The Allman Brothers Band

The Allman Brothers Band Artistfacts

  • 1968-2014
    Duane AllmanGuitar, vocals1968-1971
    Gregg AllmanVocals, keyboards, guitar1968-2014
    Berry OakleyBass, vocals1968-1972
    Dickey BettsGuitar, vocals1968-2000
    Jaimoe (Jai Johanny Johanson)Drums1968-2014
    Butch TrucksDrums1968-2014
    Chuck LeavellKeyboards1972-1978
    Lamar WilliamsBass1972-1978
    Warren HaynesGuitar1989-2014
    Allen WoodyBass1989-2000
    Johnny NeelKeyboards1989-1990
    Derek TrucksGuitar2000-2014
  • Duane and Gregg Allman's father was an Army sergeant. He was murdered in 1949 by a hitchhiker he picked up. At the time, Duane was 3 and Gregg was 2.
  • Duane and Gregg are left-handed, but learned to play guitar right-handed.
  • Early names for the band included The Escorts, The 31st of February, Hour Glass, Almanac, and The Allman Joys.
  • Duane Allman and Berry Oakley died as a result of motorcycle accidents three blocks away from each other, Duane on October 29, 1971, Barry on November 11, 1972. Oakley did not die there. He got up, went home and hung out with his friends. Three hours later he died from a brain hemorrhage. Both were 24. They are buried in Rose Hill Cemetery in Macon, Georgia, where the band would often jam. >>
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    Tim - Verona, NJ
  • Gregg Allman shot himself in the foot in 1965 to avoid being sent to Vietnam. Duane was exempt from the draft because he was the oldest son and his father was dead.
  • Their mushroom logo comes from the hallucinogenic psilocybin mushroom extract pills they took in their early years. They had a routine where they would each take half a pill and start jamming in the morning. Every member except Warren Haynes had it tattooed on his calf. Jaimoe's mushroom tattoo is only the outline. Apparently it hurt too much to color it in.
  • The band is famous for their innovative jams and constant touring. They have always encouraged taping at their shows.
  • Duane Allman named his daughter Galadrielle, after a character in J.R.R. Tolkein's Lord Of The Rings.
  • They performed at the second Woodstock in 1994. They were going to attend the first Woodstock as spectators, but decided not to fight the traffic.
  • As a slide for his guitar, Duane used an old-fashioned glass bottle from a cold medication called Coricidin. He liked the "glass sound " as opposed to "brass" slides, plus, the Coricidin bottle fit him perfectly. He kept it locked away in a briefcase while on the road, so as not to risk having it lost or broken in the course of handling all the larger equipment. Finding one that fit the finger, and also just happened to be the right length wasn't all that easy. >>
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    Gene - Owen County, IN
  • They performed at the Summer Jam in Watkins Glen, NY, on July 28, 1973. They were on a bill with The Band and The Grateful Dead that drew about 600,000 people, the largest rock concert ever.
  • Gregg Allman married Cher in 1975. They had an on-and-off relationship until 1979.
  • The band helped Jimmy Carter get elected in 1976 by playing benefit concerts to raise money for his campaign. Like The Allmans, Carter is from Georgia.
  • Gregg released an album with Cher in 1977 called Two The Hard Way. It was credited to "Allman and Woman."
  • In 1990, they played a concert for MTV Unplugged.
  • In 1991, Gregg Allman played a drug dealer in the movie Rush.
  • They were inducted in to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 1995 by Willie Nelson. Gregg Allman went into rehab the next day.
  • When asked what he thought about rap music, Gregg Allman said rap was "short for crap."
  • Duane Allman was a session player before joining the Allman Brothers Band. He camped out in his car at FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama until his got a shot. His first session there was on Wilson Pickett's version of "Hey Jude." He was also part of Eric Clapton's band, Derek and the Dominos, playing guitar on "Layla."
  • According to the book Skydog - The Duane Allman Story, following a long summer tour drug use (brown powder, though Duane would not let any ABB members 'shoot up' - snort only) was starting to take it toll on the band. In late September, 1971, Duane went to a Buffalo, New York rehab center for 17 days to "clean out" and get straight. Duane was sober during his horrific motorcycle crash. >>
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    Dan - Spartanburg, SC
  • In 1970, they had a roadie known as Twiggs who stabbed a promoter to death after a show in Buffalo, New York. Twiggs was found not guilty by reason of insanity, and after doing time in a mental hospital, he rejoined the band in 1972.
