Rockin' Down the Highway

Album: Toulouse Street (1972)


  • Never released as a single, this is a popular song from the second Doobie Brothers album, Toulouse Street, which contains their breakout hit "Listen To The Music." Like many of The Doobies early hits, it was written by their lead singer Tom Johnston, who told Songfacts: "'Rockin' Down The Highway' was a good times song. It's just what it sounds like. It's about being in a car with the top down flying down the road, which was not uncommon. I lived in San Jose, but I spent a lot of time in the Santa Cruz Mountains and driving up and down Highway 1 down by Santa Cruz. You know, we hadn't signed with a label at that particular time, and I would imagine that the words came out of those experiences: it was footloose, fancy free, and just groovin' up and down the coast, partying. I don't think there was anything more in depth about it as far as the words. I don't think there's any major story to be told there. I mention a motorcycle in there, and it's not a direct mention, but it kind of glances off motorcycling and riding around in cars. I was motorcycle nuts in those days, so there's a reference to that."

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  • Ryan L Stone from Montgomeryville PaRockin' Down the Highway WAS released as single, on the flipside of 'Jesus Is Just Alright' WB 7661. It did not chart, but is still available.
  • Andy from Republic, Pa, PaThe Doobies are a deffinet influence on music. While with Michael they are good, Tom Johnston makes them sound fantabulous.
  • N from Staten Island, NyDefinitely a great 1970s "driving" song, from the days when gas was cheap and V8s ruled the road. Not for Prius owners. Also available on the CD "Best of the Doobies (Warner ctalog# 3112-2).
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