Come Together

Album: Abbey Road (1969)
Charted: 1


  • Timothy Leary was a psychologist who became famous for experimenting with LSD as a way to promote social interaction and raise consciousness. Leary did many experiments on volunteers and himself and felt the drug had many positive qualities if taken correctly. When the government cracked down on LSD, Leary's experiments were stopped and he was arrested on drug charges. In 1969, Leary decided to run for Governor of California, and asked John Lennon to write a song for him. "Come Together, Join The Party" was Leary's campaign slogan (a reference to the drug culture he supported) and was the original title of the song. Leary never had much of a campaign, but the slogan gave Lennon the idea for this song.
  • After Timothy Leary decided against using this song for his political campaign Lennon added some nonsense lyrics and brought it to the Abbey Road sessions. Paul McCartney recalled in Rolling Stone magazine's 500 Greatest Songs: "I said, 'Let's slow it down with a swampy bass-and-drums vibe.' I came up with a bass line, and it all flowed from there."
  • In a 1980 interview with Playboy magazine, John Lennon said: "The thing was created in the studio. It's gobbledygook. 'Come Together' was an expression that Tim Leary had come up with for (perhaps for the governorship of California against Reagan), and he asked me to write a campaign song. I tried and I tried, but I couldn't come up with one. But I came up with this, 'Come Together,' which would've been no good to him - you couldn't have a campaign song like that, right?"
  • John Lennon was sued for stealing the guitar riff and the line "Here comes old flat-top" from Chuck Berry's "You Can't Catch Me." The lawsuit did not come from Berry, but from Morris Levy, one of the music industry's most infamous characters (see our interview with Tommy James for more on Levy). He owned the song along with thousands of other early rock songs that he obtained from many poor, black, and unrepresented artists. Levy sued the Beatles, or more accurately, John Lennon, over the song around the time the Beatles broke up.

    For years, Lennon delayed the trial while he and the Beatles tried to sort out all the legal and business problems that plagued Apple Records. Finally, in an attempt to avoid the court room as much as he could (Lennon felt like he was appearing in court more often than not), he settled with Levy. Lennon agreed to record his Rock N Roll album, which was just a series of cover songs, including three songs Levy owned (including "You Can't Catch Me") on the tracklist.

    The deal made sense: Lennon always wanted to make a covers album, and Levy wanted the value of his songs to increase (when a Beatle re-records a song, that is just what happens). To make a long long long story short, Lennon recorded the album over the Lost Weekend, a year-or-two period when he was separated from Yoko Ono and lived in Los Angeles. During that time he was often drunk or high, and was rather sloppy and useless. Levy was getting frustrated with the lack of progress. Phil Spector was the producer, but in a fit of madness (which was not too unusual for Spector) he ran away and stole the recording session tapes. Levy invited Lennon to his upstate New York recording studio, and that is where he finally recorded the album, which ended up with only two Levy songs: "You Can't Catch Me" and "Ya Ya." >>
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  • The whispered lyric that sounds like "shoot" is actually Lennon saying "shoot me" followed by a handclap. The bass line drowns out the "me."
  • The Beatles recorded this on July 21, 1969 and it was the first session John Lennon actively participated in following his and Yoko's car accident 3 weeks earlier. John was so insistent on Yoko being in the studio with him that he had a hospital bed set up in the studio for her right after the accident, since she was more seriously injured than he was. >>
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  • The line "Ono sideboard" refers to Yoko.
  • The British Broadcasting Company (The BBC) banned this because of the reference to Coca Cola, which they considered advertising.
  • This has one of the most commonly misheard lyrics in the history of popular music: "Hold you in his -armchair- you can feel his disease." It's actually "Hold you in his arms, yeah, you can feel his disease." All published sheet music had the "armchair" lyric, including the inner sleeve of the 1967-1970 compilation, which contained lots of other errors too, notably on "Strawberry Fields Forever." After John heard that his lyric was incorrect in the sheet music and other folios, he decided he liked "armchair" better and kept it. >>
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  • The Beatles released this as a "double A side" single with "Something."
  • In 1969, this won a Grammy for best engineered recording.
  • When rumors were spreading that Paul McCartney was dead, some fans thought the line "One and one and one is three" meant that only George, John and Ringo were left. The line "Got to be good lookin' cuz he's so hard to see" was supposed to be Paul's spirit. >>
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  • A rotary phone was used to make the sound heard before each verse and after the chorus. The sound was accompanied by the bass Paul played. Kids, ask your parents or grandparents what a rotary phone was. >>
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    Patrick - Tallapoosa, GA
  • Aerosmith recorded this song with Beatles producer George Martin for the 1978 movie Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, which turned out to be one of the worst films ever made. Aerosmith appeared in the film performing this song (as the Future Villain Band), agreeing to the role only because they couldn't resist the chance to record a Beatles song with George Martin. They weren't the only big names in the film - Peter Frampton and The Bee Gees were also in it.

    The Aerosmith version of "Come Together" made #23 in the US when it was released as a single. When we asked their guitarist Brad Whitford why some folks prefer the Aerosmith version, he replied, "I've actually never heard anybody say that." Whitford added, "But you know, it's funny, I hear our version more on the radio than I do The Beatles' version."
  • In 2001, Beck, Moby, Marc Anthony, and Nelly Furtado were scheduled to put on a tribute concert in Radio City Music Hall called "Come Together: A Night For John Lennon." Due to the terrorist attacks on America, it was postponed and dedicated to the people of New York City, with proceeds benefiting victims of the attacks.
  • Nortel used this in commercials, as did Macy's.
  • On an early demo version of "My Monkey" by Marilyn Manson (whose vocals were sped up to sound like "a demonic toddler"), Manson sang the second verse as an opener. It appeared on Demos in Lunchbox by Manson's former band, The Spooky Kids.
  • This has been covered by Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, Meat Loaf, Guns N' Roses, Soundgarden, Marilyn Manson, Nazareth, and Oasis. >>
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  • Though Ringo is best known for playing on Oyster Black Pearl Ludwig drum kit, he used for this his Ludwig "Hollywood" maple-finish equipment, with a 22" kick. Starr produced his distinctive late '60s drum muffling sound on tracks like this by wrapping tea towels (dishtowels) around his snares and toms.
  • The Arctic Monkeys performed the song during the London 2012 Olympic Games opening ceremony. Their version reached #21 on the UK singles chart in the week after the event.
  • On October 7, 2016, The Rolling Stones covered this song during their headline set at the Desert Trip festival in Indio, California. Before launching into the tune, Mick Jagger told the crowd: "We're gonna do a cover song of a sort of unknown beat group. I think you might remember [them], we're gonna try a cover of one of their tunes." >>
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  • J from UsaWonder if alll these years later,

    If John would have lost some of that cynicism and not so flippant about soooo many of his songs that are beloved by others

