Crackin' Cold Ones With the Boys

Album: Yet to be titled (2019)
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  • "Crackin' Cold Ones With the Boys" is a rowdy, party-ready jam that celebrates life on tour with the Cadillac Three and drinking beers at the end of the gig.
  • The song originated with a simple track cut by the group's drummer Neil Mason and vocalist Jaren Johnston in the studio. When the pair later played it on their bus for their crew during a stop in Las Vegas they all added lyrics stemming from a running tour joke.

    "We tried to come up with a lyric and all of us on the bus, band and crew, had this ongoing joke about how it's time to 'crack some cold ones with the boys,'" Mason told Rolling Stone. "We ran with that and an hour or two later, we had the song finished and drank some beers."
  • The song has a long list of songwriters which include not only Mason, Johnson and Kelby Ray of the Cadillac Three, but also crew members Benjamin Dunn, Jefferson Brown, Chris Grainger and Brandon Wootten.
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