Album: Zombie EP (2010)
  • "Escape" was written by lead guitarist Chris Rubey immediately after the band watched the film Zombieland. As with all of the band's work, the lyrics are written by Mike Hranica. The band tries to write fast, enjoyable songs that will engage an audience, and they also try to keep their songwriting process fun and spontaneous.
  • The song is an aggressive, fast piece of Metalcore that is a fairly straightforward exploration of the dangers of a zombie apocalypse. Without referring to them by name, Hranica refers to clumsy "beasts" whose "mass numbers make up for slow speed." The song encourages a ruthless reaction to this imagined threat, stating that you should "ignore all hope of mercy... if your decisions include regret, it's already too late."
  • The song appears on the Zombie EP which, as the title suggests, is entirely about zombies. The concept for the EP was devised by the band after watching Zombieland. "Escape" was the first song written for the EP, and inspired the band to move forward with the project, which was also lyrically influenced by The Zombie Survival Guide. The five-song concept EP was the first release by the band to feature entirely serious song titles, and was praised for it's faster, heavier sound.
  • A tie-in video game for the EP, Zombie Slay, was released on Android and iOs.
  • Singer Jeremy DePoyster has said that the because the songs on the EP are both fun, loud, and fast, they're very enjoyable to play live and he expects them to feature in the band's live sets for years to come.


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