  • The scene in the movie Almost Famous where the Rock Star character jumps from a roof into a pool was inspired by one of Duane Allman's exploits. In San Francisco, he jumped from the third floor of a Travelodge into the pool, an incident that was recalled to the Rolling Stone reporter Cameron Crowe when he visited the band on tour. Crowe later directed Almost Famous.

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  • Bestamp From Louisville Ky,Can anyone tell if the motorcycle accidents, cemetery and the big house are all close by?
  • Marty Hayes from Birmingham AlabamaYes I like dickey Betts fine but anybody tries to put him ahead of Gregg Allman is out of their mind,
  • Gayland (gene) Acree from Bradenton, FloridaABB backup drummer 1988 thru 1990 the road is a long lonely place when you are not onstage
  • Jimmy P from Astoria,n YDuane was &is the best slide guitar player ever. so subtle with that glass slide. also great blues/lead guitarist on many songs. Statesboro blues, melissa, elizabeth reed , one way out, stormy monday some of my favorites. Derek comes close on slide Duane used a Coricidin #2 bottle
  • Marion from Bayside, Queens N.yKeeping sane during hard times here in N.Y.C COVID19 Soulshine is my wake up most times before my coffee couldn't start the day without it...
  • Ravi from Madras, IndiaTo all the ABB fans. Here's Allman Joys doing Spoonfull:
  • Lisa from Catonsville, MdI have LOVED the Allman Brothers, since I was really little. Dickey's songs are my favorites; they're really upbeat and beautiful, and instrumentally complex as well. Blue Sky is my ABSOLUTE favorite song. I always said that when I found someone who made me feel the way that song did, I would marry him. I did. Many years, and three fabulous children later, we are as in love as ever, much to our kids' embarrassment! We have seen ABB & Dickey Betts (separately) many, many times, and have never been disappointed! We also love Government Mule & Trucks/Tedechi (sp.)
  • Jorge from Bronx, NyThank Goodness,They didn't stayes with the name The Allman Joys,or else M&M/Mars would've been their sponsors,,Jokes aside,I missed an oppoturnity to see them Live here in NYC Beacon Theatre.Later I'd learned the invited New York Yankees outfirlder Bernie Williams to play his guitar,and I knew that weren't going to be a good sight,.He may be good at his jazzy style,but not as southern rocker,lol.I also did see Gregg playing that role as drug dealer in the Rush flick,he should stick to make movies,
  • Lynn from Somewhere, VaAnybody know the year the Allman Bros played a concert at Western Carolina University in NC? The band came to a party I attended after the concert and sweet memories! - I think it was 68 or know what they say...if you remember the 60s, you weren't there.
  • Sammie from Guyton, GaMr G Allman, I heard from a friend that you lived in Richmondhill,Ga lived just right out side there myself If you need someone to hang out with e-mail not only will I hang with you I'm just a 2nd deg in the Martial-Arts for the last 36 yrs Have taught at the base in Savannah.
  • Jim from Los Angeles, CaCoricidin was an over the counter cold tablet. In 1980 they switched from glass to plastic bottles so I went to the local drugstore and got two.. only two. Foolishly, I sent one to Wheaton Glass to a guy who promised he'd send it back after comparing it to ones they had. He sent me a box of 20 similar sized but completely inferior bottles and stole mine. Years later I read where Warren Haynes had one stolen from the set of Unplugged. The ABB were playing in my home town so I called the venue and said I'd like to give my last one to Warren, especially since I don't play near as well as him! The girl was a little distracted and thought I wanted to give him some 'cold medicine.' I asked her to mention to one of the managers what I wanted to do. She called back in a few minutes and was then calling me "Mr." and saying that was a 'way cool thing.' To make a long story endless.. Warren left me a couple of passes to thank me in person. A few years later my brother happened to be back stage at an ABB show and got to tell WH that he was the 'brother of the guy who gave you that bottle.' Warren remembered and thanked me again through my brother. You know, it might not make my resume or the front page of the NYT but I still feel good about it.
