Album: The Pick Of Destiny (2006)


  • This song was made in reference to the song "Tribute," where The D mention singing to a demon, then forgetting the song. >>
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    TGYR - Los Angeles, CA
  • The singer who is supposed to be the Devil, who is also the drummer for most songs on the album, is Dave Grohl, the frontman of the Foo Fighters and former drummer of Nirvana. >>
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    Will - NorCal, CA

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  • Cyberpope from Richmond, CanadaI hate to give he devil his due, but he outrocked D on that one!
  • Kyl from Mesa, AzYou really have to watch the movie to understand the song which by the way is my favorite movie ever lol. But I agree with Joel, I like Tribute better but Beezleboss is a really metal song. Makes you want to head bang the whole time.
  • John from Marlborough, MaThe lyric "Deactivated lazers with my dick" Refers to when Jack is in the Rock hall of fame and has to steal the pick of destiny But there is a security systems with lazers surrounding him, Kg And the pick of destiny where he actually presses a Button with his dick to turn it off, earlier in the movie he does cock push ups in order to train to become a rockstar Where KG says " all you need to do is one"
  • Eric from Sheridan, Inthe song in the movie has a little bit longer intro...
  • Jamir from Philadelphia, VaDevil: "yes you are f**cked sh*t out of luck"
    lol that part is hilarious. wait wait waaiit you mother f*cker lol
  • Brian from Highland, InWhen the D finished the song, back at KG's apartment, they do discuss that it was the greatest song in the world. But when they want to play it again, they forget how it went, which is a proven fact that Beezleboss has its own 'Tribute"
  • Joel from Columbia, ScOkay. I actually like Tribute better but before I get flamed by somebody I do like this song as well. And oh yeah, my nickname is JB or Jables after Jack Black. LOL
  • Jeff from Austin, TxAt the beginning of the song when Dave Grohl says "I AM COMPLEEEETE!!", that just might be the most evil, hardcore moment ever recorded. Whenever I hear it, both of my hands involuntarily thrust above my head and make devil horns.
  • Jeff from Austin, TxThis song totally rocks...but NOTHING rocks as hard as STORM THE GATES!!!!!!
  • Jason from Marlboro, NmThis song is, in fat, the "Greatest song in the world" mentioned by the D in Tribute. It has to be considering the Greatest song in the world was played when defeating the demon, and "Beelzebosss" was played while defeating him in the movie. Also, the day after the battle in the movie the D says "it was like, the greatest song in the world" which further makes the case for it being the actual greatest song.
  • Jeana from Thousand Oaks, CaThat wasn't the greatest song in the world. This is just a tribute.
  • Kadee from Spanish Fork, Utthis song always gets stuck in my head without even listening to it but i love it!!!
  • Rob from Brockton, Mathis song is at the end of tenacious d and the pick of destiney where the d is having a rock battle with the demon
  • Laura from London, EnglandGreat song, but it's Funny that a 'Tribute' to the 'greatest song in the world', is better than the 'greatest song in the world'! lol
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