    but he dismissed,,again,,probably just due to this own level of insecurities /cynicism
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyExactly fifty years today on November 23rd, 1969 the Beatles' "Come Together"/"Something" peaked at #1 {for 1 week} on Billboard's Top 100 chart...
    "Come Together" peaked at #2 in Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, and the Netherlands...
    The rest of the Top 10 on November 23rd, 1969:
    At #2. "And When I Die"* by Blood, Sweat and Tears
    #3. "Wedding Bell Blues"* by The 5th Dimension
    #4. "Take A Letter Marie" by R.B. Greaves
    #5. "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye" by Steam
    #6. "Smile A Little Smile For Me" by The Flying Machine
    #7. "Leaving On A Jet Plane" by Peter, Paul and Mary
    #8. "Yester-Me, Yester-You, Yesterday" by Stevie Wonder
    #9. "Down On The Corner"/"Fotunate Son" by Creedence Clearwater Revival
    #10. "Eli's Coming"* by Three Dog Night
    R.I.P. John {1940 – 1980}, George {1943 – 2001} and Laura Nyro {1947 - 1997}
    * And from the 'For What It's Worth' department; three of the records in the Top 10 were composed by Laura Nyro, "And When I Die", "Wedding Bell Blues", and "Eli's Coming"...
  • HerÁclito from Brazilresume: "KILL 'and' DIE FOR YOUR FREEDOM"
  • Randy from Houghton Lake, MiI believe the first line in verse three is He bag production not bad production. That doesn't even make sense. This is what wikipedia has to say about it: the song "Come Together", where he sings: "He bag production". This is a reference to Bag Productions Ltd, Lennon's public relations company
  • Titan from Adelaide, South AustraliaHow can any of these so called "experts" even pretend to fathom what this song means. If John Lennon said it was 'gobbledygook that was made up on the spot' then we have to take him at his word. Rolling Stone magazine once called John 'one of the most honest voices in Rock' so why would we not believe him? I've loved this song all my life and I still haven't the faintest idea what it's about but that doesn't detract my love of this song one bit. Why do we have to keep analysing things to death. The guy's been dead for nearly forty years. We may never know the true meaning of this classic song. Why can't we just enjoy it for what it is: a great bluesy Beatle record - one of their best efforts!!!
  • Randy from Houghton Lake, MiI was 13 when this song came out and I had no idea what the lyrics meant but I've always loved this song. Also, I think it's incredibly ironic that the lyrics for this song just before the bass riff is John Lennon saying, "Shoot Me."
  • Paul from DenverAnd as far as the song being "gobbledygook," John tried to claim Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds was a song he wrote for his kid and not about LSD. Right!
  • Paul from DenverI've always thought it was about the 4 Beatles, but as some have suggested in this order:
    Ringo- a drummer sets the groove (groovin up,) holy roller = a drum roll
    George - Monkey finger sounds like a guitar player but mostly I know you you know me, George seemed like the most spiritual Beatle
    John - Bag production - he invented bagism, Ono sideboard is obvious, you can feel his disease sounds like he was uneasy with stardom
    Paul - mostly from "got to be good lookin cause he's so hard to see." Paul was the good looking Beatle but also seemingly the most conceited, John called him the "c" word and he annoyed George. Also he had the most bluesy voice (Muddy Waters) and one and one and one is three in addition to being a Paul is dead reference sounds like John thought Paul considered himself the most important Beatle.
  • Glenn from Sydney"Bag Productions" is not about drugs, Walrus. It's a reference to John and Yoko's company, Bag Productions Ltd.
  • Molly Jones from Over The Hills And Far AwaySo the song talks about each member of the band and Yoko thrown in. Now think how John loved double meanings with words and being naughty. "Come Together Right Now Over Me" is very sexual and he probably got a kick out of pretty much saying to Paul, George, Ringo and Yoko to cum over him. I'm not joking. John admitted in his audio dairies in the late '70s that he was addicted to sex. Just search on youtube for 'John Lennon- Diary Part 2' It is kinda say to hear him talk poor guy had issues :( I hope you are in peace now John.
  • Jodie from XxWalrus - West Texas, Tx, lol I love your interpretation of this song, but pretty sure you're wrong.
  • Marty from Cleveland, OhIn addition to the various interpretations of "muddy water" discussed in the comments below, I'll suggest that this was another of John's characteristic play on words, as the old bluesman Muddy Waters was one of the Beatles favorites and early influences. In fact, I've always thought that this was his primary meaning.
  • Sioraf from Macroon, IrelandAn odd song. Pretty unfortunate about the whole shoot me bit as well.
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn March 1st 1970, "Come Together" by Ike and Tina Turner entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart; eventually it peaked at #57 and it spent 8 weeks on the Top 100...
    It reached #21 on Billboard's R&B Singles chart...
    In 1978 Aerosmith's covered version reached #23 on the Top 100...
    Of course it was an Beatle original; and on November 23rd, 1969 it peaked at #1 (for 1 week) on the Top 100.
  • Gino from Shirley, NyHere's what I heard: "here comes old flat top , he come grooving up slowly,"[Maharishi?], he got joo joo eye ball , he one holy roller., [Maharishi?], he got hair down to his knee., [maharishi sat on the ground, feet below his knees]. [with maharishis very long hair, his hair would be down to his knees]. Now for the rest of the song lets picture the maharishi. He wear no shoeshine [ no shoes bare foot], he got toejam football, monkey finger, shoot coca cola.[Maharishi do coke?], one and one and one is three. [ maharishi spoke , simply to make his point]. got to be good looking cause he so hard to see.[lots of hair, lots of beard, wasn't Maharishi so hard to see?] is there mudddy water in India? hold you in his arm you can Feel his disease ? [yeah John knew what he wrote]
  • Harry from Sunnyvale, CaI remember reading that the lyrics, having been written for Leary who would have been running against Nixon, was construed by Nixon to be an attack on him and that angered Nixon. The White House and the FBI may have taken no chances with the words "Shoot me" as being a possible threat. Then there was the National Security Establishment's fear of Lennon having more political control of the US than the Zionist controllers who also controlled the FBI, which had hundreds of pages of surveillance on Lennon, gave the FBI the go-head to kill Lennon. Chapman was a mind-controlled patsy who didn't fire a shot, which was a typical NSA assassination similar to Lee Harvey Oswald and others.
  • Ryan from Pepperland, IlI recently made a video for this song. There weren't any good quality versions of it on YouTube, so I thought I should give it a try. Tell me what you think.
  • Esskayess from Dallas, TxI always wondered if that nut Chapman was thinking of the "shoot me" line when he decided to shoot Lennon.
  • Deethewriter from Saint Petersburg, Russia FederationSteven Tyler, Alice Cooper and Weird Al Yankovic took the stage in Maui, Hawaii on 2012 New Year's Eve to perform a rendition of the Beatles' classic, "Come Together."
    Footage currently circulating the web depicts the three harmonizing on the tune. Afterwards, Weird Al hit Twitter to sum up his feelings on the collaboration: "Teenage Me and Present-Day Me were both insanely happy to spend New Year's Eve with these guys. Every New Year's Eve for the rest of my life is gonna suck."
    Cooper and Yankovic were on the same bill for New Year's, performing for a charity gig hosted by Michael McDonald. Tyler showed up to the venue unannounced and sang a few songs including a rendition of Aerosmith's "Sweet Emotion."
  • Walrus from West Texas, Txit's not's about drugs:
    Here come old flattop he come grooving up slowly
    (pimp hat)
    He got joo-joo eyeball he one holy roller
    (dark glasses in round frames)
    He got hair down to his knees
    (fur coat)
    Got to be a joker he just do what he please
    (the guy is late, we've been waiting!)
    He wear no shoeshine
    (suede shoes)
    he got toe-jam football
    He got monkey finger he shoot coca-cola
    (naming some of his drug products including coke for shooting up)
    He say "I know you, you know me"
    (you're famous and so is he)
    One thing I can tell you is you got to be free
    Come together right now over me
    He bag production
    (he has separated the drugs into small bags for sale)
    he got walrus gumboot
    He got Ono sideboard
    (drug product names)
    he one spinal cracker
    (he seems to have everything you could want)
    He got feet down below his knees
    (I'm feeling the downers and my head is dropped down....all I see is feet)
    Hold you in his arms, yeah you can feel his disease
    (wicked man getting me hooked)
    Come together right now over me
    He roller-coaster
    (the guy goes high-low-high-low)
    he got early warning
    (he has a lookout watching for police)
    He got muddy water
    (mexican brown heroin)
    he one mojo filter
    (yeah, your mojo will be filtered with all those drugs)
    He say "One and one and one is three"
    (he counting out money and counting out product)
    Got to be good-looking 'cause he's so hard to see
    (you know, I don't even know what he really looks like behind the fur, hat and dark glasses)
    Come together right now over me
  • Billy from Foley, AlOnly Lennon could take "gobledygoo" and make a hit out of it! I found it in poor taste that Morris Levy sued John over using a from Chucks song. (I mean I know he's in it for the money) Still, to use a line from another msician is more of and honor if anything. It's like when Ricky Nelson bombed out/Booed at Madison Square garden and wrote "Garden Party" Using the lines "Yoko brought a walrus" I realize it's not the same as using a line from a song.By hearing that in his song reminds you of Lennon/The Beatles and as a music lover your mostly going too want to hear them= buying a album or cd .Steve Allen once did a comedy sketch about this song it was sooo funny but I can't find it on youtube.

  • Trevor from Surrey, Bcthis had an unused guitar lick that was never put in the released. this video shows what it would sound like if it was in it the guitar lick was found by 2 BBC producers looking through the multitracks
  • Sydney from Dallas, TxI know that a lot of people think that the song is about the four Beatles, but I believe that it can be about them, or it can be nonsense like John says. If it is to be about the four Beatles, I think that the first verse is about Ringo because his haircut used to be slightly flat. The second one is about George because of the 'monkey finger' part. And, I read somewhere that George could play any song. The third is obvisouly about John, either way. He and Yoko owned Bag Productions, and Yoko would walk on John's back barefoot to make is crack. And the last one is Paul. I believe that it has a reference to the whole 'Paul is dead' gag, and because he was the cutest, he was often swarmed by the fans, so that would make him hard to see. And for all of the teens out there that love the Beatles, I am SO with you.
  • Rob from Mountain View, CaJust to show that one can find lots of meanings in lyrics (especially John Lennon's) Below is my

    analysis of "Come Together" where I show how the song is referring to Jesus Christ and not just

    the four Beatles.

