I'm Happy Just To Dance With You

Album: A Hard Day's Night (1964)
Charted: 95
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  • John Lennon and Paul McCartney wrote this as a showcase song for George Harrison, who sang lead. George had already written only one Beatles song by this point: "Don't Bother Me." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Adrian - Wilmington, DE
  • Typical of the early Beatles, this is a very innocent song - the singer is taking it slow, as he's OK just dancing with the girl of his dreams. There is an old-time Irving Berlin/Cole Porter feel to the song, focusing on the de-lightful feeling of being smitten.
  • The Beatles performed this in their movie A Hard Day's Night, giving Harrison some quality screen time.
  • John Lennon wrote most of this song. Typical of his style, the first short notes are followed with tree longer notes. The Irvin Berlin influence comes when the melody rises in the five notes in "kiss or hold your hand..." In the cadence, Lennon jokes: he repeats the mentioned five notes, but just sinks it with a third. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Johan Cavalli, a music historian in Stockholm
  • The Beatles recorded this on Sunday, March 1, 1964 in four takes. Recording on a Sunday was very rare at the time. >>
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    Ben - Cheverly, MD

Comments: 40

  • Shelley from ChicagoNever get tired of this song. George at his finest again!
  • Jennifur Sun from RamonaGeorge looks soo happy. Thanks George.
  • Doug from Maine"Snog the lights out of each other." Never heard that one before; I do enjoy Brit-speak. 8-)
    Apparently all "the lads from Liverpool" had their share of female fans, and they still do.
    I wish John and George were still with us. Their music lives on. They influenced many later musicians, and probably still do.
    "Fab Four Forever."
  • Allyson from Waverly, NyI love this song sooooo much!! it is so sweet and cute! i'd be so happy just to dance with George! <3
  • Mrcleaveland from Cleveland,The back-up vocals are also outstanding.
  • Kirk from Flemingon, NjGeorge sings great, but John's rhythm playing really drives the song...similiar to All My Loving.
  • Alainna Earl from Chester, PaLove George! This song always makes me feel good, i dont know WHYYyyy, somebody hates this song.....
  • Breanna from Henderson, NvPepper, Liverpool I agree with you. John's my favorite now too but George's voice is so cool that it makes you love the songs he put out. I think I just like his voice because of his acsent shines threw more than the others and I love how the Liverpool acsent sounds so that may be why I like him.
  • Pepper from Liverpool, United KingdomBTW. This is the kind of thing you want to hear from a guy. You don't want to do it on the first meeting, you don't want to snog the lights out of eachother, you just want to dance and know the person. And I love this song for being so sweet like that.
  • Pepper from Liverpool, United KingdomI love this song. George's voice is my favourite by far. John may be my favourite Beatle, but my heart belongs to lovely lovely Geo.
  • Breanna from Henderson, NvI love this song! It's my favorite off of A Hard Day's Night, then again I am a George fan.
  • George from Belleville, NjThis is one of the catchiest melodies in pop music.This song is so uplifting and joyful to listen to and is further proof that the Beatles were simply the best.
  • Mitch from Melbourne, Australiathere arent any drug references in this song.....
  • Chloe from St. Louis, Moi love george's voice, especially in this song, as you can hear his accent. they were all so adorable in the early days! haha. i just got back from this dance where they played a ton of heavy, pulsing, crappy hip hop, and its so nice to hear something so cute and pretty and innocent. :-)
  • Peter Griffin from Quahog, RiDoug, George also sang "Chains" from Please Please Me and "Roll Over Beethoven" from With The Beatles. This was actually the 5th song he sang lead on.
  • Kayla from Nashville, Tni love this song and the way George sings it and i like it in the movie too
  • Jeff from Austin, Txdefinitely one of the best Beatles songs that nobody knows.
  • Simon from Chattanooga , TnMan, this is good stuff! Why does everyone pull down the Beatles? They were incredible! And i just got the film "A Hard Day's Night". It really takes you back to when the Beatles were first getting big.
  • Krissy from Boston, MaI love this song. I just got the movie A Hard Days Night. It's such a good movie.
  • Doug from Vernon, CanadaThis was George's third vocal outing with the Beatles, the first being Don't Bother Me and the second being Do You Want to Know a Secret?
  • Reggie from Santa A, Cathis song makes me nostalgic for a more innocent era in music.
  • Zoloft from Milton, WvRife with sly drug references, this song eventually became a signature tune for the counterculture of the turbulent sixties.
  • Mandy from Calgary, CanadaThis song is SO adorable. I think the lyrics are just so sweet. They are the kind of things girls all WISH they could hear from a guy. And George Harrison has such a cute a charming voice- it perfectly matches the song. John Lennon has been quoted as saying George didnt have the best voice, but I think George had an amazing voice, and LOADS of talent. Great song!
  • Kirsten from Union, Nji love I'm Happy Just To Dance With You George did a wonderful job on it!
  • Louis Rodriguez from Lancaster, Ca this is actually a good song. if you listen closely to the musical track of this song ringo
    doing something unusual with the drums. i'm not if he's using timales a sort of snare drum
  • Steve from Fenton, MoThis is not one of my favorites. I think it was kind of a throw away song that John and Paul let George sing. It might have inspired George to decide that if he wanted to sing any great songs, he better get busy writing them, and by golly he DID!!!
  • Michelle from Antigonish, CanadaThis is Soooo beautiful, I dance around my room while listening to this song and think of George and how wonderful these people were. I love the Beatles!!
  • Sylvia from London, England YES! George is (duh) my favorite Beatle by a few miles, and I love this song. George's voice is just so cute and awesome!
  • Mike from Newark, NdClassic Harrison vocals and one of the best lyrics-wise. One of my (many!) favorites!
  • Lennonfan11 from Regawrhhrh, IcelandYeah, the guitar on this song makes it really stick in my head, I especially like the intro guitar part.
  • Ben from Cheverly, MdI first discovered this song when I was 8. I still love it 5 years later.
  • Mauricio from Hanford, CaGeorge sings awsome, why didn't he get as far as Paul did?
  • Charlie from Cape Girardeau, MoEduardo, it was Anne Murray who did a slow country version of this. I think what made this song was Lennon's rhythm guitar, which featured a lot of licks on the off beat.
  • Ken from Louisville, KyIn this song, George Liverpool accent is very pronounced. In his other early songs, George tries to sing like his favorite American singers.
  • Nessie from Sapporo, JapanA good song with nice harmonies, and rhythm guitar circa 1950.
  • Eduardo from San Jose, OtherI heard a slower version, lika a love song. Who sang it?
  • Ellen from Nashville, Tnmy dad hates this song. he skips it every time we listen to the cd, but i think its great. plus, george is my favorite beatle by far
  • Liliana from Huntley, Ilthis song has been stuck on my head for days!
    at least it's a good one, not like the meow mix one...
  • Tzipora Leah from Cedarhurst, NyI agree. It's got a beautiful mealody and George sings it very nicely.
  • Conrad from Los Angeles, CaTHis siong is very, very underrated
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