Run Right Back

Album: El Camino (2011)


  • Nearly every song on El Camino finds Dan Auerbach either pleading with or cursing some toxic woman. "She doesn't read much/But there's no doubt/She's been written about," he croons on this fatal attraction scenario.
  • According to an interview with the duo in the New York Times, most of El Camino was laid down in a couple of days but the three-guitar arrangement of this track took several attempts to sort out. And no, that's not a Chevy El Camino on the cover - it's the Plymouth Grand Voyager van the guys used to tour in.

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  • Eliseu Carvalho from Canoas, Rs, BrazilI don't know if it's just me, but I noticed that the bass is VERY out-of-tune many times on that song. Was it intentional?
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