    C O M E T O G E T H E R by The Beatles

    Here come old flattop, With a halo He would be a "Flattop" or look like a "square"
    He come grooving up slowly, His popularity developed over 30 years
    He got joo-joo eyeball, Jew-Jew eyeballs - He was a Jew - Luke 2:21
    He one holy roller, Holy roller - rolled away the stone - Acts 4:27, Mark 16:4
    He got hair down to his knees, He was a Nazarene who wore long hair - Matt. 2:23
    Got to be a joker, In cards a Joker trumps a King (King of Kings)- Rev.17:14
    he just do what he please. He's God. He can do anything - Matt 19:26

    He wear no shoeshine, Wears sandals not shoes - Mark 6:9
    He got toe-jam football Another reference to bare feet - John 13:10
    He got monkey finger, Jews ate with their hands (fingers) - Mark 7:3
    He shoot Coca-Cola, He was popular and drank the popular drink of the day - wine
    He say, "I know you, John 5:42
    You know me", John 7:28
    One thing I can tell you is, Luke 18:22
    You got to be free. The truth will set you free! - John 8:32
    Come together right now over me Refers to His ascension - Acts 1:6

    He bad production, Or is it "bag" production? Rulers thought He was "bad"
    He got walrus gumboot, No meaning in Walrus and gumboot - Anything spiritual here?
    He got Ono sideboard, This has meaning only if Ono was praying to Jesus (The Judge)
    He one spinal cracker, Refers to a Chiropracter, "Hand Healer" - Mark 6:5
    He got feet down below his knees, A pun. He had 2 feet (24") below his knees as others kneeled
    Hold you in his armchair, When you are close to Him; He was a carpenter - Mark 6:3
    You can feel his disease. Sarcasm - you can feel His power - Luke 8:46
    Come together right now over me Acts 1:6

    He roller-coaster, Oscillation refers to Jesus is the Light - John 12:35
    He got early warning, He warned of the coming judgment - Col.1:28
    He got muddy water, He used spittal and clay (mud) in healing - John 9:11
    He one mojo filter, He is the only "filter" to God the Father - John 14:6
    He say,
    "One and one and one is three" Refers to triune God (Father, Son and Holy Ghost) - 1 Jn.5:7
    Got to be good-looking All the pictures seem to paint Him that way - Matt.17:2
    Because he's so hard to see. Jesus is invisible now as God is invisible - 1 Tim 1:17
    Come together right now over me Acts 1:6

    In His Grace,
    A Believer
  • Emily from St Louis, MoPoor John&Paul, such a tragic love story. More then half of their songs always had a little bit of the other in his song. Why do you all think their break-up was so bitter?
    Living is easy with eyes closed; misunderstanding all you see. And that is the way they wanted it. Lennon/McCartney forever.
  • Megan from Stevenson, AlOh geez...Good times! I LOVE THE BEATLES! Me and my friends listened to this on the way to prom this year! Too bad this is the only Beatle song they know! lol I love you guys anyways!
  • Angus from Hartford, CtThis song totally embody's the 60's
  • Walrus from West Texas, Txthe song is about a drug dealer
    "he bag production" (cutting and bagging the drugs)
    "he got walrus gumboot, he got ono sideboard...he got early warning, he got muddy water" (the drugs "brand names")
    "he one mojo filter "(yeah, drugs will filter your mojo (personality)
    "he shoot coca-cola" (coke, he's also a user)
    "hold you in his arms you can feel his disease" (he's a longtime user)
    "he say one and one and one is three" (he's either counting out hundred dollar bills or bags)
    "here come old flat top he come grooving up slowing" (pimp hat and pimp walk?)
    "got to be good looking cause he's so hard to see" (he wears dark glasses)

  • Thebeatles from Areawesome, AlWow. Just wow. Everyone just assumes that this song means to kinda like come together as one? Almost the same message as "Imagine". I have always wondered who they were talking about in the song. This makes so much more sense now. Every song by the beatles is just beastly amazing.. So meaningful. Wow.
  • George from Belleville, NjThis is one of the most intriguing and interesting rock songs.It has mood,it has atmosphere,it has attitude,it has style.The lyrics keep people guessing the meaning of it.Whether you understand it or not,it's still entertaining to listen to.
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyBOY!!! Did I goof!!! The Beatles had five records were both sides made the Top 10: 'Love Me Do {#1} b/w 'P.S. I Love You' {#10}, 'I Feel Fine' {#1} b/w 'She's a Woman' {#4}, 'We Can Work It Out' {#1} b/w 'Day Tripper' {#5}, 'Penny Lane {#1} b/w 'Strawberry Fields Forever' {#8}, and 'Come Together' {#1} b/w 'Something' {#3}... (And just missing were 'Yellow Submarine' {#2} b/w 'Eleanor Rigby {#11} and 'Hey Jude' {#1} b/w 'Revolution' {#12})...
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyThe amazing Beatles had three records were both sides made the Top 10, with this one the most successful. 'Come Together' peaked at #1 while 'Something' reached #3. The two others were; 'We Can Work It Out" {#1} b/w 'Day Tripper' {#5} and 'Penny Lane' {#1} b/w 'Strawberry Fields Forever {#8}...
  • K from Nowhere, OnMind. Blown. I NEVER even thought of that.
  • 00spy from Kitchener, -I am surprised that no one has mentioned that this song is about Paul McCartney. I remember reading this years ago and always understood it as Lennon taking his first shots at his partner.
    McCartney played a Gibson Everly Brothers Flattop model guitar.
    McCartney had those sleepy "joo joo eyes.
    At the time McCartney and Lennon were fighting over who would manage the finances of the group hence the line "He do what he pleas."
    McCartney was the first Beatle to use coke.
    Come together over me - McCartney was trying to manage/take over the band after the death of Brian Epstein.
    Got to be good looking cause he's so hard to see is a reference to McCartney's good looks and clean reputation but also reference to McCartney being only truly understood by the other three Beatles as a control freak.
  • Adam from Shrewsbury, United KingdomIt's also been covered by the fantastic Gotthard.
  • Mike from Reading, Paspinal clacker
  • Charles from Bronxville, NySorry, the sound engineer was Geoff Emerick, and if anyone is interested in how The Beatles got their sound, read it.

    On a personal note, one of the song's greatest lines is one that should go down in posterity:
    "Got to be good looking 'cause he's so hard to see"
    I know John has spoken of the lyrics as being nonsense and the Timothy Leary connection Having read a great deal about John and his views through books and interviews (MAN did he contradict himself over the years!!) and clever use of words, I'm quite certain know what he meant. It's a wonderfully smirking comment on the stupidity of our society's value system. It was a topic that he often commented on lyrically. I don't think there is any cohesive aspect to the song overall, but many of the individual lines, taken on their own, do have meanings. Some are silly, some are inside jokes and more than a few are pokes in they eyes to various people. Does that sound like John? Not too much.

    Q:Why does he have to be good looking? A:Because he is so hard to see.
    It's an axiom. We assume that the more difficult a thing is to acquire, the more value it must have. We seem to place a premium on things that are either just or totally out of reach. Is Madison Ave aware of this? Can anyone say "Beanie Babies?" It's also about the importance we place on wealth.

    If that isn't a truism about us, then nothing is.
  • Charles from Bronxville, NyRegarding the unique sound from Ringo's bass drum - in his book "Here, There and Everywhere, The Beatles sound engineer mentions how that was achieved. He was brought on board during Revolver. He always preferred to mic close, but Ringo's bass drum was too boomy. They searched the studio for something to muffle it. Geoff recalls that in one box they found the great long red and white scarf that they strung between them in many of the publicity photos from "HELP!". It was stuffed into the drum and gave it that dead thump. The Beatles loved it and used it for much of their subsequent recordings. Quite the trivia question. It's quite front and center in "Come Together."
  • K from Nowhere, OnHmm... Is it just me, or did John seem to be really selfish after he met Yoko? That's what I've noticed.
  • Perry from Portsmouth, NhPaul is quoted as saying that John was not liberal in complimenting his bandmates "If you ever got a speck of it, you were grateful" Sp Paul was very pleased when John complimented him on the "swampy" arrangement idea that Paul came up with for the song. Both John and Paul knew at the time that the song was a rip off of "You Cant Catch Me" and wanted to make it sound as different as possible. What I like about this story is that despite so many rumors of how they didn't work together much at all in the later years, this story, if true, indicates that their collaboration was strong right up to the very end.
  • An from Garanhuns, BrazilMusicians & poets sometimes seem like being weird or living in a dream. Although Lennon wasn´t so great and rich-talented AS A MELODIST, he could make other thing than such a simple repeating song whose former (original) idea could undoubtedly be in the subconscience of any singer or player of that time. It´s a bit different of Harrison´s ("He´s So Fine" X "MY SWEET LORD"), as this had a very personal style, with modulations, unexpected changes, no sales-minded position, so he also could have easily changed a bit of his wonderfully arranged song, also considered as a subconscious plagiarism as a whole. They both knew, there exist these types of spongers who just live waiting for any chance to steal famous artists or rich folks in general; so they should just think a little bit before spreading a song, by analysing it, comparing it with some others (by others or even by themselves), changing some notes, some chords etc. None of the two was a great song in itself; thus it shouldn´t be difficult to create something "similar but with differences", becoming then free from bad people like this Morris Levy and so many others alike!
  • Cameron from Medford, OkThe Beatles--- one of, if not the greatest band ever. i am 17 and love em.. come together is one of the greatest songs. awesome beat, lyrics, it makes sense. it describes each one of them. anyone who doesn't think the beatles are great should be ashamed. u should at least show respect for them.
  • K from Nowhere, OnI think this song is about the Beatles themselves.

    Part 1 is about George: "holy roller" was about his spirituality, and having "hair down to his knee" because he really hated haircuts.

    Part 2 is about Paul, because there's no other option. Maybe it's making a joke of the "Paul is dead" hoax, saying there were only 3 Beatles left.

    Part 3 is about John, having "Ono sideboard" because he was always with Yoko. ALWAYS.

