Drive My Car

Album: Rubber Soul (1965)


  • Laden with sexual innuendo, this song is about a guy who meets an aspiring actress, who tells him he can "drive my car," as she has a keen interest in him, and might even be in love.

    She keeps trying to lure him in ("I can show you a better time"), but when he finally agrees to take the job, she admits that she doesn't have a car, but still wants him to be her driver. It's pretty clear that all this driving talk is leading to sex, but there's no proof that it isn't just a song about a guy, a girl, and a car - making it another radio-friendly Beatles track.
  • By this time, John Lennon and Paul McCartney were writing more songs separately, but this one was an equal collaboration, with Lennon writing most of the lyrics and McCartney coming up with the melody.

    Originally, it was a very different song lyrically, with the chorus, "I can give you golden rings, I can give you anything, baby, I love you." Knowing that storyline would lead them nowhere good, they hashed it out until they came up with "Drive My Car" for the title, and changed the song so it was the woman soliciting the man.
  • Paul McCartney played bass, piano and lead guitar on this one; George Harrison played guitar and did backing vocals. John Lennon sang lead with McCartney and also played tambourine.
  • The "beep beep" refrain is a take-off on The Beatles own "yeah, yeah yeah"s in "She Loves You" as well as a nod to The Playmates song "Beep Beep" (a #4 US novelty hit in 1958).
  • Paul McCartney played this at halftime of the 2005 Super Bowl. The year before, Janet Jackson exposed a breast on live TV, which caused a great deal of controversy. McCartney was a solid choice because he was unlikely to offend anyone.
  • At the 2005 Live 8 Concert in London, McCartney performed this in a duet with George Michael.
  • The title of the album comes from "plastic soul," a derogatory phrase McCartney had overheard black musicians using about Mick Jagger. ("Plastic" in those days meant anything fake or processed.) Paul can be heard using the phrase in studio chatter on June 14, 1965, during recording of the "Help!" B-side "I'm Down." Reliably, he put his own spin on the phrase. >>
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  • Tommy Chong from Las AngelasAnother great song from the leaders of the “British Invasion “
  • Dan from Wyckoff, NjDid they play this song live? Seems like it would be hard with all the guitar parts and piano?
  • Pedro from PortugalPure and great rock'n'roll :)) wow
  • Jennifur Sun from RamonaLove Paul's bass on this tune. It may be about sex but it such a fun tune it makes you dance.
  • D; from NycGeorge didn't play the lead on this one, Paul did - George said so in his Crawdaddy interview of 1977. And it was slide.
  • Bernard from Paris, FranceMost definitely slide guitar used for the solo. In fact these days Paul's guitarist plays it on stage with a slide so that's the undeniable proof! Fantastic solo and great intro, probably Paul's genius.
  • Meocyber from Alma, CoTo me , this is easily one of the best uses of bass guitar in rock history. Paul just killed w/ the pace/beat and lyrics matched with the bass line on this song. I agree w/ the basis of this being the isolation and trust issues of fame. As a big time Beatle-aholic, they allways commented on the ups and downs of such historic hero worship they spawned. They had a small entourage( modern posse) that they really could put their ultimate trust and faith with personal and professional matters. Derrick Taylor, Mal, George Martin, Brian Epstein, Ravi Shankar families and few friends to rely on without doubts.
  • Jorge from Oakland, CaDefinitely, there's no slide guitar on this one. In the guitar solo there are some double string notes in harmony and some string bending which is impossible to do with a slide.
  • Deethewriter from Saint Petersburg, Russia FederationA song from the pen of Paul, with John helping find it's legs, very slowly though. Paul called the initial lyrics a disaster, one of the rare occasions where the two came close to writers block.
    As the story goes, Paul said "These aren't good lyrics but it's a good tune." George Harrison, who had been listening to the Otis Redding song 'Respect', suggested that the bass and guitar parts should play similar lines to sound more bassy like the Otis record.
