Bolan was actually ahead of Zeppelin in using a car as a sexual metaphor, as Led Zep's "Trampled Underfoot" wasn't released until 1975. >>
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  • This hard rocker had lyrics that were typical of Marc Bolan, who was the group's songwriter. The words are sexually tinged but nonsensical, with "Buick MacKane" apparently being the name of a girl. Perhaps the best synopsis came in the New York Times review of the album, where Loraine Alterman wrote: "Bolan does have a certain fey charm that in the end defies analysis."
  • A rock group led by Alejandro Escovedo called Buick MacKane took their name from this song. They released just one album: The Pawn Shop Years (1997).
  • Guns N' Roses recorded this song for their 1993 covers album The Spaghetti Incident?. Their rhythm guitarist at the time, Gilby Clarke, made it clear that he wanted to do a T. Rex cover. "Back then I was wearing a T. Rex T-shirt, like, every single day," he told us. "Matt [Sorum] used to joke, 'Okay, we got it, we got it.'"

    The Guns N' Roses cover features a rare backup vocal from their lead guitarist, Slash.

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  • Jd from World StageI'm sure the album cover was in a Duran Duran album sleeve, aware Taylor is a fan.
  • Jaylan Beaudouine from Battery CityI read somewhere that this is about his maid/cleaner lady. Her name, presumably surname, was MacKane, and she drove an actual Buick car. I suppose Marc liked her in one way or another and wrote this for/about her.
  • Andy from Halesowen, West Midlands, United KingdomMarc liked to name girls in his songs after cars. In the classic Jeepster we have "I'll call you jaguar if I may be so bold" for example.
  • Megan from Derby, United KingdomI love this song, Guns and Roses did a great cover, but this is the best! The guitar at the end is fantastic, and Marc's vocals just make the song very sexual, in my opinion. Very dirty, but an amazing song from T-Rex, just like all the other great songs they did.
  • Davie from Paisley, ScotlandA great song, covered of course by Guns n' roses on their Spaghetti Incident album.
  • Ziggy from Hellthis song is awesome, i cant believe no one's commented on it. the guitar riff is so infectious!
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