The Black Crowes

Chris RobinsonVocals1984-2013
Rich RobinsonGuitar1984-2013
Mark FordGuitar1991-1999
Johnny ColtBass1989-1997
Steve GormanDrums1986-2013
Greg RzabBass2000-2001
Eddie HarshKeyboards1991-2006
Sven PipienBass1997-2013
Adam MacDougall Keyboards2007-2013
Jackie GreeneGuitar2013
  • Their original name was Mr. Crowe's Garden, after a fairy tale. Mr. Crowe's Garden was originally a punk band before the guys changed their name and sound to find success as The Black Crowes. >>
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    Shawn - Parker, CO
  • They are strong proponents of legalizing marijuana. They have played various benefits for this cause, including the Great Atlanta Pot Festival.
  • In 2000, Chris Robinson married the actress Kate Hudson, who is Goldie Hawn's daughter. Robinson went with her to the Oscars when she was nominated for her role in Almost Famous. They had a son named Ryder Russell before divorcing in 2007.
  • They got kicked off the 1991 ZZ Top tour when Chris Robinson warned the audience about the dangers of commercialization. The tour was sponsored by Miller beer.
  • Their 1994 album Amorica showed a close-up of a woman's red, white, and blue bikini bottom with exposed pubic hair. The photo was taken from the Bicentennial issue of Hustler magazine. They retouched the cover to get rid of the hair after many stores refused to display it.
  • The Robinsons are brothers, and write most of the band's songs together. The brother angle was played up during their 2001 "Tour of Brotherly Love," where they were joined buy two other bands of brothers: Oasis and Spacehog.
  • They have played the Horde Tour and Further Festival.
  • In 2000, they released Live At The Greek, an album with Jimmy Page. For a while, it was only available as a download, with users able to customize the album by paying only for the tracks they wanted.
  • They toured with Jimmy Page in 1999, where they played mostly Led Zeppelin songs. They got the idea when they played a benefit concert together in London that year.
  • Chris Robinson thinks of songwriting as a vital means for him to communicate. In his Songfacts interview, he said of their early songs: "We really weren't an angst-driven band, but on the early Black Crowes records you feel our youthful exuberance and our anger at the system. 'The system' could be the music business, the system could be antiquated drug laws, it could be anything."
  • They're from Atlanta. They toured in the South for 5 years before signing a record deal.
  • The Black Crowes were one of the first major bands to use the internet to distribute their music. In 2000, Live At The Greek was available for download before it could be bought, and in 2001, they set up secure audio streams of live performances for fans who bought their album Lions.
  • They have toured under such names as O-D Jubilee and Blessed Chloroform.
  • The group once stopped a concert in Kentucky when they discovered that one of their staff had been severely beaten by narcotics officers trying to bust the band. They were unsuccessful.
  • Like their forebears the Grateful Dead, the band encourages fans to tape their concerts.
  • Rich Robinson announced the breakup of the band on January 15, 2015, due to a disagreement between him and his brother Chris Robinson over a salary dispute. Their final performance took place on December 14, 2013 at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, California.
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  • Fan Of Ae from Atlanta, GaJust had to clear this up... Sorry Shawn from CO. Mr. Crowe's Garden was not a punk band. They sounded just like R.E.M. I have put their Demo on my YouTube site
  • Jody from Roanoke, Vai have some old photos of chris robinson when he was in mr crowes garden. they were from a party at a 688 records exec's home in atlanta circa 1988 (?). i was there with some friends who were on the same label, and i had no idea he would eventually become a rock icon. i only figured it out when i read a rolling stone interview with him and recognized his name and band name. anyone interested in seeing these old photos?
  • Stefanie Magura from Rock Hill, ScOf course they're awesome. Hey how come noone's posted no more comments here. My last post here is the first one on the page, and I posted that comment several months ago.
  • Stefanie Magura from Rock Hill, Scdon the black crows just started a reunion tour recently, and they'll be touring this summer. some of their shows are with Tom Petty, so they aren't done yet!
  • Shawn from Parker, CoMr. Crowe's Garden was originally a punk band before the guys changed their name and sound to find success as The Black Crowes.
  • Don from Pittsburgh, PaWhat a great band!!!! Stripped-down, ballsy blues/rock. Nothin'fancy, no frills straight at ya, what more do you want from a rock band. And they toured with Jimmy Page, Enough said. Unfortunately, they are no more they broke up. But, Ozzy Osbourne,who can't spell cat,gets a T.V. show. Just another injustice!
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