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  • This song finds Tame Impala frontman Kevin Parker mining the breakdown of a relationship. The band performed it live for the first time at Levitation (the festival formerly known as Austin Psych Fest) on May 8, 2015. "First show of the tour, it was crazy," Parker told NME of the event. "I didn't know we were headlining until a couple of hours before, and I was flattered to know that we were held in such regard in the psych world. It's always been a privilege to be a part of psychedelic music - it means people who get stoned and put on music, choose to put on your music! We were just happy to get through it without anything catastrophic happening. We literally started learning the song a few days before. It was pretty fresh."
  • Parker explained to NME that this psych popper tackles the struggle of "knowing that you have to leave something, that you've gotta move on, knowing you're about to damage someone, and the only consolation is that a long time in the future, it's going to be OK. It's going to work itself out."
  • "Eventually" is a breakup song told from the side of the person who wants out. "I find there's a lot of poetry, art and songs singing about the plight of someone with someone changing in front of them," explained Parker to The Guardian. "It excited me to tell the story from the other side. Trying to explain that it's not a bad thing, its just natural."

    "'Eventually' is a song about someone who knows they're about to damage someone," he continued. "They're not going to be the one experiencing the pain that's dealt. They're the one dealing it. Arguably, it's just as emotionally crippling knowing that you're gonna do that. It's just as heavy. It's just as torturous."

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  • Claire Griffiths from Derby UkThis song was played at my ex husbands funeral back in February 2020. He was sadly murdered on New Year’s Day by his new partners ex husband. Our teenage daughter very carefully chose this song as she used to listen to Tame impala with her dad often but somehow the lyrics have such a deeper meaning and fit so deeply with how she wanted to verbalise her feelings. my ex husband did suffer with his mental health and at times did think we would be happier without him and he would happier gone. It takes a lot of strength for me to listen to this song now but every time I do I get goosebumps and feel tremendous calm. Thank you Tame Impala for giving us this
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