Time Stands Still

Album: The All-American Rejects (2002)
  • Like many of the songs on The All-American Rejects first album, the lyrics were inspired by lead singer Tyson Ritter's ex-girlfriend. This one is about breaking up, but unlike most of the others on the album, he feels regret and emptiness after the split. In the bridge he makes it clear that he still loves this girl, and that he feels lost and disoriented without her - a similar sentiment to "Swing, Swing."

    Not long after the album was released, Ritter found himself in a committed relationship with a model named Kim Smith, and he dated her for 6 years. This relationship provided inspiration for some of the songs on their 2012 album Kids In The Street.
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  • Beans from Philadelphia, Patheir new albumn is great i haven't stopped listening to it. this is also a great song...if i had any money i'd go buy the first cd. Time to mow the neighbors lawn! ha the video is so good too. oh and nick wheeler writes the songs too.
  • Kiki from Big Spring, Txi thought their first album was GOOD i cant wait for their next one hopefully it will be GREAT
  • Melinda from Misawa, United Statesi havent bought there new album but i love their old album it was GREAT!!! i hate the people who love AAR just because they made a great song all of a sudden! i like it when they had shorter hair though now they look like they havnt taken a shower in years but year in the music video it they looked good
  • Dee from Indianapolis, InGREAT album through and through. Not a bad song on it. When I bought it, I listened to it over and over again. One of the few newer bands that I really liked. I'm not sure yet about their sophmore effort though.
  • Katarina from Toronto, CanadaI think tyson ritter is hot and expresses himself well through music
  • Michael from Pleasantville, Iai know how he feels. the same thing happened to me and i wrote a song about it too. he just needs to hang in there, and keep writing.
  • Kristen from Campbellville, Canadaya the video is amazing, ya but so many of his songs are written about his ex, its so sad. Its amazing how he makes you feel like that same feeling he must of had. All their songs seem to be about breaking up but if you look to their earlier songs on same girl, new songs or something along those lines. Pilsbury doughgirl, and girl of my dreams are my favourite.
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