A Decade Under The Influence

Album: Where You Want To Be (2004)
Charted: 70
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  • Taking Back Sunday lead singer Adam Lazzara has described this song as about being about "one of the most awkward car rides I was ever a part of." He was living in Long Beach, Long Island, and drove to Camden, New Jersey for a Coldplay concert. What made it so awkward was that he was driving there with his ex-girlfriend. They had recently broken up and were not getting along, which made for difficult - and mostly silent - trip.

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  • Tom from Dyersville, IaOkay, some people have really f---ed up stories. Jesse WAS in TBS he left after a little scuffle when his ex cheated on him with John. Adam was then hired but John left after Adam used his sister. Jesse made Brand New and John made Straylight Run. I personally like the band MUCH more before John left, but Straylight Run and Brand New are also in my top favorite bands now =]. But Pat, JESSE WAS IN TBS. They both left and have since made up and have played the songs, that they onced bashed each other with, together.
  • Justin from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohthis song was written by adam about john nolan leaving. when they finished a show john was unusually quiet, and adam kinda knew then that he was going to leave "you kept still untill the long drive home you slept safe and close to the window. (i got a bad feeling about this)"

    the "to hell with you and all your friends" is about how jesse lacey (little known former TBS bass/ backing vocal for the lullaby ep, lead singer of brand new, and john's friend) sided with john for leavin becasue adam was dating johns sister michelle but mistreating her (cheating and stuff)

    the "anyone will do tonight" is about how adam just wants to make music with anyone

    the "coming over but it never was enough, i though it through and my worst brings out the best in you" is about how adam kept trying to mend things with john but it always ended with adam leaving and being at his worst yelling at john, while john was doing well with straylight run. (adam at his worst was bringing out john's best songs)