    Part 4 is about Ringo - "he's so hard to see." The drummer is in the back; and they might be making a joke always in the back.

    Hey, it's just athought, but I think it makes HUGE sense. Anyone else?
  • Jonas from Gothenburg, SwedenThe way I dig it, it's a song to the conservative critics.. They're mocking themselves ironically through the eyes of the 'haters' sort of..
    It's all pretty straight forward, the line "Come together, right now, OVER ME" says it all..
    Very punkish message and an awesomely dirty, bluesy tune..
    Probably my personal fav by the beatles and by John Lennon, a timeless idea that every generation can relate to in their own way.. plus it's just my type of sound..
    you could beak it down line by line, but i think it's best not to, within the basic frame of what the song is about everybody can relate to songs like this in different ways..
    not like "you are my babylove my babylove, you make the sun come, oh, youre my every every thing i have ever dreamed of" and the type of lingo we're stuck with these days..
    Long live all visionary singers, musicians, painters, dancers, writers, activists or actors..
  • Wayne from Gananoque, OnJust a point of interest for "Charles", Think For Yourself was George, not John. It's from the Rubber Soul Album
  • Nick from Seattle, AlbaniaIts so funny...all these young kids braging about how young they are and how cool they are for being young and liking the Beatles and other classic rock when "no one else our age does". lol STFU, liking the beatles when your young dosent make you cool or a better person! god my generation sucks.

  • Charles from Bronxville, NyFavorite line from this one -
    "Got to be good looking 'cause he's so hard to see"
    The irrational assumption that that an item's intrinsic value is in proportion to its difficulty to obtain. In other words - the harder it is to get something (high price, rarity, etc.) the better it must be.

    Calls to mind another Lennon tune - Think For Yourself.
  • Frankie from Cardiff, United KingdomI really like the idea that each verse of this song is about each one of the Beatles. If this is so I think the third might be about John, because it makes a reference to "Ono" and because it mentions that he got "walrus grumble," possibly meaning either his fans response in trying to decipher "I am the walrus" (and other cryptic songs) or HIS response to theirs. Anyway I am a huge John Lennon and Beatles fan in general, I don't think the lyrics are "gobbledygook" but rather that they have a lot of ambiguity and hidden messages. They have different meanings for all of us, and that's how it's meant to be.
  • Paul from Liverpool, United KingdomI remember reading somewhere this song is autobiographical. John was convinced that he suffered from multi-personality syndrome and the various "characters" in the song are the various manifestations of himself. Monkey finger and shoot coca-cola are drug references. Ono sideboard is Yoko etc.
  • Linc from Beaumont, TxIt is a little ironic that this album (Abbey Road)would open with a song such as Come Together - since this album pretty much marked the beginning of the end of the Beatles...
  • Linc from Beaumont, TxAlex - I believe you are correct...that each lyric is for each one of the Bealtes and such as they are portrayed on the album cover (and so social satire perhaps) - this is probably the best and best contructed concept album ever so in that sense - it makes perfect sense...I think it was intentional even though John said over and over it wasn't supposed to make any sense. But then, they loved to play with the press in that way.
  • Linc from Beaumont, TxIt is a little ironic that this album (Abbey Road)would open with a song such as Come Together - since this album pretty much marked the beginning of the end of the Beatles...
  • Liquid Len from Ottawa, CanadaMichelle from Antigonish has it right. This is 'about' the four members of the Beatles.

    George - old flat-top, holy roller
    Paul - he shoot coca-cola, he say I know you, you know me
    John - bag production, Ono sideboard
    Ringo - one and one and one is 3 (timekeeper), so hard to see (behind his drum kit)
  • Theresa from Murfreesboro, TnThis song has the strangest lyrics - I guess that was the point.
  • Superllama from Tallehase, FlReally good song, and very abstract. Kinda like I am the walrus.
  • Ekristheh from Halath, United StatesWhen John was killed and people gathered in front of the Dakota, several radio announcers said "they have come together over him". This and "Whatever Gets You Through The Night" were two of the most-played songs that night.
  • Ken from Louisville, KyI always thought the line "got to be good-lookin' 'cause he's so hard to see", was a reference to Paul growing a heavy beard and hiding out on his farm in Scotland in 1969.
  • Carolyn from Fort Worth , TxHere's a little more history - 1998 Sir George Martin paired Bobby McFerrin and Robin Williams to do a REALLY UNIQUE version of "Come Together" which I think is the first track on the mixed artists compilation called "In My Life". But earlier, my homeboy Delbert McClinton did what I consider the next best version after the original when he recorded "Come Together" in 1995 for the album "Come Together:America Salutes the Beatles" - and I shall refrain from the story about McClinton's legendary meeting with John Lennon in the early days. Look it up. I think both versions can be seen as vids on youtube.
  • Polina from Perth, AustraliaThis song is awesome!
  • T. Michels from Venlo, NetherlandsAwesome song, with a great, cynical John-like description of The Beatles.
    In chronological order:
    George, Paul, John and finally Ringo.
    I especially love the line 'Got to be good-lookin' 'cause he's so hard to see.'
    Hilarious and a great play-on-words.
  • Tay from San Diego, Caha ha ha:) nady, i strongly agree with you, im religious & i dont even think its about jesus. I LOVE THAT SONG!
  • Vic from Knoxville, TnCome Together has a strange but irrefutably cool feel to it
  • Vic from Knoxville, Tn"He holds you in his arms so you can feel his disease" is how I believe that verse goes, I think.
  • Nady from Adelaide, AustraliaIt's totally "armchair"...thats what I can hear anyways
  • Carl from Eugene, OrThe assertion that the lyric "Hold you in his armchair you can feel his disease" is wrong is in fact incorrect. John does this song live in New York ,and while he butchers some of his own lyrics in the song he is clearly singing "Hold you in his armchair" with the hard "ch", not "hold you in his arms, yeah"
  • Olivia from Chicago, Ilnady, adelaide, Australia
    you made me smile
  • Kellen from Chicago, IlChris from Cali....come on now! If you'd just pop on a Zeppelin record you'd know that if they came out today, tomorrow, or 50 years from now that they'd still be as absolutely phenomenal and successful as we know them to be today. i mean just think about the songs page and plant have written, and think, how can someone sit down and actually write that??' it truly just gives me the chills thinking about it.
  • Nady from Adelaide, Australiaummm i highly doubt this song "is about jesus". I'm no religious person but derrrr why would "jesus" 'shoot coca-cola' or parade around in wulrus gumboots??? C'mon people think about it!!! People write hymns and sh-t for a reason, so go preach about your lord in your god songs and let us sinners sing our Beatles songs. ROCK THE F--K ON!!!!!
  • Linda from Sacramento, CaIn Nov. 1969 I lived with 3 people in an apartment with a bedroom where you couldn't shut off the radiator. The window was high up over the radiator and open all the time because it was so hot in the room. Someone across the way played Come Together ENDLESSLY! I couldn't listen to this song for at least 25 years. Funny how that works. Then all of a sudden one loved it. Great visual version of this in "Across the Universe". I got on this site because for 40 years I still haven't got a clue on the meaning and none of you have helped any!! So I'll just go on singing along with it in its infinite mystery!
  • Megan from Shineonyoucrazydiamonds, FlTo Jordan, New London, WI---You're totally right. You can still be a hippie even if you didn't live in the sixties. If you REALLY know music, then you would know that music was the best in the 60's and 70's. The posers are the ones who tell you that you can't be a hippie if you didn't live in that era.
  • Megan from Shineonyoucrazydiamonds, FlI love this song, SO much better than the Aerosmith cover.
  • Rosario from Naples, FlGreat song.
    I was in New York last week and I walked by the Dakota with my brother and we asked the doorman where exactly John was shot. The guy pointed the place out, it's just this little space of sidewalk, not marked or anything. My brother and I just stood there starring at it for a while, and I got all emotional. People walking by were looking at us like we were freaks.
  • Jordan from New London, Wiyou guys, being young and a Beetles fan doesn't make you fake. You don't need to witness a live concert to enjoy a band. and if you really think that your an a**hole. There are plenty of hippies in the here and now, and sure most of them like the Beetles, there is nothing wrong with it.
  • Alex from Bakersfield, CaI think this song, in some weird LSD trip sort of way, is a description of the Beatles themselves. Looking at the lyrics makes me believe that. There are four verses and of course four Beatles. The first one, "he come grooving up slowly, Harrison didn't really want to join the band orginally. Second verse, first line, he wear no shoeshine, McCartney was the only one on this album cover who wasn't wearing shoes. Third verse, first line: he got Walrus gumboot. Second line, he got Ono side board. That of course would be Lennon. And the fourth line in the fourth verse, Got to be good looking cause he's so hard to see, would be Ringo. Sitting behind the drums makes him the hardest one to see. I'd like to read other's opinions on this.
  • Joe from Overland Park, KsI've always liked Michael Jackson's cover best. Almost a hard rock/pop version.
    Also, I originally heard the line as, "Hold you in his arms 'til you can feel his disease," no "armchair" or "arms, yeah." But that's just what I picked up.
  • Mark from Worcester, MiHey that's pretty cool. It really could be about Jesus couldn't it? I guess that's the great thing about an abstract artist. People can pull what they want from the work a lot of times.
  • Susan from Toronto, CanadaJohn Lennon told "Playboy Magazine" that he helped George Harrison with a couple lines of his song TAXMAN. When George was later told this he said, "It's true. But I helped John with the lyrics of COME TOGETHER."
  • Dan from Toronto, OnA good friend of mine, much like ellen from Cinci is convinced the song is about Jesus. There are a lot of Jesus type references here, but nothing that really would lead me to believe. I think it would be fitting after John's bigger than Jesus comment got him into hot water(even thought he meant he was surprised people liked them so much)he would choose to write a song like this. It's interesting to read the "actual" meaning behind the lyrics now...I'm gonna break my friend's heart now lol
  • Forrest from Rochester, MnOne of three songs on Abbey Road that begin with the words "Here Come(s)"
  • Kristen from Philadelphia, PaAccording to a website I ran across it said that this song was a call for people to come together and smoke pot, and the song is 4:20 long... hummm
    - Bug, Winona, MN

