Album: Pioneer (2013)
Charted: 43


  • The second single from Pioneer is a "cut the tie" tune, which was co-written by Reid and Neil Perry, along with John Davidson and Jacob Bryant. Neil Perry explained to reporters it, "is basically about somebody giving all that they have to this other person in this relationship and the other person not giving anything in return and just taking and taking. And eventually having enough of that that the first person just cuts the ties, cuts them loose and is completely done."
  • The song title was deliberately capitalized with a period at the end because it's meant to be a statement that cannot be misinterpreted.
  • Neil Perry told "'DONE.' is a song that Reid and I wrote about a relationship where one person is giving all they have into it, and the other person is just taking it all in. I know the three of us have definitely had those kinds of relationships, where the person who keeps giving is just done with it. They're not getting anything out of it, so they just cut it loose."
    "And it can be a relationship, or maybe it's a bad habit, maybe it's a job," added Kimberly.
  • Band Perry saw their Pioneer album jump to #2 on the Billboard 200 and #1 on the Top Country Albums chart after the group performed this song at the 2013 CMAs.

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  • Camille from Toronto, OhThe more I heard this song, the more I liked it. Once again, The Band Perry has a song that tells a story you've heard before, but they tell it in a way that's fresh and new using very sing-along-able phrases with a catchy cadence. Usually, I rate a song without concern for the video, yet the accompanying video for this tune is excellent. The black and white colors, dark and light, from the clothes, hair, make-up and jewelry to the flawless editing, it's one of those videos you don't tire of seeing. If I would change one teeny tiny thing about it, at the end, when they pan the entire group, I would have had Kimberly Perry wearing the crown she was fighting for and won. But that's almost too minor to mention. Other than that: perfection.
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