Album: Polaris (2015)
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  • Tesseract vocalist Daniel Tompkins is a married father, and the issue of maintaining contact with his family during long periods away resonates strongly with the singer. This song is about those difficulties. "Survival is a hard-hitting song about the struggles we've encountered along the way but specifically and especially about the strain and burden of being apart from our loved ones to whom we are forever beholden for their steadfast and loving support," he explained.
  • Bassist Amos Williams told Billboard magazine: "When you leave a community and the family, that community and family doesn't stop and stay still until you return in eight weeks' time. It carries on, especially with a small child. They grow, and perhaps they'll be a stranger to you when you come back. So all these worries and concerns are very much in his mind."
  • The video was shot by Pele Newell with the North England Derbyshire landscape as the backdrop. The director explained: "The video is set in the near future where Imani (The actors) has been framed. Central are hunting him down as they have already captured his family. He's on a constant battle to find them without being captured himself."


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