    so it technically is a "break up song" just not a traditional one.
  • Megan from Chatam, Njadam said in an interview that this song was about how him and his girlfriend broke up and how they were forced to go to a concert together because they already had the tickets and how it was so awkward.
  • Jess from Wilsonville, Ork i just wanna say to pat from detroit, are you f--king kidding? before raggin on someone you don't know about 'not ebing obsessed with either band' you should take a step back and re-evaluate your own facts, because if you knew anything about the relationship between john and jesse, you would definitely know they graced the stage together in tbs, jesse on bass and supporting vox, and john on lead guitar and back up vox. half way through their first ep there was the line up change, jesse being replaced by adam, and mark being replaced by stevie.
    yeah, someone's getting the entire situation of jesse's ex and nolan and seventy times 7 and there's no i in team mixed up, but seriously, people here seem to have their stories all crossed, check yourself being being so insulting, damn.
  • Marc from Atlanta, Gawell, id like to point out the specific lyrics "i am you" that sounds like a conscience interaction. And think possibly the initial verses describe a pitiful last stash of coke he got with his last ten bucks. "have to go" could refer to putting down the binge, and "i could go all night" refers obviously. we used to be this dying breed" - this i might interpret as his early days of indulgence when he could have plenty, stay high, be popular by sharing, i mean now he's at the end of his money and he's living gram to gram. Perhaps? "anyone will do tonight" could refer to an absence of his normal dealer and could be a statement of desparation to score. "to hell with you and all your freinds its on" may refer to his diabolical side taking the reins and saying....f--k the people who are saying you need help. do a line. Skin and bones and nervous wrect, etc probably is his good side urging him to slow down and take care of himself. But his demons drive him to do it "its on" Of course there is probably some explaination on youtube by the band as well. And its probably bulls--t! BTW i kissed adam on the cheek in athens ga and im a dude. thats how good they are
  • Adam from Band, OrIn an interveiw with a band they said the song was inspired by an experience they had, where Adam and Fred were hitchiking somewhere and the people who picked them up were crazy ass drivers and they were scared they were gonna die, plus notice in the video where they are?
    in the street! :o
  • Beeks from Kearny, Njthis song is about being under the influence for ten years
  • Beeks from Kearny, Njumm its called a decade under the influence. because its been 10 years that adams been under the influence of cocaine because of a girl.
  • Markos from Dallas, TxTHIS IS THE GREATEST SONG IN THE WORLD!!!!!!
  • Jake from Marlette, Mii saw a video and adam said that a decade under the influence is about him and his ex-girlfriend when they went to a coldplay concert because coldplay is his favorite band and they ended up breaking up at the concert and its about the awkward ride home etc.
  • Stephanie from Frisco, TxI love adam lavarra and the song is talking about being doubtful.And lush means being a piece of (deleted).It's talking about a girl telling him that he is a piece of (deleted) and she hat that about him!
    I love adam and tbs!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Dj from Concord, NcAdam was in a car with his ex going to a Coldplay concert a few months after they broke up (she wouldnt give him her ticket back so he had to take her)
  • Kim from Long Island, NyAdam has said this song is about "the most akward, akward car ride I ever, ever was a part of". He explained he was living in Long Beach, Long Island at the time and was driving to the Tweeter center in New Jersey to see a Coldplay concert. He was attending the concert with his ex-girlfriend. They had just broken up, and "she hated me...which she should have". Adam had the tickets, she still wanted to go, and so they went with one another despite the akwardness. Adam said, "It was akward...but they played really good that night" lol. The youtube video is titled "Taking Back Sunday-Adam Explaining 'A Decade Under the Influence'", so check it out there if you would like. About Jesse Lacey...he was both bassist and a backing vocalist on much older tracks, before Tell All Your Friends. He is on both 'Summer Stars' and 'Go On', two EP songs still featuring Antonio Longo as lead singer. I am not sure why he left, but i do not think it was because of the incident with his girlfriend and John, because Jesse contributed back up vocals to Tell All Your Friends.
  • Caroline from Long Island, Nythis song is also about the time when there was a possiblity of taking back sunday breaking up, you know, stopping, no mor TBS, and during that time, Adam Lazzara was very depressed, because he knew that it was stupid to have made it that far, and then just give up, so he spent much of his time at the local bar, and so he thought that this "sabatical" if you will, felt like forever or, dare say a decade, so he felt like he spent "A Decade Under The Influence"
  • Emily from Rockland, MeTHIS IS MY FAVORITE SONG EVER! and Taking Back Sunday is the best band ever. I'm listening to them right now (i'm that cool). Adam Lazzara is the most gorgeous person on this planet. I don't know if this song is about sex or an ex-member but as long as it rocks does it really matter?
  • Courtney from Bucks, Pawho really cares. Adam Lazzara is a god. All that needs to be said.
  • Max from Gothenburg, SwedenYes! finally someone who agrees with, that Jesse Lacey was in the firts line up.. Was the reason he got out the incident with his gf and John Nolan?
  • Tj from Easton, PaAmina is def. right. Adam is thinking about trying to hook up with his girl in the car. Cause he thinks thats its the right moment. Hes paying attention to her every move, "You kept still the whole ride home, You Slept close to the window. And his conscience being Fred, keeps telling him its not the night.
  • Chet from Flagstaff, Azactually jesse lacey was in tbs. but it was the first lineup of the band. the singer was antonio lango and adam was on bass. if your gonna preach about people not knowing their bands i suggest you know the band yourself.
  • Pat from Detroit, Miumm... Jesse Lacey was never in Taking Back Sunday. You're confusing 2 completely different stories that have nothing to do with each other. Obviously your not that obsessed with either of those 2 bands. Anyway, the song may or may not be about JOHN NOLAN leaving TBS. It makes sence, but so does the sex thing. The fight between Brand New and TBS was between John Nolan and Jesse Lacey. Keep your stories straight. P.S. John was the guitarist, he wrote some of the songs, Adam, the singer, wrote this song, along with many of the songs on tell all your friends. And TBS was not "going crappy," they've actually become much more popular after JOHN left the band.
  • Laycee from Jacksonville, FlI agree with the sex thing... but i also think that part of his concious telling him not to do this is he doesnt want to hurt her (::"your skin and bones, i'm a nervous wreck"::) just my opinion
  • Steph from Melbourne, AustraliaIf it is about someone leaving the band then it would be about when Jesse Lacey left the band after John the bassist (Jesse's best friend) was with Jesse's gf. After Jesse left Jesse's band Brand New got pretty famous and Taking Back Sunday was going crappy since Jesse wrote a lot of the bands songs. Um yeah TBS and Brand New fought through their lyrics for ages. If you listen to the songs it's so obvious. Especially in There's No I in Team and Cute Without the "E" (Cut from the team) by TBS and in Ok I Believe You But My Tommy Gun Don't (aimed at john and jesse's gf) Good to know that If I ever need attention all I have to do is die (aimed more at the girlfriend and the friends who stuck by jesse during the john thing) The shower scene (at john and its an angry one SO GOOD!) The no seatbelt song and seventy times 7 (both to john and the gf) by brand new. The best line is "Don't apologise, I hope you choke and DIE" another good one is "Is that what you call a get away? Well tell me what you got away with, I've seen more spine in jellyfish. I've seen more guts in 11 year old kids. Have another drink and drive yourself home, I hope there's ice on all the roads and you can think of me when you forget your seat belt and again when your head goes through the windsheild." and "Is that what you call tact? You're as subtile as a brick in the small of my back" Brand new also talk about being a dying breed in "secondary"
    Sorry about the novel but I used to be obsessed with these two bands! WOO
  • Amina from Toronto, Canadalush means someone who drinks alot - an alcoholic in a way. so basically in You're so Last summer shes telling him that hes a lush and she hates it
  • Lauren from Port Elizabeth, South AfricaPlease can someone help me... What is a lush? TBS mention it in You're so last summer and Your own disaster and it's killing me!!!
  • Joseph from Manteca, CaI think "To hell with you and all your friends" is a reference to their previous album, "Tell all your Friends". Sounds as if the song may have more than one intended meaning.
  • Matthew from West Paterson, NjThe song is about someone leaving the band. It has nothing to do with sex or a girl."we used to be this dying breed" they are tallking about there music. "your best brings out the wrost in me" when they play without the member they sound sh--ty and it brings out the best in the memeber. "Anyone will do tonight" is saying we don't need the member to go on and "i got a bad feeling about this is" hes saying i fears the band will break up.
  • Brandie from Jacksonville, AlI don't think this song is as strictly about sex as some people may suggest. I interpret it as just problems in a realationship. They may have been arguing, or something happened to strain their relationship. He feels like he can never do enough for her, (...coming over but it never was enough...)that she just wants more. It sounds like her friends don't like him, (to hell with you and all your friends..) and he's angry because they don't know him like she's supposed to.
  • James from Stamford, Ctuh,...i heard this song was about fat chicks...
  • Hannah from Southport, EnglandI never thought about in that way before but now you mention it, sounds like a pretty good interpretation, but i always thought this song was saying that love without sex is a dying thing in the modern world. The song seems like they want to have sex but he isn't sure it's the right thing to do: "we used to be this dying breed" describes his attitude to it and "to hell with you and all your friends" sounds like she feels love and sex are one and the same. Also the whole "coming over but it never was enough" sounds like she always wanted more than them just to be together in a non sexual way. Obviously he wants it: "I could go all night" and "anyone will do tonight" but he wants her to leave "well say you have to go" cos he knows he will give into her and spoil everything they have. He doesn't want to do it with her cos he knows that will change their relationship and he doesn't want it to: " i got a bad feeling about...". What do you reckon?
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