Taking Back Sunday

Adam LazzaraVocals2001-
Shaun CooperBass2000-2003
Ed ReyesGuitar2000-2018
John NolanGuitar2000-2003
Mark O'ConnellDrums2001-
Fred MascherinoGuitar2003-2007
Matt RubanoBass2003-

Taking Back Sunday Artistfacts

  • Lazzara was originally the bassist. He drove around in a van practicing singing their songs because it was too loud where he was living.
  • Their name comes from a B-Side song by The Smiths.
  • They compose their music first, then the lyrics.
  • Their least favorite song to play is "Head Club" - Adam's favorite is "Ghost Man On Third," Mark's is "Timberwolves At New Jersey" and Ed's is "Great Romances Of The 20th Century."Their song titles have no relevance at all - they get them by flicking through the TV guide or other stupid places.
  • Rubano played bass on The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill.
  • Reyes was previously in the bands The Movielife, Inside, Mind Over Matter and Clockwise.
  • Mascherino is a vegan. >>
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    laura - new hope, PA
  • Nolan and Cooper left to form Straylight Run.
  • Lazzara started his mic-swinging antics at an early show because it wouldn't work. He's knocked out his tooth and knocked himself out with the mic. It's not uncommon for him to hit other band members either.
  • Lazzara once dated John Nolan's sister, Michelle.
  • Nolan and Jesse Lacey (from Brand New) were best friends in high school.
  • They played a few comeback shows under the name Booze And Adventure. >>
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    Adam - Dublin, Ireland, for all above
  • Mascherino left the band in2007 to pursue his solo project called "The Color Fred." >>
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    Jonathon - Sumter, SC

Comments: 17

  • Aimee from Edmonton , AbIt's appaling the ignorance of people. Bands (or good bands, I should say) right about what they're feeling. And everyone on the planet has weak moments of sadness or heart break, writing about them is the way that some people deal with these feelings, and out of this writing we are blessed with beautiful music. I am an extremely happy person, I participate in sports and hang with friends. I am the polar opposite of what you would call 'emo', and I enjoy this music. Shame on anyone who is using such rude, and ignorant terms. I am sure that you all have your fair share of problems.
  • Kyle from San Antonio, TxI like how eager you are to generalize bands "emo"bands of today when their subject matter is no different than classic rock bands that have inluenced pretty much every song you hear today. To say all they write about is "angst, teen emo love, how they wish someone out there would love them, and killing themselves under pressure" really shows your ignorance toward the meaning behind these songs. These artists are greaet lyricists who have multiple meanings behin every song. It may sound like it is about a girl, like 'A decade Under the Influence', when in actuallity it is about Nolan and Cooper leaving the band. I am baffled by the sheer stupidity of some poeple.
  • Dani from Chicago, Ili don't understand where this emo thing is coming from man. its just rock music really...each album has a different sound. but i mean they don't wear makeup or w/e emos do.
  • Autumn from Friendswood, Txok michael [[texarkana]] you are completely wrong. ok emo is not necesarily wrist cutting. ok. it is short for emotional. and its not only girls either. and the used, mcr, tbs, and hh do not suck. and they dont sing about the same things. taking back sunday doesnt say much about "wrist slitting" and neither do the others. they do some times but not all of their songs do. so you can just shut up. and you shouldnt say things about emos. i get called emo practically everyday and it hurts. so just shut up
  • Emma from Mt. Pleasant, Scokay-if a bad has semi-depressing lyrics they're emo?righttt.but its not fair to look at the people who listen to a band and judge a band's musical talents b/c of that. TBS is an very talented band.their main market is teenegers.what are teenagers going through?love,loss,depression,ect. so doesnt it make sense that they would sing about that?
  • Erika from Montebello, CaDown with labels people! They are what makes this world suck. No one's this or that because there's too much overlap. Taking Back Sunday doesn't even sub-catogorize themselves, they're just a good old rock band.
    ~EMR, CA
  • Caroline from Long Island, Nyhawhtorne hieghts does however suck
  • Chris from Derwood, MdMicheal your an idiot if you want to be a closed minded (deleted) and hate a whole genre of music because you think all that stuff you can just go to hell
  • Nikki from Brampton, Canadai love taking back sunday! they rock
  • Jeevan from Brampton, CanadaTaking Back Sunday rocks! I especially like their song You're So Last Summer. It rocks!
  • Jeff from Neenah, Wii agree with "bob dylan". im more of a classic rock/phychedelic rock fan but i still think TBS is some powerfull stuff
  • Bob Dylan from Detroit, Mitheir name did not come from a smiths song, they told me that they like to think it did because it sounds cool but read this interveiw Rough Edge: The name of the band, John. Is it true that it was the name of a Smith's B-Side?

    John Nolan: That's actually not true, no. I think Ed (Reyes, guitarist), and Adam, (Lazzara, vocalist), said it a few times in previous interviews because it sounded cool. It's amazing, The Smith's have helped us out ... (laughs) but people are a little upset when they hear it's not true because it does sound cool
  • Bob Dylan from Detroit, Miemo, its just a label man, if you would actually listen to thier music and lyrics they are amazing. im a jock and prep and i love thier music so dont label artists
  • Jace from Brisbane, AustraliaTBS...ther my favourite band...ive seen them live and they kick ass...now as for this emo fight...just wanted to say that i dont mind emo but i dont hate it either...you guyz should calm down and stop bagging out talented artists...bet u guyz dont even play guiter...lol...k...well bi
  • Jim from Oxnard, CaYou want real emo? Listen to the blues.
  • Michael from Texarkana , TxEmo is for pubescent girls who cut their wrists because they say "My life is over because my boyfriend hates me and I can't take the pressure of being ignored by my parents." Along with The Used,My chemical Romance, Hawthorne Heights, and Taking back Sunday they all suck and sing about the same thing. ie: Angst, teen emo love, how they wish someone out there would love them, and my favorite: killing themselves under pressure. Emo is just plain crap.
  • Micah from Huntington Beach, Caif you like mo bands, it doesnt get any better than this
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