Album: Shake the Sheets (2004)


  • As is the case with most of the Shake the Sheets album, there are many ways to interpret this song. Some have attributed the lyrics of this song to a hooker who walks the street, but doubts herself. However, in an interview, Ted Leo stated, "Little Dawn, herself, is an amalgam of people (including myself), who are just trying to figure it all out and how life goes on so mundanely where she's standing while lives are shattering elsewhere. It brings her/my life to the point of shattering just trying to fathom it all. You lose the thread, and think some pretty desperate thoughts. What's there to do? I suppose keep dancing, keep moving, we'll do it together, and maybe it'll feel alright. And when I say 'it's alright,' I'm trying to convince myself as much as I am someone else." >>
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