Too Afraid to Love You

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  • Co-producer Mark Neill told the story of the song in a track-by-track on The Black Keys Fan Lounge: "This is born out of a crazy idea about a harpsichord. In the Spring of last year (2009) we were talking about the instruments we were going to bring to the recording. I said I'd bring all this stuff, and I've got some magic tambourines, but I told him (vocalist/guitarist Dan Auerbach ) 'Look, tell the Management I want a harpsichord down there.' And there was silence on the phone for a minute and then he goes, 'Cool!' [laughs]. Much to my surprise, after much double-checking and goading, finally it did show up mid-way through the session from Nashville. Immediately I just turned the lights down in the studio and shoo'ed everybody out. Dan sat down, we talked a little bit, and then I shut up and he just started writing that song. Beautiful. It's not a ballad, it's, I dunno, it's soul music! It's beautiful."
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