The Breeders

Kim DealGuitar, vocals
Tanya DonellyGuitar, vocals1990-1992
Josephine WiggsBass, vocals
Shannon DoughtonDrums
Kelly DealGuitar1993-
Carrie BradleyViolin1990-
James MacphersonDrums1993-1997
Nathan FarleyGuitar1996-
Luis LermaBass1996-
Tyler TrentDrums1997-

The Breeders Artistfacts

  • Kim Deal and Tanya Donelly formed the band as a side project. Deal was in The Pixies and Donelly in Throwing Muses.
  • "Breeder" is a term used in the gay community to refer to straight people.
  • Kelley Deal is Kim's identical twin. She had never picked up a guitar until she joined the Breeders.
  • Most of the members of the Breeders were previously in other bands: Kim Deal-Pixies; Donelly-Throwing Muses; Wiggs-The Perfect Disaster; Doughton-Slint; Macpherson-The Raging Mantras; Lerma-The Tasties; Bradley-Ed's Redeeming Qualities.
  • In 1993, Kelly Deal was arrested for heroin possession and entered rehab.
  • Shannon Doughton is also known as Mike Hunt, but was born Britt Walford.
  • They opened for Nirvana on a European tour in July 1992. Breeders drummer Jim Macpherson was very green at the time. "The first show with Nirvana was one of Macpherson's first shows out of Dayton, Ohio ever," laughed Kim Deal to NME. "He asked Dave Grohl, 'What are those big black boxes?' Dave is like, 'You idiot, they're monitors. You listen to the band through them!' I think that's why Nirvana enjoyed touring with us so much: to see it through other people's eyes."
  • Many members have also gone on to work in other bands: Donelly-Belly; Wiggs-The Josephine Wiggs Experience; Kelley Deal-The Kelley Deal 6000; Macpherson-Guided By Voices.
  • The lineup of Kim Deal, Farley, Lerma, and Macpherson recorded as The Amps and, in 1995, released an album called Pacer.
  • Kelley Deal's hobby is knitting. She explained to Artist Direct: "My mom and dad are from West Virginia and West Virginia takes handcraft seriously. My grandmother had rheumatoid arthritis and she used a tiny needle and made intricate bedspreads, quilting." The Breeders instrumental S.O.S. features the sound of Kelley's sewing machine miked through a Marshall amp.


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