    And while George helped immensely with the arrangement, Paul meanwhile did the lead guitar on this one just like he would later on Taxman.
    Lyrically, what had started as a song about 'golden rings', became a story about a girl who wanted to be famous, a star of the screen, while he could do something in between.
  • Julia from Milton, PaQuick question to Paul if you're reading this, is Sophia Lauren your favorite actress?
    P.S. I read that on a beatles fan website.
  • Julia from Milton, PaJon of New York City, New York, please tell me: 1. How your friend obtained Ringo Starr's car in which "Ticket to Ride" and "Drive My Car" were written. 2. Where in New Orleans is this supposed "car" is kept so Ican steal *cough* err, I mean "BORROW" it. Thank you, that is all.
  • Jon from Nyc, NyA friend of mine OWNS The Beatles (Ringo's)/Brian Epstein's old Rolls Royce from the '60s. The historic documentation with the car states that they wrote/got inspired in that car for the songs "Ticket To Ride" and "Baby You Can Drive My Car." The car is in New Orleans!
  • Jon from Melbourne, AustraliaHi JPM from Liverpool(UK) & thanks for the informative info. One Q if you'd be so kind: you played lead on one of those songs off Rubber Soul? Or was it Revolver? Did a good job to. Which song was it?
    Herbie, Melbourne, Australia (remember 1964? - and 75....)
  • James from Liverpool, United KingdomNo fuzz bass was used on Drive My Car .The only song I used a fuzz attachment on my bass was on Think For Yourself .
  • James from Liverpool, United KingdomActually,Paul played Bass,piano,and dual tracked the lead guitar with George,while John played the cowbell,and sang harmony.John also was tracked in playing the tambourine,while of course ,Ringo was on drums.The reason Ringo's timing comes in the way it does,is because he is left handed,but was forced as a child to learn to play on a right handed drum kit.You will notice this in a lot of Beatle songs,like Ticket To ride,and Come Together,and may others !How do I know all this ?
    Because I was there !Hello to all...! James
  • K from Nowhere, OnI read somewhere that this song is sexist. How...?
  • Chris from Toronto, OnThe line " But you can do something in-between" was described by McCartney in 2008 as one of those 'cheeky' inserts in so many Beatles songs- see 'fish and finger pies' from Penny Lane as another example. All sexual innuendo, and mostly John's doing, according to Paul.
  • Chloe from St. Louis, MoI think it has a double meaning. The guy is being used by this girl who's too concerned about becoming famous to return his feelings, so she pretty much tells him "Well, I'll let you be my driver, and then maybe I'll return the favor." Meaning that the phrase could be both literal and an innuendo. No matter what it means, it's a great song with very fun lyrics.
  • Reed from New Ulm, MnLove the intro with the drums coming in off-time.
    Only THE BEATLES could write something that cool!
  • Lance from Pittsburgh, PaEnough here: The song clearly means SEX SEX SEX from the woman to the man. Has nothing to do with a car (literally speaking.)
  • George from Belleville, NjRight from the opening notes upon hearing this song,you know it's going to be a special listening experience.In my opinion,I think that Drive My Car is one of the catchiest pop songs ever recorded.It's really the music that makes this song,not the lyrics,although the words are interesting,It's the strong melody that makes it irrisistable.Lennon and McCartney were unmatched in the music world as songwriters.The guitar work is fabulous,and the tight sound of the band really gels together.One of my favorites.
  • Robert from Chicago, IlDrive My Car is a reversal of roles. The Beatles are singing from the woman's perspective. Drive My Car is just sex. It is derived from the blues.
  • P.a. from Paris, FranceCome on Sarah! Nobody's actually driving any car, the guy is not the boyfriend, they apparently just met, she's just a random girl, and it's the girl who wants to be famous.
    Stefanie, Lucas, the girl is not famous.

    Erik, are you saying it's about the beatles actual chauffeur (their chauffeur)? Because the guy and the girl don't share a chauffeur, none of them has a car for all we know.

