Win, Lose Or Draw

Album: Win, Lose Or Draw (1975)
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  • Title track to the album that was very difficult to record due to the band's drug problems and Gregg Allman's marriage to Cher. The entire band was rarely together during recordings.
  • Gregg Allman wrote this, but recorded his vocals in California, away from the rest of the band. He was married to Cher at the time and spent a lot of time there to accommodate her schedule.
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  • Steve from Louisville, KyMarcus, while you're right about Zep (their first albums were both released in 1969), the ABB was absolutely an influence on Lynyrd Skynyrd, whose "Pronounced..." came 4 years later.
  • Kevin from Reading, PaThis song is certainly about being in a rehab, a place where Greg was many times. In fact, he a friend of mine met up inside a famous rehab, the Caron Foundation (known to some as "Chit Chat" many years ago) in Reading in the late 80s, early 90s. My friend related that Allman explained that stage fright was a major cause behind his alcohol/drug use, that he needed the drugs to go on stage. Of course, he has since written his autobiography and I don't remember him talking about this angle, but my friend spent a couple weeks in communal living quarters with Allman and this is what he told me.
  • Ward from Ocala, Flvince, greg was going through a really bad time when this album was written and recorded, maybe thats why it sound like that to you, when you said they are not together on this, but it is still a wonderful album and the title cut win lose or draw is to me one of my favorite songs ever, i live in ocala florida and greg was arrested for dui in the county i live in, he was living not far away, i had some business at the courthouse and when i was leaving at the redlight on the way out i happen to look in the car next to me and greg was in the backseat in the car next to me, i waved at him he shot me a peace sign, it was so cool maybe a bad day for him, but it was cool to see him next to me
  • Marcus from Columbia, MoCory, I don't think I would consider The Allman Bros an influence to Zeppelin. Zeppelin were already putting albums out around the same time as the Allman Bros. And Skynyrd was around the same time as them, but future southern rock bands is valid, most definitely.
  • Vince from Lantana, FlAwesome band,but you can tell they are not together here,,,,,I still love them best of all.....Vinny!!!!!
  • Cory from Johannesburg, South Africaallman brothers are a very under rated band. they are an amazing influence to led zeppelin, skynyrd, and southern rock bands today.
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