  • Bill from Sarasota, FlGreg Allman lived with some of the band members, including Dickie Betts, in the Sarasota area during the mid 80s. It was not uncommon to see him bar hopping along with 3-4 other people. They stood out with their 70s long hair, flared pants, and fringe shirts. There were 2 places in Bradenton they would hang out. One was the Moonraker Lounge at by the Sarasota Bradenton airport. The other place you would see them sometimes playing was the Pewter Mug restaurant in Bradenton. It was a steak place with a stage and you would come into to dinner and they would be jamming away onstage. They also rented warehouse space close to the Sarasota Bradenton airport to practice for their 7 Turns album. Former band member "Dangerous" Dan Toler still lives in the Sarasota area.
  • Amy from Oklahoma City, OkDuane Allman died from numerous internal injuries any one of which would have been deadly on their own at a Macon hospital 3 hours after the accident during surgery. Please do some reasearch, visit the ABB official site at hittin' and stop embarrassing yourself.
  • Frank from Saugerties, NyDerek and the Dominoes does not come from the combination of Duane and Eric. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia; In Clapton's biography,Tony Ashton of Ashton, Gardner and Dyke told Clapton to call the band "Del and the Dominos", Del being his nickname for Clapton. Del and Eric were combined and the final name became "Derek and the Dominos."
  • Benjamin from Burlington, NcAbout "Blue Sky," quite possibly my favorite song by anybody, ever. Of course, everyone knows Dickey wrote it for a beautiful Native American girl named Sandy Bluesky, but he wrote it in the little hamlet of Love Valley, North Carolina, where the Allmans headlined a rock fesival shortly after the Byron, Georgia festival in July, 1970. Love Valley, by the way, is located north of Statesville in Iredell County, N.C. ival in July, 1970. Thanks.
  • Benjamin from Burlington, NcThe first time I ever met the Allman Brothers Band was during the "Win Lose or Draw" tour in November of 1975. I know the so-called critics continue to bash that album to this very day, the concert was one of the best shows I have ever seen them do, and I've seen the Brothers around 30 or 40 times. The show was at Cameron Indoor Stadium at Duke University in Durham, N.C. and Dickey invited us to his motel room to drink some Budweiser and eat some fried chicken. Later that night, a couple of guys with acoustic guitars came up and jammed with Dickey, playing some beautiful country ballads and traditional tunes...God, I wished I had had a tape recorder at the time. Anyway, Dickey was one of the most humble and kind men I have ever met, a true Southern gentleman. I was still in high school at the time, and the Allmans were also the biggest thing in rock and roll in the seventies, but it was just like I had known him all my life.
  • Benjamin from Burlington, NcIn the "Artistfacts," it states the Allmans began as the Allman Brothers Band in 1968, it was actually 1969. Also, Berry Oakley's first name is misspelled several times in your article. He spelled it Berry, not Barry. Duane Allman, by the way, also did not die at his crash site. He died at the hospital, just as Berry did, several hours after his accident. Just thought you may have wanted to know. Thanks!
    Just thought you guys might want to know. Thanks!
  • Pat from Albuquerque, NmSaw the Allman Bros. (after Duane died) in the 70s. They played with the late, great Muddy Waters--literally. They backed Muddy up during his concert, and Muddy played in the band during the Allman concert. I wish I had a recording of that music...first rate.
  • Barry from New York, NyI go see them at the Beacon Theatre every March, and the recent March 2006 run was quite spectacular, featuring the entire LIVE AT FILLMORE EAST album on 3/14. The Beacon is the ultimate place to see them these days. It's great to live in New York City where all the great shows come!!
  • D from Atlanta, Gasusan from atlanta, i'm from atlanta too though much too young to have seen them in the 60's and 70's. but i have heard stories of them playing at piedmont park and other places quite frequently though i know of about zero recordings from these shows. anyone have any memories to share about this? that may be the only evidence. about derek trucks, derek is a great guitar player but is not duane. i dont think they have very similar personality traits as well as guitar styles either. just because they both played slide doesnt make them that similar. and i agree with what i read about the current state of abb. they had something going with warren and allen but without dickey just stick to the gregg allman and friends thing. its ridiculous to call themselves the allman brothers band. however, regardless... atleast they are still playing.
  • Axel from Muscle Shoals, AlTo Artistfacts:
    Artist Facts? HAHAHAHAAA! Oh please... It's more like misinformation, speculation, and day dreaming. I mean come on... The Allman Brothers Band has been around for 37 years now. Surely that is enough time to do some research! You should be ashamed to even say the word "fact" on this website.

