Party Fears Two

Album: Sulk (1982)
Charted: 9
  • This song deals with alcoholism as well as the frustration of the unique few against the masses. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Jasmine - Merseyside, England
  • The bulk of the song was written in 1977, but The Associates didn't think the world was ready to hear the art pop tune in an era where punk and new wave ruled. Keyboardist/guitarist Alan Rankine recalled to Uncut in 2016: "We knew we couldn't use it in '77. Nor '78. Not '79. It would have been a waste. We had to wait until the time was right. Even when it came out it didn't sound like anything! All of it is just slightly askew. It's slightly unsettling, but somehow it draws you in."

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  • Rod from Gainesville, FlTHis song seems realy familiar Was it used as a theme song in some show?
  • Kenny from Clydebank, ScotlandDefinitely one of the best scottish pop songs of all time, Lulu's To Sir With Love, Gallagher and Lyle's, Breakaway, being other strong contenders.
    What a great performance on TOTP's. Pity Billy didn't live longer to give us a few classics.
    Did Scotland proud so he did.
  • Jeff from Liverpool, Englandthis song was voted #1 song by a scottish group in a radio poll in early 2007 also billy mackenzie was the alledged subject of the smiths song william it was really nothing in 1984 also billy mackenzie died on 22 jan 1997 two months shy of his 40th birthday
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