Love They Say

Album: Heartthrob (2013)


  • Tegan Quin, who comprises half of the twin-sister duo, told the story of this Hearthrob track to Under The Radar: "It was originally written even before we started working on this record, for a soundtrack. So originally, I'd been writing it with a different objective. They'd requested a love song, and I was like, 'How the f--k do you write a love song?'
    So I listened to, like, 40 different love songs, and every single one of them was the same! It was all like, 'love is blind!' and 'love can heal all wounds!' So I started writing down all of the different messages from each love song, and those ended up making up the lyrics to the song. So, love is blind. Love heals all wounds. Love makes us stronger. I was sort of making fun of love, but in the end I was thinking, 'Oh my god! That's really how we feel about love!'"
  • The song was co-produced track by Greg Kurstin (Lily Allen, Kesha) and Rob Cavallo (Green Day, My Chemical Romance). Whilst most of the song was penned by Tegan, Sara wrote the bridge.
  • Regarding the song's meaning, Tegan explained to FMQB: "I was trying to write about the concept that we still feel like our love is the most original, our love is the most interesting and no one has experienced love like our love. This idea that from the outside [of your relationship], no matter how much you love someone, or how slow or how fast you go, everyone around you is like 'Oh my God, did you say Tegan? She's going on and on and on about her relationship, blah blah blah blah blah...'"


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