    To the people making comments about the misinformation presented here:
    Some of you have read too many websites like this one. Perhaps you should go to Hittin' The Web, the official ABB website ( and get some accurate information? I don't know. It's just a thought.
  • Juney from Chattanooga, TnI don't care how good warren haynes or derick trucks are. They may all make up a great band, but I think that the original Allman Brothers lineup is unbeatable... Dicky Betts and Duane are an incredible combo and berry oakley's bass lines are classic. The original allman brothers where in a class of their own.
  • Tim from Chicago, IlI love reading everyones comments on this site. I have followed the Bros. since the seventies and have seen innumerable concerts by ABB, Betts, & Gregg. I would say that ABB is holding their own but not the same without Betts. But then Betts is great on his own! Saw him the last few years and he worked his ass off playing beautiful instrumentals and kickin jams. His son is in the band now and was very good this past summer. They opened with "High Falls", a long instrumental which I thought was pretty brave.

    Also, Gregg is very good with "Friends" line-up.

    Just cannot get into the current ABB lineup after all these years. I think Gregg should just stick with developing his own band if he doesn't want to play with Dickey. Then we could see both bands more often.

    Of course, the best would be...........
  • Harris from Jackson, GaOk so there are a few wrong things here. First of all the Allman brothers are not from Ga. They grew up in FL and started their music there before going to CA to try and break out. Later Duane comes back to the Ga/Al area to play at Muscle and starts the what would be the ABB. Then calls his brother to come back and "pack it up and send it somewhere." Also Derek DOES NOT come for Eric and Duane. The band was already together when Duane stopped in to listen and just started playing with them. eric and Duane were fans of eachother and both really wanted to play together (by the way Phil Walden of Capricorn got them together). There is are REALLY good book about the Allmans and their band that I think everyone who likes the ABB should read... It covers all of this info.
  • Marty from Scituate, MaSaw the Allman's in Massachusetts about a month ago (Summer, 2005). My 17 year-old daughter took me -- is that cool or what? To my surprise, the average age at the show had to be around 30 or less -- it was great to see, being that I'm 43. Above all else, my daughter and I were both blown-away by Trucks' slide play. Haynes, despite missing a gig or two just prior due to some emergency, also is very impressive. Thanks, boyz!
  • Gayle from Mequon, WiI have followed the Bros. since 1970. I have seen over 30 shows. most recently in Appleton Wisconsin in 04 and twice in 05, Summerfest in Milwaukee and at the Rosemont Theatre in Chicago last month. Jack Pearson replaced Warren Haynes in Chicago and together with Derek Trucks they kicked ass. The next time you have a chance to see and hear Derek, close your eyes. Duane Lives !!
  • Tim from Wilmington, DeJust to let u know, Dereck can play Statesboro Blues incredibley. I saw them several times and he is something else. I recently started listening to the The Allman Brothers, and I am completely blown away. I have every album they have put out. I get goosebumps every time i hear Butch Trucks banging on the drums in the begining of Mountain Jam. Damn good stuff! can't wait until they come around this way again.
  • Becky from Johnson City, Vai just attended a concert three days ago and was blown away by their talent!!!! in a couple weeks i'm going to see ted nugent and he's gonna have to work real hard to touch derek trucks.....and i'm a nugent fan. the allman bros. are fantastic. biggest bummer...... they did not play sweet melissa, jessica or ramblin' man. that really hurt. still.........they ROCK!
  • Don from Kalamazoo, MoDerek and the Dominoes does not come from the combination of Duane and Eric. They formed in the UK before Clapton met Allman. Producer Tom Dowd arranged their meeting and an all night jam session ensued. After this Clapton asked Allman to come by the studio where they were recording Layla and other assorted love songs. Duane showed up, and as a result you can hear his work on 3/4ths of the album. Along with live at the filmore by the Allmans, Layla is one of my favorite albums.
  • Murph from Watertown, SdI saw the allman bros. at the buffalo chip camp ground in Sturgis S.D. and although it was great to hear them, it just wasnt the same without Dicky Betts!! They didnt play hardly any of their early stuff. I agree with Ed from Brooklyn, bring back Dicky Betts
  • John from Lake Forest, IlThe name Derek and the Dominoes comes from Eric Clapton and Duane Allman combining their names. Duane and Eric gives one Derek. Its often forgotten that Duane played the excellent slide guitar part on Layla.
