Cute Without The E (Cut from the Team)

Album: Tell All Your Friends (2002)
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  • This is a song about a boy who finds out his girlfriend is cheating on him and is confronting her about it. He tells her that he already knows and tells her that he'll kill himself for her. He says he knows he should hate her but he doesn't.
  • The album title comes from a line in the chorus of this song: "And will you tell all your friends, you've got your gun to my head. This all was only wishful thinking."
  • The lyrics came from a relationship that Taking Back Sunday frontman Adam Lazzara had just gotten out of at the time. He recalled to TeamRock:

    "There was a diner near where we used to live and we'd trade notebooks amongst the band. We'd highlight the stuff that really stuck out to us, which is similar to how we do it now. We were just going back and forth and that's how we pieced it together. I was 18 at the time, and every relationship feels like the be all and end all at that age.

    At that time you've only seen so much of the world, so your view is pretty narrow, and I think the song is a good reflection of that."
  • Lazzara recalled the story of the instrumentation; "We were at my dad's house, we'd played a show in North Carolina, and I have this classical guitar that I've had since I was a kid. Mark (O'Connell, drummer) was sitting on the floor going over these chords, and I think John (Nolan, guitar) heard it and said we should make a song out of that opening riff. When we came home we went into practice and started to work on it and that's how it started."
  • The song's music video was conceived and directed by Christian Winters, a friend of the band. The clip was inspired by the 1999 film Fight Club (a favorite of Lazzara and Nolan).

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  • Caitlyn from Royersford, Palove the fight club inspired music video!
  • Aaron from Mesa, AzStop talking about f--king "emo". It's a great alternative rock song. Deal with it.
  • Nicole from Birmingham, AlThis song is about the John Nolan's[taking back sunday] girlfriend cheating on him with Jesse Lacey [brand new] The lyrics "I know you well enough to know you never loved me" goes with "I will never ask if you don't ever tell me" He knows she does not love him, but doesn't want to here it. "she'll destroy us all before she's through and find a way to blame somebody else" she destroyed a the friendship between them. Without John Nolan's the band has gone down hill. Tell All your Friends is brilliant, though.
  • Liesa from Roy, UtThis is a great song. Taking Back Sunday has a lot of amazing songs, They have really powerful lyrics.
  • Jack from Denver, CoEmo. Pshh. Emo is not a genre, its just a way posers try to make themselves feel superior. This is not "emo" music, this is some kind of great kind of alternative. Will someone please tell me what emo means? And if you say its emotional, thats not good enough. Every song is emotional. Duh.
  • Ian from Paddock Lake, WiI personally hate emo music but this is passable because of its amazing lyrics.
  • Kelly from Terryville, Ct"This is a song about a boy who finds out his girlfriend is cheating on him and is confronting her about it. He tells her that he already knows and tells her that he'll kill himself for her. He says he knows he should hate her but he doesn't. (thanks, alatriel - lothlorien, Other)"Thats the only accurate meaning lol.
  • Lyndsi from Silver Spring, MdI was watching another TBS video and saw a Fight Club poster, so they must reallllly like that movie.. I thought the video was great though :)
  • Rebecca from Laredo, TxThe video of Cute Without the E was based on a film staring Brad Pitt in Fight Club. It is a well known fact that Adam Lazzarra has an obsession with Brad Pitt. Thoughout several scenes of the video, a Fight Club poster appears multiple times.
  • Marina from Winnipeg, Canadaunforgetable song. truely.
  • Whitney from Memphis, Tni really dont like tbs (live or not) but love this song. he has a lot of conviction in his voice.
  • Jess from Glasgow, United Kingdom"i stay wrecked and jealous for this, for the simple reason I just need to keep you in mind as something larger than life/she'll destroy us all before she's through and find a way to blame somebody else" - utterly incredible lyrics.
