Turning the Gun On Myself

Album: A Piece of What You Need (2008)
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  • Teddy Thompson spoke to The Sun August 15, 2008 regarding this ironic song about suicide. He explained: "That was always tongue in cheek for me. I was heading for Randy Newman territory with a little bit of black humor. I thought it was obvious and quite funny and then when we turned it in to the record label in America they had a total meltdown. We had the sound of a gunshot and they made us take that off. They said: 'You can't! None of the stores will carry it.' People get overly sensitive. I know suicide in itself isn't really that funny, but you're in serious trouble if you can't laugh at something."
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  • Kdjslkaj from Dsmahlds, Vahow is this humorous at all? my friend commited suicide a month ago and i dont find it "ironic, humorious, funny" at all. and he happend to do it with a gun, so hearing the 'hillarious gun shot' in the song would actually make me quite sick to my stomach.. and nobody is in serious trouble if someone cant take a laugh. thats not something, its serious and painful for the ones left behind!
  • Landon from Winchester, OhHow can someone make a novelty song about suicide? Seriously, imagine a depressed teenager listening to this!
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