Cut Here

Album: Cut Here (2001)
Charted: 54
  • Lead singer Robert Smith is singing about regret, wishing he could go back and make things right, but it's too late. The specific person in the song is his friend Billy Mackenzie, singer of the Scottish New Wave band "The Associates," who committed suicide in 1997. Smith explained: "He was with us for the 'Mint Car' video. We were having a drink at a table and were supposed to meet the week after to have a drink together. Then he left and Billy's family announced to me that he'd killed himself. Of course I had different feelings, as anyone would have when a friend commits suicide, anger, culpability, and obviously sadness. I'm happy this single means something to me, 'cos most of the time, singles are just made for radio." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Martin - Rostock, Germany
  • The title is a play on words. "The Cure" is an anagram for "Cut Here." It also indicates that Robert Smith believed this could be The Cure's last song. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Dave - Springfield, MA
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  • Ali from Wine, Caquite sad...=/ i love robert. but i love this song, too...the fact that its so happy and stuff...when i was a lot younger i knew almost all the words, and yeah...i thought it was pretty sad at times, but i actually then looked up the lyrics...and the whole song is a story. a sad one. and i guess im pretty much retarded for that. but i HEART it!!!
  • James from Portland, Orthe friend in question was Billy Mackenzie of the band Associates - who were also on Fiction records with the Cure
  • Florencia from Buenos Aires, ArgentinaI read a coment from robert that said that it was written to a friend of him who killed himself after recording a video with the cure. Robert was so sad because he loved him so much and he didn't see him for a long time after this video. Sad story, isn't it?
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