Back To Me Without You


  • This transformative ballad about regaining one's self is one of six Pioneer tracks co-written with Brian Henningsen, his son Aaron and daughter Clara. The Heningsens also co-penned several tracks on The Band Perry's debut album, including the singles "All Your Life" and "You Lie." Kimberly Perry explained to Billboard magazine, what makes their writing partnership work. "They're a family. We're a family," she said. "They grew up in rural Illinois, we grew up in the deep south. There's so much sensibility when we sit down to write. They're avid readers, as we love to read, so we really get each other on those levels. It's cool to take a seemingly complex thought and fit it into a creative bed of music and lyric that resonates universally. I feel that we have really discovered this really cool art between the six of us."


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