  • Eric from Garretson, SdAdam, Layton, are totally right.
  • Ashley from Gosport, Ini fng love this song makes me happy =] and the lead singer is so gorgeous ;) -Ashley,indiana
  • Emily from Queensland, Australiais like every TBS song about relationships! seriously! anyway TBS rock!
  • Toni from Conche, Canadai completely agree with Adam, Layton, UT.
    this song is about cheating and finding out the truth about the relationship, hence; "your lipstick, his collar, don't bother angel i know exactly what goes on". and the guy really feels this is the only girl he can love, hence; "why can't i feel anything from anyone other than you." he's really jealous, "i stay wrecked and jealous for this simple reason."
  • Ervo from Raccoon City, InI can relate to this song soooo much its unreal. I love TBS songs, i can relate to EVERYONE.
    They are amazing
  • Adam from Layton, UtI believe the entire album "tell all your friends" is in relation to nolan and lacey. it starts with cute without the 'e' a girl cheats on a boy. the boy is mad about her. the line that gets me is "she'll destroy us all before she's through and find a way to blame somebody else." its like the two boys involved both realize how badly they can be destroyed. then in no i in team, the story of john and jesse. john pretty much says can't you just forget about it. in timberwolves at new jersey, a boy teaches another boy how to get girls, and in the end loses the girl he wants. "remind me not to ever think of you again" you're so las summer: once again, "you're a lush and i hate it" about cheatint. and finally, they finish the cd with "i'm sick of writing every song about you" amazing ending. amazing cd, possibly the greatest cd released
  • Jordan from Victoria, Canada"a thousand clever lines unread on clever napkins" i think could be referencing self harm. as in maybe the guy who knows his girlfriend is cheating, might cut himself because he loves her and "knows her well enough to know she never loved him". also, "i will never ask if you dont ever tell me" sounds like he doesnt want her to admit to cheating. he would rather have her in a relationship with cheating than not have her at all. he would rahter ignorwe it, and cut, than lose her. she is larger than life.
  • Lily from Cebu, Otheri think i know the real story. in real life, adam cheated on michelle nolan. the song and in real life, i think he cheated on her first, then she cheated on him. then, he wanted her back so badly but she wouldnt want him anymore since he cheated first. am i right?
  • Atomicsushi from Qc, OtherThis is one of the greatest emo songs of all time because of the lyrics. its very powerful. it hits me and it has its grip on me. i can relate to it 100%
  • Tabitha from Brooklyn Park, MdI think this song is about a guy who figures out that his girlfriend is cheating on him, but doesn't want to let her go, so he becomes obsessed with her, willing to kill himself to get her back, even though he know she doesn't love him. And even though she doesn't love him and he should hate her, he can't let go of the feelings he has for her, because to him, she's "larger than life".
  • Alex from Guesswhere, EnglandI think this song might be about unrequited love - 'I know you well enough to know you never loved me' suggests knowledge of the person, which could come through freindship.
    HOWEVER it may well be about the fight club scenario. persepctives from several different characters - 'I know you well enough to know you never loved me' may be marla, who can never uinderstand the protaganists 'morning after' behaviour - 'youve got your gun to my head' is reinforced with the line 'my finger on the trigger', which suggests something which i cant say without ruining the ending. and oh....
  • Kodanshi from Leeds, EnglandI don't believe that this song's protagonist confronts his cheating partner about her affair directly. I think this explains lines such as "I won't ever ask if you don't ever tell me". He does, however, find her engaged in something dodgy (perhaps coming in too late, sitting a bit too "close" to this guy, etc.) which he expresses as: "Don't bother trying to explain".

