She's Goin' Bald

Album: Smiley Smile (1967)


  • Mike Love changed some lyrics for the Smiley Smile version. The original SMiLE sessions version had a verse about a speechmaking business man. It was originally titled "He Gives Speeches."
  • The "Sha Na Na Na" section is based off the Silhouettes 1958 #1 single "Get A Job." It turns "Get A Job" into "What A Blow," a coincidence that somehow convinced drummer Dennis Wilson that this song was about fellatio.
  • Humour was supposed to be a feature of Smile. The speeding up of "What a blow" and the humourous narration from Mike Love and Brian Wilson made this part of Brian's musical comedy concept. >>
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    John Jennings - Omaha, NE, for above 3

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  • Dan from Los Angeles, CaEvery Beach Boy except Bruce (who was technically a Beach Boy at the time) gets to sing a line on this...

    Mike: Silken hair more silken hair fell on her face and no wind was blowing...

    Carl: Silken hair more silken hair lay near her pillbox down at her feet...

    Dennis: I peeked in and when I saw she'd lost her hair, I thought I would tell her...

    Al: When she saw her shiny forehead, didn't stop she swooned to the ground...

    Brian: Cry so hard I blew my mind...

    Mike: I blew my cool, I blew myself over...
  • Kevin from Reading , PaThere's some irony in Mike Love, the bald Beach Boy, singing a song about a woman going bald. Mike's been wearing hats for 40 years, and not because he has luxurious locks, that's for sure.
  • Darrell from EugeneI know of two things that are going bald. For one, my head. For two, the tires on my '78 Dodge Magnum and my girlfriend's 1977 Volvo. OK, maybe 9 things.
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