Sweet Talkin' Guy

Album: Sweet Talkin' Guy (1966)
Charted: 4 10


  • This was written by Doug Morris in 1966, who had joined Laurie Records as a songwriter and producer the previous year. He eventually became vice president and general manager of Laurie Records, before starting his own label, Big Tree Records, which was acquired by Atlantic Records in 1978. Morris went on to become one of the most respected and influential executives in the global music industry playing an integral role in making Atlantic the leading company in the Warner Music Group before becoming Chairman and CEO of Sony Music Entertainment in 2011.
  • Morris recalled the story of the song to Billboard magazine: "I was working in A&R for Laurie Records, the label Dion was on, when I wrote 'Sweet Talkin' Guy.' I wrote it in the office. It was very heavily influenced by one of the Supremes songs, I forget which one. The song came pretty easily and I probably finished it in a week. At the time, I was about 24 or 26 and living in Seaford, Long Island."

    "I was writing it for the Chiffons, so lyrically it would have to be something that they were interested in," he continued. "They loved it and did a great live take on it."

    "I produced the session, which was at Allegro Sound Studios in New York, with Elliot Greenberg, who was one of the owners for Laurie Records, along with Gene and Bob Schwartz," Morris added. "I wrote it, but back then the owners of the record labels also got the writing credit so that's why Elliot Greenberg and Bob Schwartz and Barbara Baer got credit."
  • This was the last of five Top 40 hits for The Chiffons in the US. The song originally peaked at #31 in the UK in 1966. Re-released six years later, it climbed to #4 on the UK singles chart.

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  • Eric from United StatesIt says the song was written in 1966 and Morris doesn't know how old he is?
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