    what does 4:20 have to do with drugs?
  • Kaj from Benton, PaI think the BBC banned this song and "Lola" because it was against their rules to mention a product by name.
  • Andrew from Bartlett, Tni love the beatles and this is one of my favorites.
  • Andrew from Orlando, FlAerosmith covered this song in the movie "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band", it was released in 1978 in America. This cover was also on the soundtrack of the movie "Armageddon". I would have to say this is the best cover, and it blows the orginal out of the water!
  • Bianca Sanchez from Alburquerque, NmI love this song its so cool!
  • Ranna from Boondocks, IaI love the re-make of this song in the movie Across the Universe. It really got me hooked on the Beatles old songs.
  • Chuck from Joppa, Md, MdIn all live versions by Lennon, he clearly says "armchair." And i'd make an argument that its what he says in the recorded version, too. I think the dubious (at best) "arms, yeah" claim should be removed from the sanctioned "facts" until actual evidence can be found that can buttress this highly bizarre claim.
  • Linda from Somehwere, FlYou don't have to attend a concert or live in a band's era in order to appreciate them.
    And I find it quite lovely how people my age are catching on to the Beatles.
    It's not a bad thing at all.
    That rotary phone fact is interesting.
    Good song. (:

  • Mary from LondonDon't worry about it Laura, I'm 14 and people give me grief for liking the Beatles too but I don't care because the Beatles are awesome! And I actually have quite a few friends who like the Beatles, at least most people I know respect them. And I see a lot of Beatles t-shirts around. So don't worry
  • Conley from Mequon, Wilaura dont worry about it I'm 15 and the Beatles are my favorite band, and Austin you're just an idiot.
  • Beau from Fort Bragg, Cayea nathan i heard it too sounds like cal naughton jr. in talledega nights sayin "c'mon man" or something at about 2:31 in this song
    wierd lol
  • Krissy from Boston, MaOk Austin u just keep thinking that. U said thye have a couple good songs. So what songs do u like by them ?
  • Austin from Boston, Mastill a good beatles songs though they had a couple good ones.
  • Austin from Boston, MaAerosmith did a hell of a lot better job with this song than the beatles. However Aerosmith is a better band in fact most bands are better than the beatles.
  • Krissy from Boston, MaI just heard the Aerosmith version. It's pretty good. Not as good as the orginal but still good.
  • Musiclover from Toronto, CanadaMichael Jackson didn't ruin this song.
  • Krissy from Boston, MaI like this song. You guys if u are really Beatle fans know about the Paul Is Dead hoax. Here aresome more clues when they sing one and one and one is three he is saying only three out of the four Beatles r they orignials. On the album cover Paul has the cigraette in his right hand and everyone knows he is left handed. Plus he is not wearing any shoes which was the tradton u get buried without shoes. But I DON'T believe that Paul is dead. I just thought it would be intersting to u guys. It's was all for the publicisty.
  • Street Strategist from Hong Kong, Hong Kong"Come Together" is number 12 in the list called "Sounds at the Speed of Music: 50 Rock Anthems at 100 kph"
  • Jelle from Hilversum, NetherlandsSeth from Hebron KY, mentioned that the part in 'in a day in the life' (he blew his mind out in a car) is about Paul McCartney. Nothing is less true. A day in the life is based on the newsfacts of that day (or week) and so has nothing to do with Paul.
    Neither is the part in Come together
  • Michelle from Minesota, Mnwhy did aerosmith re do that good clasic song
  • Brian from Dennis, Mamicheal jackson ruined this great song
  • Darina from Sydney, United Statesjohn made one deliberate mistake in the song come together. that is it is really a she not a he. i am that she. holy roller is the name of a horse and the jockeys name was moses. best bet i ever made at 75 to 1. armchair really is just that and its dis ease as in uncomfortable. ono sideboard refers to a personal private sexual experience involving a sideboard. spinal cracking refers to a back pain treatment invented by a Dr. Skyrme Rees called rhizolysis which i was taught by dr. rees and practiced at my home. the original words were spinal tracking which is what we used to do to find the pain points for treatment. paul mc cartney agreed to change some of the words after john had died. the cia had asked paul to do this as a cult had risen up around this song. it is shook coca cola as in i do not drink coke. probably one of the few people who don't but i heard that it rots your teeth when i was about 17 and have never drunk it since. ju ju eye ball and mojo filter are both references to smoking pot, something that i used to due a lot of. toe jam football refers to my fetish for always wearing bright red strawberry jam coloured toe nail polish and the foot ball is really more like the size of a golf ball which i have on my right foot (otherwise known as a bunion!) one and one and one makes three refers to a drink spiking incident back in 1997 when my husband and i had a third person in our bed. i had to take his hand and touch each one of us to prove to him that there were 3 of us in our bed not just 2. as to hair down to his knees well what can i say-my husband has always joked that my bikini line goes all the way to my knees and i do suffer with hirsuitism. the walrus gumboots were another clue to tracking me down. i had a pair of dark grey gumboots even tho i lived in the city. i had really wanted this fancy pair of leopard look gumboots that i had seen on a holiday to london but could not afford them at the time. i used the gumboots for walking my dog in wet weather in the park. (my dog was a husky and didn't mind how cold or wet the weather - he had to be walked and run daily. the monkey finger was my wedding finger which had been hurt badly at the knuckle during a fight with the drink spikers. the knuckle was very swollen for several weeks . the fed police and other weird government people asked me all these questions related to the song when i turned up at bondi police station after being drugged and raped. i did not realise that the odd questions were all from this beatles song come together. apparently they think that i am 'the one' who is supposed to somehow fix things in this screwed up world. while it is true that i am psychic in many ways i am also very down to earth and prefer logical thinking to all this mumbo jumbo. if i am supposed to be 'the one' then all i can say is i am not prepared to be a martyr for this world and it would be a good idea if 'they' looked for some one else. i am just too much of a coward. sorry.
  • Tim from Gaithersburg, Mddear christopher from san diego, i have important news for you. you're a dumba**. Led Zeppelin didnt need the Beatles to hit it big. Led Zeppelin wasnt even popular in Britain until they hit it big in America. You're connection to the Yardbirds and the Beatles is also a faulty one because the yardbirds were a bluesy mod-rock band; not a Beatles sound in the least. And about the Beatles "love song crap" (i'm going to leave out emo because it wasnt sad you're just a young piece of sh*t) they decided when they got a record company to begin their first few albums about love and such so as to attract a fan base. BEFORE all that, our lovely pretty Beatles could be found in Germany bars full of gambling and hookers. They bunked in sh*tty closet sized rooms and played for crappy wages. They got hammered and lashed out at their ugly audiences. The Beatles weren't a soft band that learned to rock, they were a rockin' band that learned to get soft. Every single song i look at on here has some dumba** who thinks Jimmy Page is relevant to the topic. Know YOUR history.
  • Matt from Sydney, AustraliaI sang this song along with Midnight Oil's power and the passion and The doors break on through at Karaoke and i won ten beer vouchers. I love this song
  • John from Chennai, IndiaI dont understand why people cant see the similarity between the Chuck Berry song "cant catch me" and this song. Both songs use almost identical short phrases of notes over and over again. Otherwise Lennon would have surely fought in the court against the lawsuit.
  • Lizz from Tampa, FlI love this song
    I wanna say that i don't think it was about drugs, but they were on them. alot of people can't tell the difference, and it's so annoying :)
    The biggest druggie in the world could write a song about peace, love, whatever they want
    beatles rock
  • Spencer from Mcbride, CanadaThe cover of come together by guns n roses is actually just Axl Rose and Bruce Spiringteen at a rock and roll hall of fame induction ceremony
  • John from Boston, MaCharlie, can you clarify how this song is crap?

