Album: Please and Thank You (2009)


  • "That's one of the dumbest songs I've ever written" pretty well sums up what singer Steve Adams has to say about this song. "It's just about being away with the band, thinking about gettin' it on with your lady when you get home. There's nothing more to it than that."
  • Having started out as a British-band-doing-American-country, the Broken Family Band is forever evolving. They dropped the American accent after the first few releases, and have segued into heavier sounding stuff. It keeps things interesting, explains singer Steve Adams. "We've turned into a rock and roll band... I think we were a lot quieter for a long time. But we're quite heavy now. So it's all quite exciting.
    I think that, because there are outside pressures that bands have, they want people to buy their music, and they want people like them. And I think we want people to like us, and we want them to buy our music, but it's always been far more important that we keep ourselves interested. We just want to make nice pop music and stuff, but we don't want to get bored playing the same songs over and over again. And so the boredom is very low. Once you've made a record, you don't want to make the same record. We made the same record maybe two or three times, and then realized that we want to evolve." (Read the full interview with Steve Adams)


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