    Like many others here, I rank this as one of my favourite TBS songs.
  • Mark from Long Island, NyI hate how they pic the worst explanations to go on top. I do think this is from Jesse's POV. Lines like "why can't I feel anything from anyone other than you" are why Jesse feels so angry towards Nolan, as Jesse thought she was the love of his life.
  • Chris from Bolton, EnglandMaybe writing the song from Jesse's POV shows that John understands how much he hurt Jesse and has thought about what he did. Maybe it's an olive branch. Jesse should take - friends over relationships
  • Ophelia from Jerusalem, IsraelI <3 the acoustic version! It's on one of my

    Cute without the E is a good song anyway, but the acoustic version makes it better.
  • Danielle from Pennsville, NjIts basically about a guy who knows everything his grilfriend is doing behind his back. She thinks he doesnt know but he knows everything "Your lipstick his collar dont bother angel i know exactly what goes on" She is his world and this is crushing him and she is trying to make up something to fux it all but he says "dont bother trying to explain" and he is saying he would die for her and she never loved him at all "you've got your gun to my head" and after all that went on he cant hate her and he loves her still and the other guy had no love for her and just sweet talked her "your such a sucker for a sweet talker" "This all was only wishful thinking" the other guy just wanted her for one reason and he wanted her for all of her forever and he wants to get through this but knows it wont work "i know you well enought to know yhou never loved me"
  • Chris from Tampa Bay, FlThis(in my opinion) is by far the best TBS song ever. Especially with those sick back-up lyrics by John Nolan..i miss the original that the only remaining members are the drummer and singer..and if its true that this sings about the whole situation with Jesse from Brand New(which im pretty sure it is) why did they decide to sing it from Jesse's point of view if like John was the one fooling around with his jw but itd be cool if someone could tell me..rock on Taking Back Sunday fans!!!
  • Jim from Russellville, Arthe back up singer from "tell all your friends" is now the singer for straightlight run
  • Gregg from Fremont, CaI think that TBS's songs were better in Tell All your Friends than in Where you want to be. I liked John's voice (as backup) more than the chuck norris looking guy. fred something...
  • Kristen from Garner, Ncanyone actually relate to this song? "i know you well enough to know you never loved me" what harsh words....:- but i adore Taking Back Sunday
    EmO <3
  • Brandie from Jacksonville, AlThis song is about a girl cheating on her boyfriend. He knows it happened and he wants to hate her, but he can't help but to still have feelings for her. It's about when you love someone so much and they cheat on you, it makes you feel like you want to die. He feels like he was nothing but real to her, and this new guy just sweet talks his way through everything. Imagine loving someone and finding out they didn't feel the same way.
    "I know you well enough to know you never loved me"
  • Dustin from Montrose, PaI also agree with anthony becasue in the video one of the band members is wearing the "Brand New track jacket" I do not know if any1 else noticed this but I am posative it is because I am more of a Brand New fan then TBS but love both and to Kirk Brand New is a better EMO band than TBS if you have ever heard the song "O holy night" by Brand New you would be amazed they can take a Christmas song and make it EMO it is beautiful they are by far the most amazing lyrical and vocal band I have heard up to today
  • Max from Gothenburg, SwedenI too like the "older" stuff, songs like eleven and go on <3 .. In this song, I too think as Anthony, the beach =p says. I've been listening to it thinkin the "i" was Jesse from band new.. apart from that I just have to say I heart tbs.. lines like "a housand clever lines unread on clever napkins" how you just scramble small phrases down on anything, trying to express your feelings in some way and they never get read/you never get understood..
  • Hayley from Mckinney, Txis that why in the video after he gets beat up he is just smiling? or is that like no.? ha <3
  • Anthony from The Beach, United StatesThis song is i think is about Brand News' Jesse Lacey towards his ex-girlfriend (a bit of a mock even). as we all know TBS ex guitarist John Nolan had supposedly hooked up with Jesse Laceys girlfriend a while back. now some songs have been written about eachother, ex: "Seventy times 7 by Brand New is towards John Nolan for what he did, and TBS "theres no "i" in team" is towards Jesse lacey. so i think the guy in this song is jesse lacey but spoken by adam & john as "i"
  • Aaron from Chicago, IlThis song is featured in the video game 'BMX XXX'
  • Tara from West Palm Beach, FlI like the old school stuff too back from 99' classic but i do have to say that they have improved alot from their self titled to tell all your friends. i liked the old stuff but i like the vibes from fred. their just all around cool guys when their all together.. and yeah fight club video was prety awesom <33
  • Matt from Gainesville, FlThe tone of this song is set from the start with the first few lines. Every guy has been there. In that bitter place where if you can't have her, why live. One thing I love/miss about this band's song are the bitter backup lyrics provided by John Nolan. Not to hate on Fred, but i miss the old school TBS. And the mock-Fight-club video is pretty baller. A definate classic.
  • Kirk from Grand Rapids, MiTaking back sunday is one of the best Emmo bands out there, Thiere lyrics can express feeligns in a whole new way, For instance in this song "cute without the E" everyone can realte to that one gurl who you will alway love, Adam express this by screaming "WHY CANT I FEEL ANYTHING FROM ANYONE OTHER THAN YOU" many people can relate to this becasue it ahs two sides, Someone could think of it as saying your in lvoe with someone so much thats all u can feel is them or you just broke up with somebody and everytime u hear or see them thast all you can feel., I love taking back sunday and there lyrics, My next post will be "Theres no I in team"
  • Esther from Brooklyn, NyRock on Taking Back Sunday. The video for this song was awesome. There was fighting and all cool stuff going on!
  • Neha from Louisville, CoI love taking back sunday they are sooo good and like my favorite band ever! and i think this song is saying how he still likes this girl although she cheated on him and he knows exactly what is going on but still loves/likes her. and he says how he knows her well enough to know she never loved's pretty flippin sad
  • Rob from Castaic, Cathe background vocals kill the acoustic version
  • Amanda from Scappoose, Or I agree, this song is really good. I prefer it in acoustic myself, if you haven't heard it that way then i highly reccomend it. This song talks about cheating and it is easily related to.
  • Julia from Somewhereville, WaThis is my favorite song by TBS! I love them! They are so good at singing the lyrics with heart... Adam sings it so well! I can really relate to this song, I think that's why I like it so much. I recommend TBS to anyone, I've turned it on to everyone of my friends!
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