Album: Fearless (2008)
Charted: 9


  • According to About.com, Swift described this song at a concert she gave at Gold Country Casino as being about the best first date that she has yet to have.
  • Taylor Swift explained to That's Country: "This is a song about the fearlessness of falling in love. No matter how many break up songs you write, no matter how many times you get hurt, you will always fall in love again. When I wrote 'Fearless,' I wasn't dating anyone. I wasn't even in the beginning stages of dating anybody. I really was all by myself out on tour and I got this idea for a song about the best first date. I think sometimes when you're writing love songs, you don't write them about what you're going through at the moment, you write about what you wish you had. So, this song is about the best first date I haven't had yet."
  • One of the themes on the Fearless album is kissing. For instance on this song Swift describes the first kiss as "flawless", whilst on "That's The Way I Loved You", she sings about kissing in the rain. Swift admitted to CMT Radio that she is fascinated by the "theme of love and kissing and breaking up and fairy tales and boys." She added: "That's what I love to write songs about. It's funny how you can mention one thing, like kissing, and have it be completely different in each song and have it mean a different thing."
  • Swift got this song off the ground with her frequent songwriting partner, Liz Rose. She then called on songwriter Hillary Lindsey, who is best known for Carrie Underwood's hit,"Jesus, Take The Wheel," to complete it.
  • Fearless was #1 on The Billboard 200 for 11 weeks, making it the longest-running #1 album since Santana's Supernatural reigned for 12 weeks in 1999-2000. It was the first LP by a female Country singer to spend over five weeks on top of the album tally and the longest-running #1 album by a solo female artist since Alanis Morissette ruled for 12 weeks with Jagged Little Pill in 1995.
  • Fearless spent its first 19 weeks in the Top 10 of the Billboard 200. It was the first album to do this since the Black Eyed Peas' Monkey Business dropped out of the Top 10 in its 24th week in 2005.
  • Fearless won the prize for Best Album of the Year at the 44th Academy of Country Music Awards. In her acceptance speech, Swift said about her autobiographical writing style: "I think a lot of people who know me know that if I talk to you for more than five minutes, I'm probably going to write a song about you, so, that being said, I'd like to thank all the characters in my songs: Abigail, Hey Stephen, Tim McGraw and Romeo." Swift added backstage to reporters that she that she "obsessed" over making the album. She said: "I labored over this album for two years. The fact that you can write songs in your bedroom about your feelings and boys and can win album of the year at the ACMs. I just didn't think that was possible."
  • In May 2009, this re-entered the Hot 100 at #95. Coincidentally one place below was a song by Lily Allen titled "The Fear."
  • According to Billboard this was the best-selling album of 2009 in the US.
  • This won the Album of the Year award at the 2010 Grammys. For once the Album of the Year award for Swift's best selling LP of 2009 mirrored the taste of the record buying public. The 20-year-old chanteuse was the youngest artist ever to receive the award.
  • When this became the fifth track from Fearless to reach the country chart top 10, Swift became the first solo female to collect five top 10s on the chart from each of her first two albums. The only previous acts to achieve this feat were Brooks & Dunn and Dixie Chicks.

Comments: 9

  • Aashcharya from Ratnapura , Sri Lanka (ceylon)Taylor this is flawless and i never let it go.
  • Ronny from London, United KingdomFearless: this song gives me that sorta chill,makes me litterly feel fearless. i remember listening to it with my boyfriend, i felt like i was in a movie. the big drum beat in it like the one in the song "ive had the time of my life" just give me chills. must say i love love love fearless. x
  • Gericka Venice from Pasay, PhilippinesWhen I hear the song Fearless...... I feel I have no fear in my life
  • Anita from Citrus Heights, Calove the song. i think the definition of fearless is really cool. it makes me really happy, it makes me feel that i will find someone thats right, idk y. =)
  • Emily from Around Chicago, IlIn the booklet that comes w/the CD, there are hidden messages in the lyrics. You take all the capital letters and put them in order to spell a phrase. Fearless's message is: LOVED YOU BEFORE I MET YOU.
  • Christian from Grundy, VaI love this song, it is one of my all time favorties. My boyfriend told me that I need to find a new song because all I do is sing it.
  • Jake from Groveland, FlThe definition that Taylor gives of fearless is the best one I think I've ever heard.
  • Stephie from Portland, OrBTW, the CD title is "Fearless" not "Flawless" - where'd you get that from?!?
  • Stephie from Portland, OrI actually like her live versions/the ones she played for friends and family a lot better than the studio version. The big drums just sound kinda wrong for this song. Lyrics are pretty good, she's cranked out lots of great lines into her songs (usually the songs that you have to look for, not singles.)
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