No One To Run With

Album: Where It All Begins (1994)


  • Allman Brothers Band guitarist Dickey Betts wrote this song about leaving the past behind and starting a new life.
  • This uses the "Bo Diddley Beat," or something close to it. The Rolling Stones used the beat on "The Last Time" and U2 on "Desire."
  • Gregg Allman sang lead. It is one of the few songs Dickey Betts wrote for the group but did not sing.
  • This was included on the 2002 compilation CD Mullets Rock!. For a while, The Allman Brothers were prime offenders of the haircut that was "Business in the front, party in the back."

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  • Jimmy from ConnecticutEvery time l hear that song l picture that's me. l hate Connecticut so much and the personal sadness here. l so much want put in my remaining years, retire, pack my stuff and get right out of here!!!
  • Rick from Graysville, MoProbably THE theme song for a lot of us that lived the "65-75" time frame, was for me anyway
  • Doug from Bristol, MeGreat tune. Wish I could find more than just chords for it on the 'Net.
    Re the Stones' use of the "Bo Diddley beat," it was their remake of Buddy Holly's "Not Fade Away" rather than "The Last Time," referred to above.
    Good stuff.
  • Howard from San Francisco, CaRevision: I can't comment about the writing credits.
  • Howard from San Francisco, CaI can't comment about the above, but I know for sure that the song has been around since at least July of 1983. On July 7,1983 I saw BHLT & Friends (Dickey Betts, Jimmy Hall, Chuck Leavell & Butch Trucks) in concert at The Park West in Chicago. They played "No One To Run With" towards the end of the show that night.
  • Steve from Boston, MaIn 1993 I spent all my free time with Dad, Brian and Wayne. In the period of six months, Dad died unexpectedly, Brian moved to Florida and Wayne moved to Las Vegas. Wow..Just like that and there really was "No one left to run with."
  • Doug from Lake Mary, FlDickey Betts took half the writing credit, but did NOT write this song. It was written by my cousin, John Prestia, then living in Sarasota FL (in the early 90's). He played the whole thing for Betts one night, then they jammed it together for a few hours. Six months later, Betts called John and said, "Guess what? That song that WE wrote is going to be our next single....AND it will be part of the soundtrack for a movie" (The Cowboy Way). John's comment: "Well, he's Dickie Betts...what am I gonna do?...Besides, how better to get my name out there?" P.S. I might be "Tony", who got a job, 3 kids, and a lovely wife....
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