    It's a totally strange song, but it's bot a fantastic bassline, the lyrics are weird but draw you in, and the short chorus (Come together, right now...) is perfect. Awesome song all around.
  • Nick from Boston , MaI like the John Lennon version on his Anthology disc. Does anyone know the order in which the band members are being refered to?
  • Brandon from Peoria, IlIf this song actually had to do with the Trinity, wouldn't the line be one and one and one is ONE?
  • Cameron from Bainsville, CanadaWow, this song is just fantastic. I think it is, well, I guess the word I can use is inovative. I mean, how many people right lyrics about absolutely nothing? I think that's very creative. At times I like to listen to the lyrics, have a song where I can relate to it. I just love this, it's kind of a fun tongue-twister.
  • Jeef from San Francisco, CaAre you kidding Charlie? This is an incredible song! I think lyrically its one of the greatest songs of all time.
  • Charlie from Cape Girardeau, MoI'll preface this remark by saying that I'm a big Beatles fan, but somebody has to have the courage to speak the truth, which is, this song is CRAP. If a new group had come out with this song as a debut single it would have never made the air. Is there anyone else that will stand up and point out that the emperor is naked?
  • Izzy from Buffalo, Nywhy is it that like, every single GOOD song the beatles make is banned from the BBC?!?!? is it something like the people at the BBC don't like the beatles or something? i mean, they banned this one because of mentioning freakin' coka-cola!!! i mean, that is bull-#@%$!!!!!
  • Zoloft from Milton, WvIn this song, Lennon extolled the joy of simultaneous orgasm, urging listeners to "come together". He added the "over me" line after Yoko introduced him to a Japanese style of pornography called bukkake.
  • Scott from Montgomery, Alawesome song. great lyrics. The Beatles ROCK.
  • Big Al from Southampton, EnglandBrilliant song but I don't have a clue what it means
  • Joe from Lethbridge, CanadaThe coca-cola reference has nothing to do with cocaine, any more than it did in Ray Davies' Kinks classic "Lola" (also banned by the BBC to prevent free advertising - a ban avoided when Ray changed the phrase to "cherry cola" for the single release). Does EVERY Beatles song HAVE to be about drugs? If you actually knew anything about the Beatles or their music, or John Lennon in particular, you'd know that drug references in their songs are about as plentiful as chickens in the stratosphere - there are a few, but very few. Come Together is not in any way a drug song. It's really just a bit of wonderful nonsense from John, the kind of thing he liked to write to amuse himself (and anyone else who loves good nonsense). In addition to the songs, he published two books of nonsense. They were both hilarious!!! Though many songwriters write nonsense (try to figure out a BeeGees lyric sometime(!), most only arrive at nonsense accidentally. John did it intentionally and was a master of the art. He used words like Picasso used paint.In the case of both artists, some people got it, some didn't. Personally,I think John would be very amused at people still trying to figure out what this song is about. Amused yet dismayed.
  • Nicole from Charlotte, Nchow did people actually believe paul was dead? he made live appearances as well as sing on the records. plastic surgery couldn't have gotten that close. why are people stupid?
  • Brian from Sydney, CanadaI,of course, heard the "shoot me" rumour, but I think that is all it really is-a rumour. If you watch Lennon playing this on the concert footage of his NY show he is not saying "shoot me" at all. From what I see he is just saying something like,"shoop" like an old '50's song, which he was very fond of. Lennon never did forget he roots. Anyway, check it out, the whole 'shoot me' thing is just another good Beatles fable.
  • Seth from Hebron, KyAt the end Of Sgt pepper's A Day in the life says "He blew his mind out in a car" referring to Paul an then in Come Together it states "here come old flat top" also referring to Paul being alive.
  • Jerry from Portland, OrI was Laura's age when the Beatles came to America, and I have watched young people get turned on to and by the Beatles' music ever since. Could it be that quality music has no time boundaries?
  • Steve from Fenton, MoAnother example of a double meaning from John's lyrics. I think the lawsuit was bogus. The first line of the lyric is similar. Other than that it's not close enough to matter. I wish John would have fought it instead of agreeing to record more Chuck Berry songs on Rock and Roll. The Beatles gave more to those early rockers than they took.
  • Michelle from Antigonish, CanadaThis song makes PERFECT sence, once you listen to each little phrase your'll learn that each one is describing one of the Beatles, if you still need some help I'll check in later and actually give you the phrases and meanings, but come on people, it's not that hard....if you love the Beatles like i do, you'll figure it out in seconds!!!
  • Vincent from St. Davids, Englandthis song is a song makes no sense. it has no meaning. there is no point to it. but thats the point.
  • Bonnie from Washington, DcTimothy Leary? Maybe his campaign slogan inspired the title. Maybe. But I had heard from numerous sources that the subject of this song is actually Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the "guru" that the Beatles visited in India in 1968 in hopes of learning transcendental meditation -- until this "spiritual" man started hitting on the Beatles' wives and Mia Farrow (who was also staying at the ashram for the same purpose). Then, they packed their bags and left in disgust. The lyrics make sense in this context. BTW, it's "Hold you in his arms TIL you can feel his disease."
  • Stefanie from Rock Hill, ScActually Adalia. I'm not sure when you posted that comment, but just to let you know I'm 17 and those are all great bands and artists. I've been listening to the Beatles since I was 9 tears old. I'm also glad to know there are other people around mt age who like and listen to that kind of music.
  • Mo from Newark, Nj"hold you in his armchair..."??? Hold you in his arms yeah.."??? I don't think he even says "yeah". To me it actually sounds like he is saying "Hold you in his arm 'til you can feel his disease". Makes more sense to me.
  • Sarah from Pittsburgh, PaYou said that the real lyrics are 'hold you in his arms, yeah' instead of 'hold you in his armchair', but when you listen to it it sounds like he does say 'armchair'. I really would've never guessed that he said that. And if it's even in the sheetmusic as 'armchair', how can you be so sure it's not? Inquiring minds want to know, you see.
  • Adalia from Brisbane, AustraliaStefanie from Rock Hill...Your music is brilliant! Pink Floyd, Led Zepp, The Who - All my favourite bands (added the Beatles, The Doors, CCR and Harry Nilsson, among a few others.) Im 16 too, and it is reasurring to know that there are some out there who appriciate good music. "Come together" has always been a special song to me. It was the first Beatles song i heard, and the moment i heard it, i fell in love with them. It is immortal.
  • Wilfred from Melbourne, AustraliaLilly, Taylorsville, UT -- The Eagles and Joe Walsh!!?!?! Yay! My fave artists of all time! Another sane 17 year old who listens to good music! Finally! I can say I have heard about a girl with musical taste!
  • Linus from Hamilton, On, CanadaI read that John was really happy with the way Paul played the piano in this song, in the "swampy" way he wanted it to sound.
  • Daniel from Cincinnatti, OrI have never heard anyone anywhere think that he said "airmchair" until today.
  • Chris from Charleston, ScTo Nathan: The "gu-gow" noise is just a sound from McCartney's bass, much in the same fashion as the "squealing" noise that is heard when you rub your hand along the fretboard of a guitar.
  • Nick from Roswell, Gathe song is runs 4:20 on abbey road...too early to be a reference to weed, but silly anyway.
  • Sylvia from London, EnglandAwesome song.
  • Trent from Swift Current, CanadaWicked tune, one of my favs by the beatles.
  • Lee from Clearwater, FlHmmmmm, Come Together......I wonder
  • Nathan from Defiance, OhI've heard this song a million times, but I just noticed something strange. Around two minutes and thirty one seconds there appears to someone shouting "Gug-ow" just before John begins to sing the fourth verse. Can anyone else hear this, or am I just crazy?
  • Ryan from Bechtelsville, Pai think this song is about John's death..."shoot me" and coming together "over" him could all mean it is about his corpse and not Paul's. "Ono sideboard" "one and one and one is three"(paul, george, and ringo) "got to be a joker" "shoot coca-cola" all describe John or something about his character. "one holy roller"(John was the man in white on the cover of Abbey Road, spirit in the Paul is dead rumors) "hair down to his knee"(even though it might not be true, John might have believed that hair continues growing after death) This is always how I interpreted the song, the scary part is that it came true when John was shot and killed.
  • Lilly from Taylorsville, UtI want to go to england so extremely much it's crazy! I'll bet you have a sexy accent too huh!? I wish I could see Abby road and Strawberry fields and all that. On one of my DVD's of The Beatles their driver, Alf, goes around the streets in England and shows all the places that mean something in The Beatles lives. It's way cool!
  • Jon from London, EnglandYeah, when I was younger though. The Beatles are, without a doubt, the greatest and most innovative band ever, and they should definitely have tribute memorials.
  • Lilly from Taylorsville, UtThanks for the support Jon! You live in London!!!! That is SOOO beyond cool! Have you seen all The Beatles memorials, like Strawberry Fields and such?
  • Jon from London, EnglandLilly and Mike, I am with you. I am only 14 and I like all the classic rock and blues. All the new 'rock' and rap is what everyone listens to today and I am one of a few who listens to the good stuff in my school. These kids should take up some Floyd or Zeppelin or the real guitarists like Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton.
  • Lilly from Taylorsville, UtI am going to have to agree with Mike! I am not quite 17 yet, and I too LOVE the beatles!!! To say I am obsessed is a huge understatement! I love all the old stuff, Billy Joel, Tom Petty, The Eagles, The Rolling Stones, CCR, Joe Walsh....(and I'm a chick) I don't get the crap kids listen to now days. Most of it sucks! This stuff is the best! Way to be!
  • Christopher from San Diego, CaOh yeah, and Live and Let Die was McCartney solo, not a Beatles song.
  • Christopher from San Diego, CaFirst of all, if it weren't for The Beatles, Led Zeppelin could very well have not existed. The Beatles were the first of the British Invasion to make it to superstardom in the States, and that led the way for others, such as The Yardbirds, who had a guitarist by the name of Jimmy Page, whose name you might recognize (hell, Zeppelin was originally called the New Yardbirds)... Other than that, I would also like to comment on "most of their songs being 'emo i love you songs'". While their first songs, those that made them big the world over, were obviously pop-oriented, their later songs (Come Together included) were very very different from almost any popular music. This was much due to Bob Dylan, who talked to the Beatles after one of their shows, and John Lennon -- yes, that guy with the gay glasses -- was especially influenced by Dylan. Dylan influenced them lyrically saying (to paraphrase) that their sound was nice and all, but they weren't writing about anything important. Musical improvements followed, as they went to the studio with Rubber Soul and their later albums, essentially pioneering what you now know as rock. They broke the mold, actually, from all that "emo I love you" crap -- they are one of the big pioneers of almost any popular rock you listen to today. I think they are very much deserving of their title as the kings of rock, more so than Elvis or anyone else. Pay them their dues, and know your history.
  • Andrew from New City, NyThis is my all-time favorite song by the best band ever.
  • Dee from Khancoban, Australiai always have loved this song and to this day i still wonder bout it... me and my dad have always thort its about this guy that lives down the road from cos it describes him perfectly..
  • Dan from Lee, NhI actually thought John Lennon made up the stupid Paul is dead thing, but I'm probabally incorrect.
  • Stefanie from Rock Hill, ScApparnetly, the "Paul is dead" rumor was made up by some college students in Michigan in the late-60's. I read an interesting article on it a few months ago.
  • Stefanie from Rock Hill, ScIf I remember correctly the Beatles didn't come up with the "Paul is dead" rumor. But they probably knew that albums would sell if people believed it all.
  • Howard from St. Louis Park, MnThe lyrics are rather absurd but this is one of the late Beatles classics that still gets plenty of airplay. You can catch a clue to Paul's death in the line "One and one and one is three."
  • Mike from Carrier Mills, IlI love the Beatles (especially John Lennon). I'm 17 and I think they're are the greatest band of all time. It's really sad the stuff that people today consider to be "music." I also love The Eagles, The Stones, Bob Dylan, The Grateful Dead, and Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers.
  • Lee from Clearwater, FlHmmmmm, Come Together......I wonder
  • Melody from Jacksonville, Fli love classic rock from the '60s and '70s. i mainly listen to pink floyd, led zeppelin, ac/dc, ozzy osbourne, aerosmith, the rolling stones, blue oyster cult, the who, this might take a while :), the cult, alice cooper, ted nugent........alot of others too but i'm being distracted by my animals cd which is currently playing dogs.(my favorite pink floyd song) i love come together. it is in my opinion, the best beatles song. peace.
  • Laura from Santa Fe, NmHey guys! I just wanted to thank ou for all your support! ANd as a reply to stephanie, in addition to the beatles, I listen to Pink Floyd, The Stones, Nirvana, Aerosmith,Queen, The Eagles. You get the idea. :)
  • Laura from Santa Fe, NmHey guys! I just wanted to thank ou for all your support! ANd as a reply to stephanie, in addition to the beatles, I listen to Pink Floyd, The Stones, Nirvana, Queen, The Eagles. You get the idea. :)
  • Dan from Lee, NhIf you like this try checking out Aerosmithes version it's not as good but it's still a reasonabley good song.
  • Mario from Philadelphia, PaJohn Lennon was interviewed about this song. According to him, it's about absolutely nothing
  • Nathan from Defiance, OhIronic, John said that he grew sick of people analyzing his lyrics so he intentionally made them cryptic and indecipherable...decades later here we are. I'm pretty sure it's not about Bukkake, Will.
  • Wilfred from Melbourne, Australia@Stefanie magura, Rock Hill, SC: If you're into the 70's like me (and I am 16, yay!), try The Eagles... my favourite band... you won't be disappointed... your other choices are also wonderful! ROCK ON!!!
  • Stefanie Magura from Rock Hill, ScLaura... I couldn't agree with you more. I'm 16, and I've been a Beatles fan since I was 9. i listened to rap too, but I finally realized how bad it was, and I started listening to the beatles later stuff, and paying more attension to it. now pretty much all i listen to is 60's and 70's rock music like the beatles, led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The who... etc. what other bands do you like?
  • William from Ocean Springs, MsI heard this song is actually a loose reference to bukkake...
  • Kevin from San Antonio, TxPatrick John Lennon wanted the lyrics to mean nothing.
  • Kevin from San Antonio, TxYeah the only reason people make fun of the Beatles today is because they are ignorant little kids and say its "old music"
    Yeah this "old band" paved the way for rock and roll and made it what it is today.
    Beatles forever!
  • Kika from Nyc, Nyno no no ben from cheverly or wherever, this isn't an excuse for a song, it's a reason for a song. because late beatles music had so much more expression and musicality than early beatles. note how most early beatles songs have a same basic sound, not late beatles, almost every song is unique, and special, with great riffs and fun stuff like that. This song is amazing, and frightening about the shoot me part, but could that sorta thing just all be propaganda? i mean, how many of us can really say, because the media is a lie producing evil machine, and therefore can't be trusted. I love this song. it's amazing.People who like the beatles are faaaaaar from geeks.
  • Jordan from Wimette, IlGo to for a cool 'Come Together' music video.
  • Mark from Barrow-in-furness, EnglandMaybe John saw the future. His dream of him in the coffin, singing "shoot me" at the end of every verse... I dont know
  • Thomas from Lubbock, Txever thought that when he put 1 plus 1 plus 1 is three, he was just wanting to make sure everyone knew how to add?
  • Barry from New York, NcIn August 1972 John Lennon/Yoko Ono played two shows at Madison Square Garden backed by the Elephant's Memory Band. At the shows he "went back into the past just once." Come Together was the one Beatles tune performed at the MSG shows.
  • Jemma from Camborne, EnglandLaura... dude, I've gotta agree with everyone here, forget them all. Giving you grief for liking The Beatles indeed!!! I was in the exact same boat in school, but with every bit of music I liked, it's really pathetic. So... in closing... forget 'em all and RAWK!!!!!!
  • Mauricio from Hanford, CaI'm with Laura...
  • Laura from Santa Fe, NmThanks Kevin. Peer pressure doesn't effect me much. I've got at least four other people (band members) that like the beatles so I'm not alone. Beatles for ever rappers NEVER! lol.
  • Kevin from San Antonio, TxLaura dont worry because the Beatles are literally the greatest rock and roll band of all time. so dont worry
    The people who make fun of you are probally rap loving losers.
  • Art from East Brunswick, Nj"Come Together" is a classic and a great opener for the Beatles'ABBEY ROAD album! It's my understanding that Timothy Leary, who had asked John Lennon to write a song called "Come Together, Join The Party", or just plain "Come Together", as a campaign song (He was running for Governor of California), dropped out of the race when John had the basic outline of the song, maybe the chorus. So, John just filled the rest of the song with nnonsense lyrics.