    Steve, Fenton, MO, to me your interpretation is the straight forward meaning.
    But it is pretty obvious there is sex on a second level. A song doesn't need to have "sex" "bed" etc in the lyrics to be about it, especially from a major band in the 60's. AND THIS ONE IS.
    Mc Cartney said "Drive my car was an old blues euphemism for sex" I read that in a book by Barry Miles who also wrote on Lennon, the Beatles, Zappa....Sorry Krissy!
  • Adam from Los Angeles, CaDrive my Car is on the UK Edition of Rubber Soul (As is what goes on). The UK Albums are the way they were intended to be released. Only in the US did Capitol Records change them so they could release more albums.
  • Peter Boyko from Edmonton, CanadaIts funny
    Every session john and Paul sat down for
    they always came up with a song
    and this was the nearest where they almost came up dry.
    Paul Came up with with "I can buy you golden rings, i can buy you anything"
    They eventually went off that to a very materialistic girl who is going to famous and needs a driver
  • Way from Clarksburg, WvRubber Soul is the best album the Beatles ever recorded. Drive my car is not on it! Try Yesterday and Today for that song.
  • Bianca Sanchez from Alburquerque, NmI think the girl in the song is stupid. I mean she gets Paul to drive her car and it turns out she Ain't got a car yet!
    Or does it meen something else????
  • Bianca Sanchez from Alburquerque, NmGeimel, you should look that up. It might be worth something, but don't give it away its to presious. Good Song!
  • Geimle from Pembroke, NhDrive my car is NOT on my copy of Rubber soul. Instead is "I've just seen a face." (It also has "It's only love" instead of "What Goes on.") What gives?
  • Krissy from Boston, MaHello there u go saying there is a sexual meaning to this song even though there isn't. U guys have to be more opened minded. All or most think their songs have a sex or drug meaning. Even when they don't.
  • Phillip from Fresno , Ca, CaI wouldn't be surprised to find out Jimi played guitar in the Abbey Road Studios like Clapton did!!
  • Phillip from Fresno , Ca, CaListen to Paul's awesome bass track, and how the lead/rhythmn track Paul dubbed follows and augments his bass - and think of the signature sounds of Jimi Hendrix - sounds familiar, doesn't it!? I gotta believe Jimi heard this and fell in love with it, 'cause it's his favourite rhythmn track in so many of his hits (like Fire, Hey Joe, Manic Depression, Sgt Pepper, Stone Free, Izabella, Stone Free, Freedom, Astro Man, Dolly Dagger), and so many others...
    Wow, think about it, Sir Paul may have been just as important to the Jimi Hendrix sound as he was to the Beatles!!
  • Andrew from Charles Town, WvThis song to me is about a girl who is trying to be famous, and a guy she knows and probably has a relationship with, and she remarks that he can drive her car (when she is famous). Of course he doesn't realise this until she says it, but she doesn't even have a car. I think it has both a literal and sexual meaning personally, the "Baby you can drive my car" meaning exactly that, and the "and maybe I'll love you" referring to sex.
  • Krissy from Boston, MaI love this song too. The Beatles were a really awesome band.
  • Cindy from Pittsburgh, PaI think the Beatles wrote songs with strange lyrics just to drive the fans nuts trying to figure out what it (or they) meant.
  • Charles from Portland, OrI heard or read in one of the many trivia books or programs along the way that drive my car is about Jane Fonda who came and visited the boys when they we stuck in their hollywood hotel on tour because fans had beseiged them. She and Peter, her brother, took them some smoke and ringo wanted to drive a car somewhere and actually wound up driving a police car just before their hollywood bowl appearance. John got it with Jane and wrote the criptic account, as he did of Judy Collins in Norwegian wood to keep it from his wife. so i have heard.
  • Joey from Nowhere Land, CaOk, I've always wondered...does the lyric "Drive my car" have some special meaning to "Hey baby, you can drive my car" or does it just mean drive my car??
  • Tom from Norman, OkThis was a Beatles "funny song"... it's supposed to be a little weird, since it's making fun of most pop songs about love. It's also a bit avant-garde in making the woman be the one in the position of power.
  • Sunset from London, United StatesWhen the Beatles' chauffer died years ago, all the newspapaers indicated that the song DRIVE MY CAR was written for him. This song is not about sex, everything's gotta be sex or drugs, open your mind.
  • Dan from Adelaide, AustraliaI think it is about sex.

    I had a book which had a list of songs for every occasion.

