Hello Little Girl

Album: The Beatles Anthology 1 (1962)


  • This song was written by John Lennon in 1957 and was performed at an audition at Decca Records on January 1, 1962. It is the first original Lennon song. >>
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    Ryan - London, England
  • Lennon based this on songs that his mother used to sing to him.
  • The song was originally intended to be Merseybeat band Gerry & The Pacemakers follow-up to their hit "How Do You Do It." However Gerry Marsden and his crew instead went for "I Like It," so their fellow Liverpudlian combo The Fourmost grabbed it for their debut single. Released on 30 August 1963, it reached #9 on the UK singles chart.

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  • Chloe from St. Louis, Mowoah, its so wierd knowing its the first original john song, and seeing the picture in the video, with pete best and a different name....wow, this is even before their jacket and tie days....odd to think what they went on to do- from this to i am the walrus or strawberry fields forever....WIERD!
  • Ivette from Los Angeles, CaThat I know Paul wrote this song for his mother who passed away when he was 14 John wrote the song Julia about his mother that died.RIP for both
  • Green Puppet from Calgary, CanadaStephen, the Beatles didn't write Twist and Shout
  • Stephen from Gosford, AustraliaYes, Michael, this song was recorded by "The Fourmost" and I think it deserved to be placed at number 9 in '63. Apparently John wrote this song when he was on the toilet! This is such a catchy song!
  • Michael from Bradford, EnglandAren't we talking about the song that "The Fourmost" recorded that went to N°9 in the UK in September 1963 - I suppose that it was written by John as mentioned in http://www.jpgr.co.uk/col_r5056.html
  • Stephen from Gosford, AustraliaNo Izzy, that song you were wondering about is from the great Rubber Soul album called "Run For Your Life". The Beatles liked to use "little girl" in some of their songs. "Thank You Girl" and "Twist and Shout" are examples. Was this of help for you? Let's all keep the Beatles alive forever people!!!
  • Izzy from Palo Alto, Cais this the song that goes 'I'd rather see you dead, little girl, then with another man'?
  • Nicole from Lake Forest, CaSuch a cute song. An interesting way to start a career. I quite like it
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