  • Joe from Manchester, NhI want to know more about Derek Trucks. Does he remotely come close to Duane Allman? Can he play "You don't love me" or "Stateboro blues" with the same fluidity of Duane. I'm getting exited!
  • Clark from Savannah, GaGregg currently resides in Richmond Hill, GA just south of Savannah.
  • Clark from Savannah, GaRodney from Melbourne - you are right on about Duane using a Coricidin medicine bottle for the slide guitar. Coricidin is still available, and there are even companies that make glass guitar slides which are recreations of the Coricidin medicine bottle.
  • Stefanie Magura from Rock Hill, ScY'all might not care that much, but I saw the Allman Brothers last summer and they were great!! I would definitely go see them again, and there such gteat musicians!!
  • Susan from Atlanta, GaIt seems like they played almost every weekend at Piedmont Park in Atlanta in the late 60's. I know that can't be true. A cloud of smoke shrouded their shows and has clouded my memory! What do you guys remember??
  • Kathy from Kissimmee, FlSpeakin of Angels "What about Karie Lynn!Greg????She looks just like him:Or did.Wasn't Janice famous enough for ya?
  • Matt from Charleston, ScIt is indeed a shame Dickie Betts is no longer with the band. However, he was fired due to substance abuse problems. In other words, I think Gregg and maybe others kicked the habit (at least for a while) whereas Dickie didn't, and made no apologies for not doing so.
  • Rodney from Melbourne, FlThe slide that Duane used was not a prescription pill bottle, it was an over the counter Corciden bottle. I don't know if they are still aviable like they were in the 60's.I prefered them over the slides you could buy at the music stores.The glass was thicker. That made the sound.
  • Tora from Macon, GaThe house on Vineville Ave where the Allman Brothers made their music and one of the orginally band members still lives; The City of Macon is trying to buy it to make it The Allman Brother's museum or what is being called the "The Big House". The concert in NY was raising money for it. It also holds the world's largest collection of the Allman Brothers things.
  • Willard from Pittsfield, Iltwo of my favorites are,sweet melissa and midnight rider .
  • Johnbo from Los Angeles, CtDuring a Gregg Allman and Friends Show, I discovered Floyd Miles. Mr. Miles was introduced as a life long friend of Gregg Allman. Floyd proceeded to bring the house to their feet. I have been searching for Floyd's CD ever since. Man what a find. Ya never know...
  • Jim from Chicago, IlWriting to correct a mistake in the facts, Duane died in 1971 not 1972, and Berry Oakley died in 1972 not 1973.
  • Ed from Brooklyn , NyDuane was the greatest Amercian rock and roll guitar player. The boys are lucky that he has success after his brother fired him. He then had success with Eric Claption and then was allowed to come back. Greg is one of the greatest singers of all time. I dont know why he fired Dicky I saw him perform and he was great. Greg has short memory. He should realize that its not the allman brothers without Betts he wrote there first hit. come on greg be real and hire him back. Your past is not one that you shole be proud of. You shot yourself to aviod the war and you rat on you drug dealer to aviod jail. your no angel.
  • Don from Pittsburgh, PaI know no one cares, but the Allman Brothers Band is my favorite band of all time. I've seen them 12 times and would go again and again. Their so good they are ridicuous.
  • Ed from New York, IdWhat about Oteil Burbridge???? He's frickin awesome. He joined the Allman Brothers in 97 i think. He played with Victor Wooten, who is also incredible. You guys should check out his newest album Family Secret...Its really good
  • Shawn from Milwaukee, Widerek trucks is an amazing guitarist, hes a kick ass slide player and he can play stuff on slide that todays artists cant even pick, thats true skill..thank god the 90's had some good music come out of it...
  • Don from Pittsburgh, PaYou just can't forget guitarist Derick Trucks, nephew of original drummer Butch Trucks. He plays a blistering, but smooth slide guitar. It's amazing how much he sounds like Duane. Get the disc "Hittin' the Note" by the Allmans to check this kid out. Hands down, the best release of 2003 in any musical genre. Peach-picker
  • Juan from Top City, United Statesgreg allman and cher have a son named Elijiah Blue who is the lead singer of the metal band Deadsy
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