Demon Eyes

Album: Everyday Demons (2009)
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  • Frontman Cormac Neeson told Kerrang! February 21, 2009: "It's basically about the two-faced motherf—kers in this world who think they're the dog's bollocks. They pretend to be your friend but the whole time they're looking down on you in a very f—king condescending way and then going round the corner and slagging you off behind your back. It's a big f—k you to all those a—holes. The song is pummelling and I suppose it's like getting punched in the head continuously for three and a half minutes. I remember when we heard it back for the first time, we were like, f—king hell."
  • This was iTunes' free "Single Of The Week" for the week beginning March 10, 2009. Over the seven days, 280,000 copies of this song were downloaded from the digital media player application.
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