Every Inch Of You

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  • This song finds frontman Justin Hawkins dreaming of becoming a rock star. He originally wrote the tune as a one-verse introductory number a couple of years before The Darkness came to prominence with their Permission To Land debut album. The band used to open with it during some of their early gigs in London.
  • The Darkness finally recorded the song for the opening track of their 2012 album Hot Cakes. Drummer Ed Graham told Spinner: " It was only when we finished the album and Bob Ezrin was mixing it and he said, 'he could mix it as an introductory thing, but wouldn't it be better if you made it into a proper song?'"
  • Hawkins sings of also wanting to become a vet or doctor. "My mom would've loved it if I would've been a vet," he told Spinner. "I love animals, and I wanted to be a doctor as well."
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