Cold As You

Album: Taylor Swift (2006)


  • Swift told Rolling Stone magazine that this is her favorite song on the album. She said, "The hook is 'I've never been anywhere cold as you.' I love a line in a song where afterward you're just like? burn."
  • The album's booklet includes the lyrics to each song, written in the main in lowercase. Some random letters are capitalized and in each instance, the capitalized letters, when read top to bottom, spell out a hidden message. In this song the hidden message is "TIME TO LET GO."
  • Swift penned this song with her frequent collaborator Liz Rose. She explained it in publicity materials: "I wrote this song with Liz, and I think the lyrics to this song are some of the best we've ever written. It's about that moment where you realize someone isn't at all who you thought they were, and that you've been trying to make excuses for someone who doesn't deserve them. And that some people are just never going to love you. We were halfway through writing this when I started singing 'And now that I'm sitting here thinking it through, I've never been anywhere cold as you'."

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  • Kimberly Wall from South AustraliaI love this song!!! It's so inspirational. It actually reminds me of this guy I once liked and thought I knew. And eventually I realized maybe he really wasn't who I believe him to be or wanted either. This was a hard experience for me but sometimes accepting the truth earlier is better than living a lie for a while. Sometimes though this is easier said than done. I learnt it the hard way. And it ended in heartbreak. Please don't make the same mistake I did!
  • Remy from Seattle, WaI love this song!!! It reminds me of my mom too...
  • Brooke from Buda, TxThis reminds me of my mom.
  • Ana from National City, Cai luv this song!! it reminds me of my x
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