    To anyone believing that Paul might be dead, and that the "LMW 28IF on the licese plate of the Volkswagen on the ABBEY ROAD cover stands for "Linda McCartney Weeps", and signifies that Paul would've been 28 *If* he'd lived:

    Two questions . . .

    1) Do you *really* think that Paul look-alike, William Campbell, wrote & recorded "Hey Jude", "Back In The U.S.S.R", "Let It Be" and all the other great post-'66 Paul Beatle and Wings songs?

    2) Why was this girl Linda wearing the name of, and weeping for, this guy who'd died a couple of years before she'd even met him?
  • Craig from Dunedin, New ZealandThis song is really effective during the film "A Bronx Tale";the pub brawl scene. The punch-up starts when the chorus kicks in...
  • Mary from Medina, Nyyou can see how people accepted the rumors of paul being dead..somewhere else on this site,somebody posted that the cover of abbey road is a funeral procession-lennon is god,ringo is a priest,and harrison a grave digger. Also,mccartney is the only one that is barefoot and has his eyes closed. He is also the only one smoking. And this one i found out allll by myself-he's out of step with the rest of the band.
  • Laura from Santa Fe, Nmlol. thanks.
  • Josh from Las Vegas, Nvyou aren't a geek for liking the Beatles but you may want to lay off the Harry Potter... :) Jk
  • Laura from Santa Fe, NmI love this song!I'm 12 .Everyone at school thinks I'm a nerd/geek because I like the beatles. And I like reading. And I'm a Harry Potter junkie. I have a band and most of what we play is beatles. THEY ROCK! LITTERALLY! so It doesn't matter!
  • Otto from Miami, FlAerosmith also covered this song.
  • Ken from Louisville, KyThe joke was that the BBC banned the song for the wrong reason! "Coca-Cola" wasn't used to promote the soft drink, it was late 60's slang for cocaine!
  • Laura from Santa Fe, NmI love this song!!!! It just sounds so cool!
  • Nessie from Sapporo, Japan"Anyone heard the version of this by the Smokin' Mojo Filters?" Yeah, it's not bad. I heard the song was about masturbation. Whatever.
  • Brian from Grayson, GaThe song is about Paul being dead to the band in a metaphorical sense. All the "evidence" of Paul being dead is really a metaphor for how John was feeling toward Paul at the time. The title of "Come Together" refers to the bands need to come together because unless they do then they will break up.
  • Stephanie from Denver, CoTimothy Leary. *sigh* Vivo Timothy Leary. You young kiddies have no idea what kind of impact he made on American culture.
  • Henry from Victoria, Canada"Hold you in his arm 'til you can feel his disease."
  • Mark from London, EnglandOh come on! The lyric sheets which accompany 1967/70 are full of errors! Just look at "Strawberry Fields Forever"...
  • Chas from Plymouth, MiIf "Hold you in his armchair you can feel his disease" is one of the most commonly misheard lyrics ever, then it is only perpetuated by the Beatles' own printed lyrics that accompany "The Beatles / 1967-1970" double album and their own sheet music. Who is supposed to have misheard this? There's probably a simpler explanation as to what was misheard.
  • Mark from London, England"Hold you in his *armchair* you can feel his disease" is actually "Hold you in his *arms, yeah,* you can feel his disease"

