Cool Confusion

Album: Super Black Market Clash (1981)
  • Collectively credited to the band as a whole, the lyrics were mostly written by singer Joe Strummer, who explained his inspiration for them: a visit to New York's famous Studio 54 disco nightclub. "I started to notice that stars with big egos would always swan into places, make an appearance, and swan out again. Whenever we went out, we'd always be in a place for the duration."

    The lyrics reflect this, with references to superficial celebrity: "lend me your start for a turn, as heroes fix their hair."
  • "Cool Confusion" was recorded in the Combat Rock sessions at the Electric Lady studios in November/December 1981, and though it didn't make the album, it became one of the B-sides to the US release of "Should I Stay or Should I Go?" It ended up not getting a UK release until it appeared on the rarities compilation Super Black Market Clash.
  • The song is described by the band as "semi-electro dub-funk," and shows influences from their former producer and dub reggae star Lee "Scratch" Perry.


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