High Line

Album: yet to be titled (2015)


  • The Bone Chimes are an independent band from New York City led by vocalist/guitarist Tobi D'Amore. A five-piece, they use a violin and woodwinds in addition to guitar, bass and drums.

    D'Amore told us the story of this song:

    "'High Line' is a song about living out our dreams to the best of our abilities as we grow up in NYC. When we are kids, we are told there is nothing in the world to hold us back from doing what we dream to do. Wanna be an astronaut? You can achieve that if you work hard and dream big. President? Yours for the taking. When we become adults a lot of these dreams are put aside because of 'reality' when the fact is: your reality is what you make it.

    'Falling downtown on this high line,' though it may sound like we are taking a walk at the now-famous NYC tourist stop, is actually referring to walking the tight rope between your dreams and keeping your head above water. And as much as everyone wants an uptown life, downtown is where the fun is. Since we are just a 'raspberry kiss on the ass of time,' why shouldn't we invest everything in our dreams as 'adults'? It's as easy as looking up into the stars."


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