    One of the most common misheard lyrics ever :-)
  • Vinny from Queens, NyThere is no Religion in this song. As I stated below the song is about a dream Lennon had of him lying in a coffin. The chorus "Come Together right now, over me", refers to that image in the dream. Possible the other lines in the song refer to people in his life (possible band members), that came to view him.
  • Ari from Edmonton, CanadaThere's obviously been a lot of discussion on this song, but this is how I see it: the man being described is Jesus Christ from the perspective of a drug-addicted, or Jesus Christ portrayed as a hippie. Many hippies associated with the early Christian church because of its rebellion against Roman imperialism. Upon further thought, perhaps this Timothy Leary was a leader to the hippies of the drug-culture, just as Jesus Christ was to the early church. Think about the title "come together" in this context for a minute. I also noted that some idiot believed the 1 and 1 and 1 is three thing to be referring to some kind've sexual orgy. This is absolutely insane, as Lennon in particular was now exclusively with Yoko. C'mon. In my theory, I believe this to be a reference to the trinity. Anyway, I could be wrong, but give it some thought, and keep in mind the Beatles grew up in very strong Catholic towns.
  • Vinny from Queens, NyListen. John wrote this song after a Dream he had. Most of the images in the dream were disjointed and disconnected. Hence the reason for each line in the song being convoluted and not really connected to each other. The only clarity of the dream (or nightmare), was him lying in a coffin in a room as his family and friends all gathered around to view him.
  • Jonathan from Oklahoma City, OkI really like Aerosmiths version of this song!!
  • Track1 from Boston, MaI think take 1 of this song was better than the released version.
  • Alan from New Baltimore, MiLola by the Kinks was also banned for having the line "coca-cola" in it. Alternate versions have Ray Davies singing "cherry cola."
    The Detroit dj (not two djs) was Russ Gibb that started the "Paul is Dead" thing. He was from WKNR radio station.
    Go here for a listing of the clues:

    By the way, hardly anybody took this seriously. It was more of a fun thing. Life Magazine featured a picture of Paul and Linda on his farm in Scotland to scotch the rumors.
  • Ellen from Nashville, Tnmike, i think you're crazy. why would the chorus be about group sex? and maybe coca-cola refers to actual coca-cola. i would think its more about people coming together over a disaster or maybe one man, the one they describe with lines like "got to be good lookin cuz hes so hard to see" and "hold you in his arm chair you can feel his disease" and "Got to be a joker he just do what he please." thats just my opinion.
  • Natasha from Chico, Caeveryone knows what a rotary phone is btw, but thats a cool bit of info about the sounds after "shoot". I used to think that they were saying shoop...ihdididoo, which i guess does sound like a rotary phone spinning back after dialing each #.
  • Rj from Rockville Centre, NySome of the nuttier believers of the "Paul is Dead" rumor believed that the line "One and one and one is three" implied that there were only three Beatles remaining at the time, therefore Paul must have been dead.

    Personally, I think that line implies that there's a threesome going on. This song is definitely about an orgy.
  • James from Bransgore, EnglandAnyone heard the version of this by the Smokin' Mojo Filters? I thought it was pretty damn good.
  • Dean from Raleigh, NcJohn wrote "Come Together" after his car accident on July 1, 1969
    -The Beatles "every little thing" fact book, by Maxwell Mackenzie
  • Bob from Mt. Laurel, NjI like the later Beatles(1967-1970) better than the early Beatles. AND PAUL'S NOT DEAD!!!! That was just a joke two Detroit DJ's made up that everyone took so seriously.
  • Scott Baldwin from Edmonton, CanadaI heard that this compelled Mark Chapman to shoot John Lennon. really. ;)
  • Rachel from Minneapolis, MnAnother example of "gobbledygoo" is John Lennon's book 'A Spaniard in the Works'- written well before 'Come Together' and just as difficult to analyze.
  • Mike from London, EnglandCoca-cola refers to cocaine! "He shoot coca-cola." I would have thought that was obvious! I like the line "Hold you in his armchair you can feel his disease!" in particular.
    Perhaps the chorus refers to group sex?
  • Eric from Franklin, MaI love The Beatles but I think that this song is one of the poorest efforts John ever wrote. It's not as sophisticated as it should be for them. It's not horrible, in fact it's a catch song but it sounds very heroin influenced. It's not the best opener for a Beatles album.
  • Billy from Pittsburgh, PaIn response to the "Paul is dead" rumor...I have trouble understanding how people can even come close to believing it today, considering it's been thirty years since the onset of the rumor and he's still making music.
  • Mike from Jackson, NjCreative lyrics, and great music - that's all I have to say.
  • Chas from Webster, NyYeah, I have to go with religious. and btw, if you don't want to hear the analasys of the songs, then dont come to songfacts :)
  • Bob from Las Vegas, NvHonestly who cares what the song is about... its beautiful music and its one of a kind. No one else in the history of music has been able to write like this and its incredible. Lets listen to it, love it, and play it again... but make your own meanings of it, cuz thats what music is all about.
  • Buddy from Indianapolis, InIt sounds a little like a hippie to me imho...
  • Adrian from Wilmington, DeA nice, jazzy rock song and Ringo's drumming is excellent
  • Bug from Winona, MnAccording to a website I ran across it said that this song was a call for people to come together and smoke pot, and the song is 4:20 long... hummm
  • Ashley from St. Paul, Mnwho doesn't know what a rotary phone is, I'm 17 and know what is it, I have one in my dorm room. Yea this song ROCKS!!
  • Patrick from Conyers, Gathe sound you hear through the song that sounds like John or Paul saying "Shoot-ch-ch-ch-ch" is actually a rotary phone being turned, and the sound amplified. You younger generation, ask your parents and grandparents what a rotary phone is.
  • Kenneth from New York, NyJust a quick comment, your hair does not continue to grow after you die, your skin recedes.
  • Evan from Shelbyville, KyIf you believe in the "Paul is Dead" rumor (which i, myself believe that there is some evidence that he is, but thats beside that point" then this song reinforces that rumor with the "hes got mokey hands" (peoples hands curl up when they die) and "hes got hair down below his knees" (peoples hair keeps growing when they die) this is more evidnece but no one can really be sure if he is realy dead
  • Bridget from Ridgewood, Nji dont understand the lyrics, but maybe thats because i'm 17 and i have no idea what it was like then....
  • Ellen from Cincinnati, OhMy husband has a theory that this song is about Jesus. Think about it - "one and one and one is three...come together, right now over me".
  • Christina from MaHow prophetic - SHOOT ME being dorwned out by the bass. Lennon WAS shot eventually
  • Gonny from Faketown, GaSomebody please tell me, is this song about drugs or not?
  • Myles from Belfast, IrelandSome people suppose that it was Lennon's general feeling about The Beatles image. Almost like Help!, some say that each verse represents each of The Beatles.
  • Randy from Beaumont, TxLennon got so frustrated because fans use to analyze darn near everything he said or wrote... so he wrote songs with "gobledygoo" lyrics on purpose I.E. "I Am the Walrus". In fact, he wrote a song about all of the analyzations (is that spelled right?)... Listen to "Glass Onion" on the White Album. After he wrote it, according to Marc Lewison (a Beatles Biographer) his comment was "... Let 'em figure that one out."
  • Megan from Tracy, CaMichael Jackson also did a version of this song.
  • Calle from Linköping, SwedenI think the lyrics are amazing, I just love them. Nobody can do it like this today. If they're too hard for you guys maybe you should go and buy a Nelly Furtado record instead...
  • Debra from New York, NyIf you perhaps took ten minutes of your time to listen to the lyrics and tried to understand what they might mean, maybe the song would sound a lot better to you.
  • Patrick from Durham, NcOkay this is a great song....but what the hell is up with the lyrics, they are less sophisticated than the gobledygoo that my 6 month old cousin utters.
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