    IT had a list for best love making songs and 'Drive My Car' was in that list
  • Steve from Fenton, MoI think the song is about just what it says in this case, a woman that wants to be a star. She puts the cart before the horse, though. She finds a chauffer before she becomes famous. But she's not giving up yet.
  • Kyle from Allentown, PaPaulMcCartney used a fuzz bass on this track.
  • Johnny from Los Angeles, CaI first got into this when Paul played it at the Super Bowl! I love it!!! How acn it be about sex? I agree with Sara adn Yu about this. I still remember Paul saying on his Super Bowl Performence: "No need to worry, I'll be playing naked (LOL)" Funny rip on Janet, im not sure if that's exactly what he said.
  • Stefanie from Rock Hill, ScI think the "beep beep yeah" part is used on all oldies stations during traffic reports.oldies stations during troldies stations during traffic reports.
  • Stefanie from Rock Hill, ScI didn't realize that the song could have different interpretations until reading the songfacts, and yes, the beat is pretty cool. I like the beginning.
  • Lee from Clearwater, Flto stef, we have communicated before. i agree totally with all you said. the song has a nice beat as well.
  • Stefanie Magura from Rock Hill, ScI think it's a possibility that the song could be about sex. It could also be about some famous girl using a guy as her chaffeur. The song could have a lot of different interpretations.
  • Dan from Burbank, IlPaul played lead guitar on this song.
  • Blake from Kennesaw, Ga, UsaI dont think the lyrics should be taken so literally- I think its about sex!
  • Jon from Danville, CaI'm pretty sure, and this is just my opinion, that the line is "maybe I love you", showing that the girl wants to be around the guy and doesn't really want him to drive her car (since she doesn't have one)...
  • Ken from Louisville, KyJohn Lennon claimed to have contributed the "beep-beep-yeah!" part.
  • Erik from Tempe, AzIt's not about sex or a girl or anything like that. It's about their chauffer.
  • Jude from Los Angeles, Caum.. Ticket to Ride was George's solo I seen it live GEORGE DID IT!
  • Tom from Norwalk, CtHas a lot of sexual innuendos in it, I think its about sexual favors :D
  • Kristen from Aurora, IlPaul did this at the 2005 Superbowl Half Time Show. He also did Live and Let Die and Hey Jude.
  • Elliott from Douglassville, PaI'm not sure it's slide, but it's definitely Paul's solo. He's done a lot of guitar leads - "Ticket To Ride," "Taxman," "Good Morning Good Morning," to name a few. I have to say Paul's lead playing is about as unjustly underrated as Ringo's drumming.
  • Marina from Seattle, WaActually, Yu, the driver that the girl has found is the singer. So it's a lot happier of a song, I think.
  • Mia from Elk River, MnSame here Catherine!!! This song kicks butt, and I just can't get it out of my head!!! And I don't want to!! WOOOOOO YEAH BABY!
  • Yu from Demarest, PaNo, this song is about guy being used by a girl. "Baby you can drive my car. Yes I'm gonna be a star. Baby you can drive my car, and maybe i'll love you" it's not "baby I love you" In the line "listen baby I've got something to say. I got no car and it's breaking my heart. But I've found a driver and that's a start" The girl clearly cares more about the car or her fame, not the guy.

    Paul expressed his concern with his girlfriend in the songs in the album Rubber Soul such as "You Won't See Me" and "I'm Looking Through You"
  • Catherine from Glasgow, EnglandBeep beep beep-beep yeah!!
    I just bought rubber soul and it's even better than i expected!!!! i can't get this song outta my head. Now i've just gotta find revolver and magical mystery tour and i have all the albums!!
    Beatles rule forever!!!!!!!!
  • Lucas Burns from Folsom, CaThis song could either be about sex, or about a guy who's girlfriend becomes famous so she tells him he can be her chauffer.
  • Brian from St. Louis, MoPaul Mcartney plays the slide solo on this track.
  • Sarah from Ottawa, CanadaI don't think this song is about sex. I think it's about a guy who wants to be famous and is driving through Hollywood with his girlfriend.
  • Carolyn from P'ville, CaThis is an awesome song ;)
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