Givin' Up

Album: Permission To Land (2003)
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  • An album cut from the debut Darkness album Permission to Land, "Givin' Up" is about lead singer Justin Hawkins' heroin problem. It's not subtle. Hawkins sings:

    "I'd inject into my eyes if there was nowhere else to stick my skag" (a skag is a heroin needle).

    "Gimme, gimme, gimme that smack."

    Hawkins soon moved on to cocaine and predictably, became so unpredictable he could no longer function in the group. In 2006, he quit the band, splitting them up until 2011. >>
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    Josh - New York, NY

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  • Hypa from Earthso this song is basically about him taking heroin?
  • That Hippie Kid from La La, Lai think the part "getting off my face, theres a dragon i must chase" is mabey where southpark got the idea for heroin heros in the episode, Guitar queer O's.
  • James from Durham, EnglandIn relation to the ''Song Fact''
    It's not about Justin's Heroin problem
    It's about the general Heroin problem in their hometown of Lowestoft

    ...and I know talks in the first person in the song, but it's just song writing

    Justin had a Cocaine Problem, but that was after Permission to Land, which ''Givin' Up'' was on, was released

    Also...Skag is just Heroin, not a Heroin needle
  • Cindy from Pittsburgh, PaI was glad to read that Justin cleaned up his act. What I don't understand is why he thinks he has to quit The Darkness and go solo. The band didn't have a drug problem--Justin did! Stay in The Darkness, Justin, and share the stress with 3 other people that you trust and care about!
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